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A Pretty Face to Die For

6 Short Stories

By Jane Emery

Copyright 2017 Jane Emery

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Murder Never Plays Favorites

Web of Seduction

It was an intricate lacey web woven together with seduction and greed. A labyrinth so enticing that innocent men were instantly caught in her spell. She'd have fun playing with her victims before inflicting her venomous bite. Silly men, blinded by a curvaceous body, long flowing hair and full lips will never know the wolf in sheep's clothing is about to devour them whole.

The tattoo of a Black Widow Spider on her pelvis said it all and Della knew how to use her poisonous charm. She changed her name to fit her alluring style, one that would drive the men wild and make them weak in the knees. Her enchanting voice of an angel would draw them into her web of hell. The redheaded vixen's model like looks and steaming sexuality exuded from her pores. A pheromone unlike any other that could lure a stranger in and keep him hostage to her enticements- just like a Lotus Blossom.

Della dressed to kill. Her attire consisted of designer clothes and tailored suits but she never appeared to have a job. For a girl with no apparent income she was always jet setting around the globe. Not many could get past her stunning looks to ask how she affords her lavish lifestyle. For the few that did, she would answer back with, "I got a nice inheritance when my grandmother passed away."

Della is in fact a "Black Widow." She's indeed inherited money, but from a husband dying and she collected the life insurance. She will never tell you the truth, but she's been married three times and the girl is only twenty-seven years old. The first time was easy because it wasn't her intension for her husband to die. It was a welcomed accident that started her on a path of ending lives.

She lived under a different name at the time, her birth name, Dorothy Potter- not a very extravagant handle. Being from a small town she never put much thought into that, people had names in the area like Bob-Todd and Bertha; even the cattle had easier names than the people. Right out of high school she married her boyfriend at the time, Roger Oakmyer. He was a strapping young man with a muscular farmer's body and an inviting smile. He loved her but he was just her ticket out of the small cow-town. His mother died giving birth to him so it was just him and his daddy; until the one day when he was fourteen the only family in his life died in a bad farming accident.

Too young to take over the family business and being the sole member left of the clan, Roger sold the farm and secured his future. He could pay for college all the way through medical school if that was what he chose to do, and he was making the grades to do it. When young Della heard that Roger was leaving the one horse town and going off to college, she was eager to join him. She only knew of life away from a farm through the movies and TV shows she would watch. Fantasizing about the day she would be able to join in on the highlife she would see nightly from the loneliness of her farmhouse room.

"Baby, you know I'm crazy about you," Roger takes Della by her hand.

"And I love you too, poo bear."

"You know how I feel about family and reputation…"

"You're the most upstanding man I've ever met."

"With that being said, I want to do the right thing and get married. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?"

When the sensual redhead laid eyes on the shiny diamond ring, her big blue eyes were as round as saucers. "Oh my god baby, yes, yes." Of course the beautiful vixen rewarded her man with the best blow job he'd ever had, letting him unleash his load in her tight round ass.

She agreed because she knew it was going to get her out of the boring small town and into the gleam of the city. They had been out of school for the whole summer and she didn't plan on going back. The young couple has been together since eighteen and is ready to move forward. They got married and left for Roger's school, she was willing to be the stay at home wife as long as he would buy her a nice house to stay home in; and of course he did.

Roger was a great lover and knew how to use his long tongue and huge cock- he did wear a size 13 shoe after all. Everything was going great until the incident that changed a delicate lady bug into a killer black widow. They were only married for two months when the transformation took place. Doing some work around the house they noticed some water damage in the back room that looked like it was coming from the roof. Both went outside and climbed the ladder to get onto the ridge. When they got to the area, they saw a ratty old tarp held down by large grey cinderblocks. Most likely put there before the sale of the house to get potential buyers to seal the deal.

"This isn't bad, I can fix it." Roger started to go back down the ladder to fetch tools and material to repair the hole. "Start tossing those blocks down with that tarp, we don't need them up here anymore."

Those were the last words he said to her. Miscommunication and not being clear enough is what lead to the accident. Della didn't know what way he was walking to get the tools. She lifted the first heavy block and tossed it to the side away from the ladder; the sound that came next was horrifying. It struck Roger directly in the head- killing him instantly. Della was hysterical; it was so unexpected and unthinkable that she didn't know how to react.

After calling 911, the ambulance and police arrived; she told them exactly what had happened. Once they were done taking her statement they got up to leave, she stood up with them and put out her wrist ready for the handcuffs.

"No ma'am, we're not taking you in," one of the cops told her.

