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Hi there!

I hope you are as excited as I am to embark in this journey on how to use social media!

Please notice that this Guidebook does not intend to be a substitute for a tailored social media strategic plan that is specific for you and your business.

It is instead a guidebook that will first of all put you on the right mindset to use social media – just the fact that you bought this guide shows that you are committed to it – and also to give you precious info on strategy and on how to use the main social media networks.

Take your time to go through the guidebook and do not feel that you have to implement all the tips and advice in here, or that you have to do it all in a week.

Start small and go with your instinct and one thing at a time, with what feels right to you, before you apply a new thing.

And, the most important advice of all, social media is supposed to be FUN!

So, enjoy it! 

Carla Gadyt

Be Strategic

The most important thing you need is to be strategic in everything you do on social media.

That will not only save you time, but it will keep you motivated and with a sense of purpose, knowing you are doing what really works and not just random stuff here and there.

So, how to be strategic?

Before you start opening social media accounts, you need to write down your goals.

What exactly do you want to use social media for? Here are some examples:

  • To grow my reach and exposure

  • To get new clients

  • To build a community, or “tribe” of like-minded people

  • To contact magazines and influencers

  • To create business partnerships

  • To create value and help others

  • Etc

Write down everything that you feel you wish to use social media for.

This will help you on your strategy and will also help you to get focused.

I see many spiritual entrepreneurs getting tired and overwhelmed with using social media because they are everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, youtube, etc, etc.

And then they get frustrated because they are not getting results.

My best advice here is: be where your audience is, and start small.

You need to research where your audience is. Every time I create a new social media strategic plan for a new client, this is one of the first things I do.

Go on every social media network and figure out if their specific audience is there: posting, having conversations, engaging.

Because the thing is, you don’t have to be everywhere. You have to be where your audience is and where you feel comfortable.

I know many spiritual entrepreneurs that only focus on Facebook or Instagram, and have built a huge community and following and get new clients every week just from that one network.

Because they are doing less (and having fun with it!), they show up with a great energy that people resonate with, instead of showing up exhausted because they just posted content on 5 or 6 different places.

Many people are so focused on the well-known social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter, and forget about other online places to show up.

Besides those social media networks, there are huge spiritual communities in many other places, like blogs or online discussion forums.

Those are places where the audience is ALL about spirituality (and its many different topics), so instead of having to use hashtags and keywords and paid adverts and pray to the Facebook Algorithm Gods that the right people will see your content, in those places is much easier to show up and engage with the right people.

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