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Carnal Pleasures: 10 Erotica Short Stories


by Ava Sterling

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Table of Contents:


The Perks of Fame


The Cougar’s Fling


The Bimbo Experiment


The Virgin and the Firefighter


She’s the Boss


Better With Three: A Threesome Story


House of Pleasure: A Swingers Story


A Dance in the Dark


Back Room Hypnosis


Turned Into a Bimbo








The Perks of Fame




Jo slunk into the airplane seat and sighed. The last two months had been hard, and it always felt as if one part of her life was falling apart while another was doing well. Her career was taking off. She’d signed with a prestigious modeling agency in New York City right after wrapping up her first stint as an actress in a web series that would be launching soon. Top magazines were lining up to include her in their next issue. Her dreams were actually happening. Her schedule was booked solid for months with various shoots, launches, conventions, shows, and premieres.

Things were looking amazing…until her boyfriend couldn’t deal with the time away from their hometown of Phoenix. Long-distance relationships weren’t easy for anyone. She understood, but that didn’t help the fact that stress was wearing on her. Models and actresses had needs too, and the only thing attempting to satisfy her at the moment was an expensive vibrator she’d picked up in the city.

That was hardly a replacement for warm skin. She needed to feel someone against her. She wanted someone without strings, without a relationshipa fuck buddy. She couldn’t shake the thought as she reclined in her seat and slipped off into a nap.

As soon as her flight landed and she’d gotten her luggage, Jo snapped a selfie in the airport and shared it on no less than three social media accounts. Within seconds, her phone was blowing up with notifications. It always made her smile. She still couldn’t believe her luck. Tens of thousands of people all over the world were hanging on her every word and craving her photos. It was like being a god. Maybe that’s what she was by modern standards.

Her phone went off again, this time telling her that Callie had commented. Callie was one, if not the, biggest of her fans. A sweet woman who thought Jo walked on water.

As Jo left the airport and headed for the car waiting on her outside, an idea struck her. It was hard not to be attracted to Callie with her pouty lips, large, brown eyes, and trim body. The woman could be a model too if she had the confidence to match. She wondered if Callie might be up for a date. They’d met a few times at local events before Jo’s career really took off. Conventions, runway shows for local designers, and such. Callie always seemed to be floating in the same circles somehow.

Unlocking her phone, Jo pulled up her direct messages and sent one off to Callie.

“You down for cocktails tonight?” She sent the message, then placed the phone on her lap, running her long-nailed fingers through her hair and letting the warm air of Phoenix drift in through the cracked window.

After months in New York, the return home was a welcome change. She just needed a few restorative weeks off to recharge before flying back and possibly even relocating. That thought also prompted her to contact Callie. She wasn’t above using her celebrity status to her advantage. Her phone beeped, pulling her attention away from the blue sky and contrasting palm trees.

“Me?” the message from Callie read. “You sure you sent this to the right person?”

Jo chuckled and sent a response. “Yes, I’m sure. I think it’d be fun. I just got back in town and I need a girl’s night out. What do ya say? My treat.” Flaunting her money felt good, Jo couldn’t deny. “How’s hitting up that new bar on 53rd sound? Maybe we could even drop by the dance floor after. I need to shake off the last few weeks.”

“I would LOVE to. What time?”

“Meet me there at eight. You know what I look like.” She added a winky face.

With that set, Jo arrived home and collapsed on the bed. A nap before her night of debauchery and, hopefully, sex was in order.


* * *


The bar was already alive and bustling when Jo arrived. She was wearing a sleeveless, form-fitting, black pleather dress. Her style had always been edgy and likely what got her noticed by photographers. But where she was edgy and dark, Callie was retro and sweetness. When she pulled up, she stepped out of the car in a mint green, rockabilly-styled dress. The perfect contrast that warmed Jo. Opposites attract, after all.

“Hey, sorry. Am I late?” Callie asked with a smileone that made her look even more gorgeous than she already was. Her shoulder-length, brown hair was tousled messily, giving her a I’ve-just-been-fucked appearance that Jo loved on the ladies.

Jo shook her head. “Nope. Right on time.”

They entered the bar and Jo instantly felt at home. The nightlife was in her blood and always would be. The music pulsed through her, waking her up and making her come alive. She slipped her arm in Callie’s and pulled her to the bar where they perched themselves.

“What ya having, ladies?” a server asked, his voice rich and deep.