"But my husband is dead because I killed him," she said still in shock.

"Based on the information you gave us and the evidence we see, we have to say it was an accident. If the detectives have any questions they'll give you a call but I don't think you have anything to worry about."

She sat on the couch alone for ten minutes after everyone left, not moving and barely breathing. Out of nowhere she began to laugh. There was nothing funny, a life was lost and the lady is laughing. She thinks to herself that the worst thing to happen is she can't figure out why she's giggling, not that her husband is dead. She knows deep down that she never loved him, he was cute and a popular boy in a school of two hundred; and that's grade seven through twelve. He was her ticket out of that cow shit town.

Days go by with only a few follow-up questions from the detectives, nothing to worry about; they just needed to be straight on some facts. After his case was closed, Dorothy Foster received control of everything her husband had- the bank account that had hundreds of thousands of dollars ready to make him a doctor. To come to her later was an even bigger surprise; Roger had taken out life insurance on himself leaving her with even more money.

From that moment the Black Widow was born. She knew that the fastest way to a man's heart was not through his stomach. If you really want to snag that guy, you gotta give him mind blowing sex and Della was a pro that could suck the chrome off a bumper. The toxic vixen enjoyed her prey and it brought her some lustful gratification.

With a mission in her pretty little head and blood money in her hand, she went off and found a special person to give her a false identification. She just needed to find a new potential husband. She saw how easy it was to get away with causing someone's death as long as she made it seem like it wasn't her fault. All she needed to do is set up some kind of payment for after the death and she will be in the money.

She went by the name Cate Beck when she met husband number two. He was a car salesman named Abel Redman, and when he saw the young vivacious twenty year old come in looking for a car, he went straight to work trying to sell her his heart. When she realized that he had an interest in her, she was no longer interested in a new car; she saw her opportunity to get a new husband instead.

The two went on their first date that evening. Twenty year old Della slept with him that night knowing that if she used her skills at sex he'd be putty in her hands. The next morning Abel was caught in her web. Only a couple months later the two were already speaking of wedding bells. Cate Beck and Abel Redman married in front of family and friends; at least that was what it looked like to Abel. After the wedding the newlyweds never visited, hung out or even associated with any of the new Mrs. Redman's family or friends. The first month of this went unnoticed because she was wise to keep her husband's mind occupied with mind blowing sex.

Soon enough he started asking questions, "Why don't we ever hear from your family or see any of your friends? I'd like to get to know them."

"Awe, sweetie pie you know I want you all to myself, you'll meet them one day. Bring that sexy body over here. I want you to fuck me right now."

How quickly she was able to make him forget his question and walk into her alluring web. Abel had the funny idea that his beautiful new wife had paid people to show up to the wedding just to make it seem like she was legit. When you're strapped into a tuxedo and dancing with who you think is your mother-in-law, you don't think about those things at that point in time. He was far too happy to marry a woman he thought was out of his league to even consider that he was being played. Three months into the marriage you have a little more clarity and things aren't so new. He isn't thinking about this now, he's stuck in her web.

She unbuttons his shirt, exposing his tanned and muscular body. Then she presses her full red lips against his rippled abs, gently kissing and sucking as she makes her way to his pants. When she unbuckles his belt, zips down his jeans and pulls out his meaty rod; the pussy whipped husband lets out a moan

"I love it when you suck my cock."

She looks up at him, batting her long lashes and then begins chopping him up with her lovely mouth. With her long red nails wrapped around his pecker and those luscious lips pulling his manhood deep into her throat, Abel can hardly control himself. Here's this beautiful woman wanting him and initiating sex, what more could a man ask for?

"I want to taste my sexy stud, cum in my mouth."

"Oooh yeah baby, I'll make sure to give you a tasty shot of juice but let me tongue that delicious candy hole of yours first."

Della has no panties on under her miniskirt, she likes to go commando to give her guy easy access and flash the goods when a situation isn't going her way. No man can resist her golden treasure between her silky legs. Her sweet candy store will stop any argument dead in its tracks and Abel is putty in her hands. He parts her wet pussy lips with his long tongue, sucking her little button in and out of his mouth. The taste of Della's sweet nectar brings his soldier to full attention. It isn't long before she grabs the back of her lover's head and rides his face like a cowgirl.

"Oh my god, yes lover, yes. I'm cumming."

Abel thrust his mouth member deep inside her creamy tart, making sure to get every last drop. He comes up from between her thighs, licking his lips, "Now let me give you mine." He stands over Della and strokes his cock until he explodes all over her pretty little face.

