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Naughty Dogs:Bound for the Pound

By Alex Vander

Copyright 2017 Alex Vander

Cover Copyright 2017 Alex Vander

All characters are 18+ and consenting adults

It was an interesting new take on punishment for minor crimes for young women. I got caught trying to sneak out of the mall with a new set of panties for my 18th birthday. Now I was being escorted out of the back of a police cruiser and taken to the pound in cuffs. Stripped nude. To be in thrown in with one lucky dog who'd have his way with me.

"This is bullshit!" I screamed at the cop as he roughly led me by the arm into the grey old building.

"Them's the law miss. Wish they'd toss you lot into HQ instead though. Still, keeps the dogs less rowdy. Makes em more adoptable they say," The cop said easily overpowering me. Practically dragging me into the building because I was not going to cooperate with this pig in the slightest. Not that I could put up much of a fight with my hands bound and being nearly half his size...

"This law isn't going to hold up for a month!" I screamed again at him as he opened the door and manhandled me inside.

The smell of animals was thick in the air. Musky and dirty.

"Well ain't you lucky then. You decided to break a crime the one month you'd get fucked by a dog didn't you? That what you into?" The cop drug me up towards the receptionist and began talking with her as I just gave him a simmering glare.

"Who's the lucky doggy today?" He asked.

The receptionist carefully looked over some notes while giving me a sly smile, "Two young rottweilers. They've got a good shot if they'd just calm down a bit. She's just the thing."

"Two!" I exclaimed at her, "I thought it was just going to be one?"

She sighed and pushed her glasses back up as she turned to me, "It's whatever we need you to do in one cage. Two dogs in one cage is pretty common."

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