“Martini,” Jo replied, then turned to Callie. “You?”

“Mojito, please.” While they waited, her new friend plied her with questions. “How was New York City?”

“Noisy. Different.” She chuckled. “The east coast is so foreign compared to the west. But it was fun, and I’ll probably end up moving there one day. Better for business.”

“Not L.A.?”

“L.A. is better for acting.” She swayed a little to the music. “New York for modeling.”

Callie nodded, a little bit of awe still present on her face. “Ah.”

“Here you go, ladies. Enjoy.”

The server winked and Jo rolled her eyes. She wasn’t interested in men right now, not with this beautiful creature on her arm. Grabbing the drinks, she motioned Callie to follow her to a table. As soon as she sat down, she let her gaze trail over Callie’s chest, wondering what shade her nipples were. She’d have her naked by the end of the night; Jo knew that much. Her confidence got her many, many things.

“So, if you don’t mind me asking, what made you ask me out tonight?” Callie took a sip of her cocktail, then tucked some of her beachy hair behind an ear.

Jo swirled the olive around in her drink. Callie was straight to the point. Jo appreciated that about a person. “I knew it’d make you happy.” Her shoulders rose in a shrug. “I like spreading a little happiness.”

“How’d you know it’d make me happy?” Callie snickered, giving a playful eyeroll. “I mean, I know we’re at a lot of events together, or were, but this is very different than running into one another on accident.”

Jo crossed her legs, the corner of her mouth quirking up. “I’m not blind, you know.” She wet her lips. “I see how you look at me during shows. I thought maybe we could help each other out. Tit for tat.”

“What do you mean?” Her cheeks reddened, and even that was sexy.

Jo leaned in, pulling the olive from her toothpick. “I’m newly single and looking for a little fun. No strings.” She sipped her martini. “I’ve never really hid the fact that I’m also into women. I’m hoping you are too.”

“Y-Yeah.” Callie cleared her throat. “I am.”

“Perfect.” A devious grin pulled at Jo’s lips. “Are you interested in what I’m offering? I have some needs that could use some attention.”

Callie’s teeth raked over her lip. “I am.”


* * *


Hand in hand, they headed for the open rooftop. Jo wanted nothing more than Callie’s body against hers, both lost in a sea of people. It felt like freedom, like anonymity, just blending in and letting the beat turn their bodies into one.

Jo slipped her hands through Callie’s hair, pulling the woman closer. Bodies collided, swaying and grinding on one another as the song pulsed through their limbs. She smiled, feeling more powerful by the second. She’d drawn in this girl, and Callie would do whatever Jo wanted. The sense of control and power that gave her was heady, going straight to her ego.

They danced a few songs. Leaning in, their lips met, tongues teasing against one another. Callie was hesitant at first but soon responded, moaning against her. The sweetness of lip gloss tickled at their taste buds, enticing them to go further.

“Let’s get out of here.” Jo pulled her away from the crowd and back down to the parking lot. She pressed her girl against the metal door. “Come with me. We’ll get your car tomorrow.”

“Whatever you want,” Callie said, her voice breathless and husky.

That was a response Jo could get used to. Someone so eager to please her and to be in her company. She laced their fingers together, pulling her along to Jo’s dark blue Mustang.

“Is it true you named your car Blue Monday?” Callie asked as they drove down the freeway, heading toward Jo’s apartment, windows down and the night air streaming in.

Jo laughed. “Oh God, how’d you know that?”

Callie ran a hand through her hair. “I think I heard it years ago in some local interview you did.”

“You’ve been following me that long, huh?” Her words stroked Jo’s ego. Who wouldn’t love attention like this? Feeling special enough to have people hang on your every word.

“Technically, my first was called Blue Monday.” She pushed the radio button on the side of the steering wheel. “I haven’t actually named its successor yet.”

Conversation ended there as both women took to belting out the song. Jo couldn’t help feeling that everything was working out exactly as planned. What was the point of power if one didn’t use it?

Once at the apartment, Jo opened a bottle of red winemerlot, her favoriteand poured two glasses. She checked her reflection in the mirror before heading back to the living room, making sure her long, black hair and bold eyeliner were still perfect. A femme fatale always.

“Here you are,” she said, holding Callie a glass. She then sat on the floor by the unlit fireplace and motioned for her friend to join her by patting the carpet. “So, tell me more about yourself.” Her lips met the crystal-clear rim, dousing her tongue in the bitter red she loved so much.