"Yummy, you taste delicious," she says while scooping the creamy love juice into her mouth.

With her man sexually satisfied, the poor dude forgets about their prior conversation and makes Della a breakfast fit for a queen. His cooking skills are second to none, another bonus for the black widow- she can have her cake and eat it too.

Abel never even had a chance to tell his coworkers and friends his ideas and thoughts about his new wife. He was too caught up having mind blowing sex with his dream woman to even give it a second thought. An avid gun fan and collector, he would always clean his favorite Rugger 22, he would even do it in front of company that would come over for a visit. They would sit around the dining room table and having a few beers; the gun would be on a spread out piece of cloth all in separate parts so he could clean it thoroughly. When word got around to friends and family about his accidental death due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, they were not too surprised.

His own brother even told the cops that he cleaned his guns often, and would do it with a six pack of beer at the ready. "There was even an incident a year or so ago when I was over," his brother Tony told the investigators, "we were drinking together and he was cleaning one of his guns. He was done and put the clip in, when he cocked it back, his fingers slipped or something. I'm not too sure, we were pretty drunk. The gun went off in the house here." Tony even took them to the dining area to show them the bullet hole in the wall.

Once again after a few months passed, Abel Redman's widow received a large check from the insurance company. She put the house up for sale, and when it sold, she took all the money and disappeared. When she arrived at her next city of opportunity she wanted to add something new to herself. She cut her hair to a cute short look and went to get a tattoo, she knew what she was and she liked it. Even the name Black Widow sounded cool and seductive to her. She wanted her tattoo to fit her dark and sexy new persona. On her pelvis she got an elegantly black tribal tattoo of a small black widow spider. Her symbol of being a killer, if anyone were to speculate, she can tell them she's into arachnids and liked the way this one looks with black and red.

Showing off her fresh look and skin art she was under her third name searching for another victim. Jessica Walters was new to the city and nobody knew anything about her or her fake past and that's just what she needed to initiate her hunt. It was "dress in your favorite era" night at one of the local night clubs and Della, under the new name of Jess went as a twenties flapper. All in red with black trim and tassels she stunned everyone when she showed up. Not many of the hipsters in their early twenties know what a trend setter looked like in the 1920's. They were all in something from the sixties, seventies or even much further back in history as some castle princess. All eyes were fixed as they looked at this woman walking and demanding the attention of everyone with just her outfit.

Every man in that room wanted to speak with her that night, but they were either too afraid to talk to a woman of her caliber or they were already there with someone else. Finally after being out alone on the dance floor, she walked back to the bar for some refreshment. She had been there for almost an hour before someone finally got the nerve to speak to the insanely sexy lady.

"Gin and tonic," she orders from the bartender.

"Make it two, and put it on my tab," a suave young hunk stands at the barstool next to her dressed as a swashbuckling pirate. "I'm Ian," he holds out his hand and shakes hers like a gentleman.

"Jess," she said back to him.

"I love your outfit."

The barman puts his drinks in front of him, "What's the name again?"

"Ian Drake," he informs the worker then grabs both drinks and hands one to Jess. "Here's to the best dressed woman in the whole joint."

The two clink their glasses together for the toast and take their sips. They walk over to an empty booth and start talking, drink after drink they get to know each other. When the night started to wind down they even left together; the widow knows exactly what to do. After a night of kinky sex, her prey was caught in the web. The courtship only lasted weeks before the two eloped, and then they dropped the news that they tied the knot. This marriage lasted longer than the others, she already had it all planned out before she even met a guy. She put all the life insurance together with her new husband's signature and even found a way to get a hold of untraceable poison. Now she just needed to wait for a longer time so things don't seem too coincidental in case someone wanted to look into her background a little deeper.

After a few years of marriage it was time to spring her plan into action. She had done everything possible to make the relationship appear to be nothing but loving, she didn't want anyone to question her once she did the deed. They appeared to be the most devoted couple; people even mentioned how it seemed their honeymoon lasted the entire first year of their marriage. When Della heard that the farce was working, she went full steam ahead with her mastermind plan.

Their home became the weekend party house where friends would come watch sporting events and have cookouts. The pool was the happening place to be every summer with friends and family always over to enjoy a swim. The happy couple would always sneak away for some mid-day love making while friends were having their own fun, with Jess and Ian constantly fucking no one ever saw what was to come.

It was planned perfectly, The Widow used the fact that they would dabble in drugs as a cover. She asked him to get them some cocaine so they could have a wild time on date night, Ian was at her mercy. The promise of incredible sex was all he needed to do what she wanted; he called their guy and purchased the dope. After a lovely dinner followed by some wine and lines, the two went to the bedroom for husband and wife time. High and drunk, she suggested them doing their drug a different way, she told Ian she heard about combining their sex with injecting the cocaine. Still at her command he agreed, he has never had reason to doubt her, and if this is something they're doing to just boost their sex than he has nothing against the needle.

Doing cocaine one way or another is still doing coke, was what he was thinking.

She went into the bathroom and grabbed a syringe; she also had a small tin so she could prepare the dosage mixed with the poison. She even made it look as if she made herself one too; putting it on the other side of the lighter to let her know which one contains the death shot. They both took one last sniff of their lines before they began their sex ride. Della always wants to get one last roll in the bed of pleasure before she takes the poor fool's life.

Once they were done they were ready for their injections, Ian went first. The chemical she chose was not really a poison, it is used in hospitals for surgery to help calm the muscles and relax the heart and breathing. In high dosages it stops the body's functions and you die instantly without medical machinery to make your heart pump and lungs breathe. She seduced a doctor into having sex with her in the room where they kept all the medication. He never knew she took a vile.

Thinking he was going to be higher than he's ever been before, he offered his arm up to her. She stuck him with the needle and pushed down the plunger. Ian felt as high as a kite, but only for a few fleeting seconds. The death fluid surpassed the cocaine and took control of his organs, shutting them down. He was dead within moments. She's not a stupid person; you don't attempt a third husband's death without thinking everything through; that's how other Black Widows get caught. She doesn't really want to but she spends the night sleeping next to the dead body in case the crime scene investigators look into detail at wrinkle patterns. She knows that the poison disappears from the body almost instantly; all that will be left is the cocaine. She had even put an extra amount of it in to make it look like an overdose.

The next morning she calls the authorities and plays the grieving wife. She is forth coming with the drugs and the drinking, telling them about date night and their love making, every bit of contact they had. When the police talked to their friends everyone told them how they were the perfect couple, and very much in love. Della never had to convince anyone, her actions with her husband when he was alive said it all and people were eager to tell the detectives about their incredibly happy life.

The coroner listed the cause of death as a drug overdose due to the amount of cocaine in his system. The police had nothing but that to go on and the case was closed. Once again, the black widow was given all Ian's assets and collected on the life insurance just as she had planned. Before anyone knew anything, she had met with her I.D. lady to grab a new alias, paid her for her services, and was on her way to another score.

The Present

The Black Widow now goes by her current name of Della Kincaid and she's been in this new city looking for her next target for the past month. Then she finds him in the gym of all places. She never thought about her workout as nothing but a way to keep her fit tight body always at the attention of the opposite sex. She would notice the guys always checking her out when they thought she wasn't looking. That let her know that she was accomplishing what she set out to achieve. One day a new guy came in for a workout, seeing the sight all the men had been ogling at, he just walked right up to the hottie with the hourglass figure.

"Hello, I'm Andre, Andre Foster," he was not intimidated by her good looks. With the confidence he boasts he thinks he's quite the catch.

"Della," she shakes his hand looking him up and down as if she were a man scoping out some hot tail. They worked out together for the next hour then left to get better acquainted. Went to the smoothie shop and got blueberry with a boost of Maca and then made plans to see each other later tonight.

Della is getting ready for her hot date, she wants to make sure to wear something revealing so he will be seduced as soon as he lays his eyes on her. During the workout earlier she was able to rub on his hard sponge like muscles. When he spotted her doing bench-presses she even caught a view up his bulging thigh to see the bulge of a different muscle. She is going to enjoy this striking man between her legs, she knows that much.

She put on her extra tight jeans and a shirt that just has a pair of lips on it. No underwear and a bra that pushes her already stunning chest up more to catch the wandering eye. When she answers the door, he is standing in an all-black t-shirt. The cotton fabric is tight enough that it forms around every curve of his pectorals, making his abs look like a soft mat you could fall asleep on.

They are going to dinner and a movie but she looks it as just a formality she must go through in order to lure in her prey. They listened to a classic rock station on the way to the restaurant so talking rock bands was an easy ice breaker for her. The conversation moved on to sports so she had another topic to keep it flowing as they continue to eat. But when it turns to the subject of how each other make a living, she has to concentrate a little harder using a mouthful of food as time to think of an answer. How will she explain having over half a million dollars and never once holding down a job?

She didn't have to answer that until now so she waited until she swallowed, "My grandmother passed away leaving me some money," she recovers; takes a sip of her wine to wash back the lie and filet mignon. "I took some and invested it, so I do well enough, you?"