Callie gave a shrug, taking a sip of her own glass once she’d sat down. “Not much to know, really. I work the makeup counter at a department store. Pretty ordinary and boring, but the discounts are great.”

“What got you interested in fashion?” She studied her mouth, how plump and inviting her lips looked. Everything in her yearned to lean forward and claim her.

Her face lit up, causing her to look even more gorgeous. “I love the freedom of expression it offers people, I suppose. It’s truly an art. I don’t think a lot of people understand that. They just scoff at how unwearable high fashion is.” She rolled her eyes.

“Exactly.” That’s what her ex used to say. It was so refreshing to have that conversation with someone who understood. “Designers are artists who use fabric as their canvas. It’s no different than a painter or sculptor. Of course, there will always be the naysayers of society who dismiss anything that’s pop culture or couture, whining about classism.”

“Except that designers usually make more money.” Callie winked. “Well, the famous ones, anyway.”

Jo laughed and held up her glass in a silent toast. “Why do you think I’m moving to New York? I’m going to cash in while I have the chance.”

“Is money the biggest draw for you?”

She shook her head. “No, not really. It’s just a massive perk.” Her gaze trailed over her, drinking in her slender body. “Mostly I enjoy being a canvas and seeing what my body inspires in other people.” A smile pulled at her mouth. She was flirting, and she hoped Callie knew. “Let’s talk about us. You know I’ll need a promise of your discretion, yeah?” She placed her wine down on the stone base of the fireplace with a soft clank. “This can’t get out in the media. I want it to stay just between us. Just some girl fun. Understand?”

Callie nodded, her lips darkened by the wine. “Of course. I won’t tell a soul.”

Obedience felt so good. “Wonderful. Now, crawl over to me,” Jo ordered.

Slowly, Callie put down her glass. She watched the girl’s lithe body work its way closer, her movements deliberate, enticing, back arched like a cat. Callie was sex personified once you loosened her up enough and got her alone. She liked that about her, like there was only a side she was getting to see. The ego trip kept coming.

Jo slipped a finger under the girl’s chin, lifting her face up. Their brown eyes met. “How long has it been since you’ve been with a woman?”

“A few months.” The pupils of Callie’s eyes were blown wide. She was needy, hungry. It was always so much better with someone who knew your body, and who knew a woman better than another woman?

Perfect, Jo thought. She’d know what she was doing then. Jo wasn’t interested in giving lessons tonight. She wanted to relax and be worshiped. “Turn around.”

Jo slowly pulled down the zipper on Callie’s dress, biting her lip as flashes of the girl’s tanned skin were exposed. When the straps of the dress reached her elbows, Jo held them tight, trapping Callie’s arms behind her. With another hand, Jo fisted Callie’s hair, gently pulling her head back until her neck was exposed and vulnerable.

She leaned in, kissing along the column and trailing sweet kisses with occasional nips. Her mouth sucked at Callie’s skin, marking her. Callie moaned, then Jo spun her around, their mouths meeting once more before Jo moved down, kissing between the valley of her breasts and over the black lace of her bra. Her skin smelled amazing, like spiced berries, and made Jo all the more ravenous. She then licked a line from Callie’s breasts to her jaw.

“I’m going to make you feel good, then you’re going to do whatever I want, aren’t you?” Jo smirked, cocking her head to the side.

Callie swallowed visibly. “Y-Yes.”

“That’s a good girl.” Jo reached behind Callie’s back, unclasping her strapless bra and letting it fall to the floor. God, she loved making people so aroused they could barely speak.

She admired Callie’s small breasts, which were a lot like Jo’s own. Perfectly perky and petite handfuls. Her nipples were a soft pink-brown, not quite as dark as Jo’s. She loved this part of being with women, getting to explore the beauty of a woman’s form. They were all gorgeous, and there was always something stunning about them to appreciate and admire.

Jo leaned in, flicking her tongue against the stiff peak. The sweetest and sexiest moan slipped from Callie’s glistening lips. Jo worked her mouth over the bud, sucking and leaving tongued kisses before repeating her motions on its twin. Callie was a mewling mess by the time Jo sucked her tongue into her mouth again.

Her nails caressed and teased her body, snaking down lower and lower, until they raked through the trimmed hair over Callie’s mound. This was all part of the power trip, to make this woman crave her, make her willing to do anything she wanted, to make her writhe like a caught fish on the end of her hook. This was the thrill she was looking for.