"I did a lot of the high risk jobs for a while, Alaskan fishing boats, a logger in Oregon, physical labor and stuff like that. Right now I'm training to be a professional fighter in Mixed Martial Arts."

"That seems exciting; do you make a lot doing that?" She has a new thought in mind. If he's already in the money, she can ride this out for as long as she can, hit him when his high paying career is over, and keep everything he makes for herself.

"Not at the moment, I did all those jobs so I could have a large bankroll when I start training full time." Della doesn't like the sound of that, looks like she's going back to her normal plan. "You don't really start making the big money until you hit the big leagues, but I'll get there." Not if The Widow gets her way.

Della keeps him talking about his passion, what better way to seem into him? She lets her next meal talk all about MMA and looks interested, even asks some questions. By the time the dinner is finished they decide to not go to the movie and go straight to his place instead. More conversation over drinks sounds better than not talking and watching a movie.

Back at Andre's place he turns the radio on low and makes them a cocktail. He comes back over to the couch and hands her the drink. Della decides that she doesn't want to talk; she puts her drink on the table next to his and dives in for a kiss. Her approach to kicking things off fast is always the same; Sex, how can a guy say no to her? She is gorgeous with a body that would stop traffic. Once she gets his pants undone she is that much closer to sinking in her fangs. She pulls out his hefty size little guy and puts it in her mouth; the fangs are in and the venom injected.

He is hers to control, she may be the one between his legs at the moment but she has all the power. For a woman who enjoys the sexual part of her plan, she knows how to please a man. "I will do anything you want," he says to her in an orally induced half coma. He is never going to get out of her web now.

They spend the rest of the night in his bed building up sexual sweat from a workout both desired. She continues to work her magic on him planting seeds of lust in his mind to not let her get away. After the third mind blowing session the tree has sprouted and he asks her to move in with him that night. The venom is now running its course and she just needs to decide when the best time to eat is.

She goes to his small venue MMA matches to support her man, if he has a fast climb to stardom then she can wait until he makes more money and then strike. If it looks to be taking too long then she can step it up. He starts off on a small winning streak, even getting moved up to the main card and his pay going from two hundred to five hundred dollars for his fight. Things seemed to be getting better, how long 'til he gets noticed and makes bigger pay? With his win streak increased to four and the talk of the big show having a look at him, the two decide to get married. Things look bright for his future so why not tie the knot and add one more happy thing to his life?

Tonight his fight tells a different story. Andre is hitting his opponent with everything he has and the guy just keeps coming. Then the opponent from the blue corner lands a kick Andre never saw it coming, out go the lights and the night is over for the Fosters. Back at home, Andre's mood is down but he's not broken. He won't quit. "I need to work on my defense more, rethink my strategies. This is just a setback."

When Della heard that, she knew the time to act was now; she had already forged his name on the life insurance; now she just has to collect it. She still has the vile she used on her previous husband and plans to use it again. To help her husband deal with his loss in the ring, she tells him to get ready to have a night of raunchy and naughty sex. That was enough to turn his split lip and scarred frown upside down.

She went to the bedroom to put on the sultriest sex outfit she has, when she comes back out to show him, he is just hanging up from talking on his cell phone. "Sure, it will all be settled up later, okay," then he turns around to see his slut of a wife. "Holy shit I just went from soft to hard."

"I want you to fuck me like you've never fucked me before," she says with the voice of a sex-phone operator. She pulls a surprise from behind her back showing an anal plug that has bulbs small at the tip and getting larger as they go down. She can't mask the needle with cocaine like the husband before so she needs to be at her kinkiest to get him to drop his guard. She takes him by the hand and pulls him into the room, pushing him back onto the bed.

"I want to taste you as you give me head," he tells her.

She hands him the new toy and gets on the bed knee crawling over to mount his face. Once on his chest and his package close to her luscious full lips, they start to go at it. Like a glutton who will never be able to indulge because their favorite buffet is closing down, this is their last chance to get as much if not more than they can handle.

With her pussy and sweet ass in his face, he licks ferociously like a vampire bat lapping up blood of a victim. He sucks down every bit of her making it sloppy across his face. When she is wet enough he slides the plug into her slit before going straight to her asshole. He wants to tongue that, she said fuck like never before and that is what he plans on doing.

She knows this is the last chance to get her thrills off this guy; her syringe is not far away. She has had the best sex ever with Andre, which is why she wants to go even further with her lusts on this last time. She still would rather have the money and find another guy she can get her nasty sex from, there are plenty out there.

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