Callie’s hips pressed against Jo’s hand, seeking out more as her fingers slid between her lover’s already wet folds. Mewls turned to whimpers and whimpers to soft, sweet moans as Jo explored. The control and power made Jo heady; she had to restrain herself from fucking the woman hard and rough. This had to last, this had to draw the girl in and make her want everything Jo needed.

Her pussy was warm and inviting, slick with need. Slowly, Jo pressed a finger in, testing her tight channel and opening her slightly. Her pussy seemed to be sucking at her finger, hungrily pulling it in deeper, yearning for more.

“How do you want it?” Jo whispered, her lips moving over the shell of Callie’s ear, an invitation of energy and passion. “You want it slow? Or do you want it fast and hard?”

The girl shivered as Jo’s thumb ghosted over her clit. “B-Both… Can I have both?”

“Of course.” Jo smirked against her skin, inhaling her spiced scent. Her nipples were aching beads against her dress, but they’d have to wait. “I like a girl who knows what she wants.”

Her finger moved slowly and deliberately. It crooked, stroking at the front wall and heightening her whimpers. When she wanted to seduce someone, she never failed.

“Please…” Callie whined.

Her teeth pulled at Callie’s earlobe, her plan working like a charm. She’d always been a dominant woman, but it came out most with other women. A gentle, all-consuming touch, at least to start out, worked like a charm with the ladies. “What do you need, baby?”

“More.” Her hips jerked, her chin dropping. “Please, more.”

Pulling back, Jo slipped in another finger, filling her with as much girth as she craved. She pushed in to the second joint, then finally to the hilt. She stroked and caressed her from the inside, then began alternating thrusts and speed until Callie could barely remain on her knees.

Just when it seemed like she might fall, Callie met her climax, crying out as she gripped Jo’s shoulders. Jo held her close, letting her fingers rest inside as her walls pulsated. Then she removed her fingers and shoved them into Callie’s mouth, where the girl obediently licked them without having to be told.

When Callie was able to stand on her own, Jo turned around and motioned for her dress to be unzipped. Callie did as told, and soon Jo was kneeling in only the sheer, red thong. Callie’s tongue lapped softly over the peaks of Jo’s breasts. Her nipples had always been immensely responsive and sensitive. The smallest touch could send her body into overdrive. As Callie supped from her breasts, Jo petted her hair, praising her silently with the most tender of caresses.

Her body yearned for more. Now that her lover was primed, it was time to give further instruction.

“I have a very specific need. Something I could never get my silly ex-boyfriend to do.” She continued stroking Callie’s hair, letting her come down from her own orgasm. “I have a thing about my ass. Do you think you can help me out?”

Callie looked up at her, her eyes still dazed. “I’ll do anything you want. Anything for you.”

Fame had so many perks. “Perfect.” Jo smiled, then repositioned herself on her knees. She gave her ass an enticing wiggle, loving how it felt when it shook. Something about that sensation had always aroused her. She glanced over her shoulder at Callie. “Don’t be shy.”

Callie chewed her lip, reaching over to cup the plump cheeks of Jo’s backside, giving them a delightful, little shake. Lust was written all over her face, and Jo absolutely loved it. In a moment of surprising boldness, Callie gave Jo’s ass a firm and playful slap, causing Jo to moan.

“That’s it.” She bit her lip. “Have fun with it. Squeeze it. Bounce it. Lick it.” Her eyebrows raised when Callie slipped a hand between her thighs to caress her sex, still covered in a red thong. She loved the notion of awakening some sort of hunger in this usually quiet girl.

Deftly, Callie worked the panties down Jo’s thighs and off her legs, giving her ass a few reverent kisses as she worked. Jo was beyond excited at this point, relishing in all the thoughts of what was to come. She placed her shoulders flush to the floor and arched her back, exposing and presenting herself.

Callie wasted no time in leaning in and drawing her tongue over Jo’s anus. A loud moan shattered the lull in sound between them. Callie’s nails raked up and down her lover’s thighs, adding more sensation.

Jo lost track of time as Callie worked, her warm, wet tongue driving her almost to the point of orgasm on its own. She nearly cried out when the girl parted her labia and delved her tongue along the folds there, teasing every so often at the swollen nub crowning her sex. Unable to resist, Jo slipped her hand down and massaged her clit, wanting desperately to come.

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