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White Room

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This book contains very strong and realistic descriptions of extreme torture.

Do not read if you are offended by such material.

This story and all its characters are make believe and not based on real people or real events.

Do not try this at home.

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Copyright © 2018 Bakerman


Title: White Room

Author: Bakerman 

Publisher: Smashwords, Inc.

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The creepy pasta character they call Moonlight Mike.

No one knows where he comes from, no one knows where he goes to, but people know that he will come. At one time or another. After Moonlight Mike had visited an area there is usually a girl missing. The girl is never seen again.

Moonlight Mike is proof that the shadow worlds are right next to our world of sunshine and nice weather. Evil is always hidden somewhere watching and planning to do evil upon the gentle people of the world. It prefers to target those who are powerless against their dark might.

But what if there are beings of light who really keeps watch over us?

Will Moonlight Mike be a challenge for such a being of light?

Tonight we will find out.

Don’t worry; this story will not scare you.

It will horrify you and make your soul rattle.

Don’t forget to enjoy life



Friday, January 12, 2018

Moonlight Mike

"You can never catch a shadow. You mustn't even try, because you don't have the training for it." The instructor says as he gives a serious look at the class. He turns around to the black board and writes in huge letters: Section 9

"What is a shadow?" Carlov asks as he writes something on the notepad in front of him.

A slight smile, that looks almost gleeful, appears on the instructor's face.

"I am not going to tell you, because it is not part of our curriculum. I can tell you this, though, when you meet a shadow, you will immediately know it. I can assure you, you are not going to like it."

He turns back to the blackboard and points to “Section 9” he wrote there.

"Section 9 is the only people who know how to work with a shadow...and even they are not always successful.” He sits down on the edge of his table and strangely, it almost seems as if there is a fearful look on his face. “I am going to give you the same advice my instructor gave me. When you see you are dealing with a shadow, RUN..."

Gerik looks at the clock on the wall and knew it was time. It was time for the cutting up of the meat. Not something he particularly liked to do, but something that was necessary. He always felt a strange sort of satisfaction when he came to that part of a project.

Project - that is what he liked to call what he did. Calling it a project gave it a sort of neutrality that could not be achieved in any other way.

For the cutting up of the meat itself one had to be both an artisan and an artist. He always used his sharp and very strong cleaver for the cutting of the meat, but there were times when the bones where too tough -even for the cleaver. People don't know it, but bones can sometimes be as hard as the hardest concrete. In cases like that he would have to use his chainsaw to cut through the hard bone and make it give in to his demands.

Yes, the bones, like everything else in his life, always gave in to his demands.

Working with the meat on the stainless steel, always puts his mind adrift.

He had some very good training, but through the years that he had been doing this, he made some unusual discoveries of his own. He discovered things about his unique occupation that they don't teach you. He learned on his own that the human body is the most delicate-, but at the same time, also the most resilient living thing on the planet. It was both extremely strong AND extremely weak, both at the same time.

For most it wouldn't make sense, but then, they weren't doing what he was doing for a living.

The truth is that the human body can take the most incredible abuse and still survive, but there are times when the slightest wrong movement can break it irreparably. That could be in a physical or psychological sense. It is all a matter of how well you learned the art of inflicting pain on the human body. If you do it just right, you will have that body under your absolute control for a very long time. Of course it will be a piece of quivering, very scared flesh, but if that is what you want, it makes it all the better.

That is what his paying custGeriks wanted and that is what he was giving them.

But, alas, like all things physical, the body will give in at the end. Driven to the limit of its endurance it will give up the ghost. It won't be able to give the exquisite entertainment anymore. That means all the joy and pleasure that he got out of this was used up. It was time for a new body so that the whole process could start all over again.

But before the new body could be acquired, he had to get rid of the current meat. By that time he called it meat, because that was what it was. All signs of humanity, even of being alive, had been taken away by that time and it was nothing else but meat.

He once actually considered selling the used-up bodies to the many ghouls and cannibals that dwell on the dark web, but it would put him at risk. So he decided against it. Better to just get rid of the body and be done with it.

The parts of the girl's body that still lies on the gurney had been stripped of all its glorious former beauty. Over the past three week she had to endure the most terrible tortures that he could think up. As he looks down at the bloodied pieces of flesh, Gerik knows that he took everything she had from her. Literary everything. He took her freedom, her dignity, her right to lead a normal life, her beauty, her sanity and finally he took her life.

She never had any chance against him, because over the years he had become an unstoppable force.

Strangely, Gerik never thought of himself as evil. He just sees himself as a necessary part of life on this beautiful planet. Not a beautiful part, but a necessary part. If he doesn't do it, someone else will do it. So in the bigger scheme of things it doesn't really matter.

Some humans are made to dwell in the shadows.

His first thoughts of doing this already started while he was still in high school. He was a frequent visitor to the Deep Web. When he later discovered the Dark Web, he was ecstatic. The things he saw on the Dark Web was what was always at the back of his mind, like an evil ghoul that always stays just on the edge of your peripheral vision. By discovering the Dark Web he could now see the beast in all its spectacular glory. This was heaven. At least, to him it was heaven.

It never bothered him how other people felt about it, he liked it and that was all that mattered. He thought many a times of doing something like the evil things he saw on the Dark Web, but he was also a pragmatic person and knew he would be caught out in no time.

That which is dark and twisted, also count as.

The once beautiful legs of the girl are now cut up into pieces exactly like he wants it. It really is like meat in a butcher shop. Once it is cut up, the legs are small enough to fit onto the stainless steel tub, where it will finally be destroyed.

He carefully puts it into the tub with his gloved hands and watches as it sinks away into the strong acid, already bubbling and boiling as it starts to work its magic on the human flesh and bones.

The flesh of the girl and the acid are both products of the planet. When they first meet it always seems as if they are fighting each other, but they are not. They are just becoming one. Becoming one is always a vigorous process, but at the end nature wins and the acid and flesh becomes one.

The acid makes the physical body disappear - as if it never existed. If that girl was never born it would have been the exact same. All that was left of her now were photos and the memories that her family and friends still had of her. With the acid she would wash down the drain to be lost forever in a world of demon clowns and dark ghouls.

While the acid eats the flesh and bones, he goes back to the stainless steel gurney. He looks at her tortured rump, the little breasts still distinguishable from the rest of the flesh. He sees the cigarette burns, the ugly wounds cut into the tender flesh with a very sharp blade. In these terrible wound he would put terrible itching powder. The itching powder would burn that wound like hot coals. The pain would be so bad that if she could, she would have bitten that part clean off her body. Just to make the pain stop. But with her tied up so tightly, she could only scream and scream, tears streaming from her eyes and spittle from her lips.

And now all that dynamism was lying here in front of him, still and almost translucent in death.

With the rump cut up into almost two exact same size pieces he arrives at the head. The head always fascinates him more than anything else. The head and especially the face is actually the girl. A person is mostly thought of as a face. Without the face there is no person and you can't even imagine that person without a face.

The girl's face was dead. She didn't even had time to close her eyes before dead took her. As far as he can remember she was still in mid-scream when death arrived. Now those eyes, which were beautiful in life, was dead and just coldly staring into nothingness, so as if the owner still couldn't believe what happened to her and why she had to endure the pain she had to endure. The skin of the once beautiful face was now an ugly ashen color with ugly welts all over.

Once life is gone from the body, the reapers from the dark dimensions come out to claim their prize.

He picks up the head and looks at it. The toothless mouth, from where he extracted the teeth one by one. He can still remember it well. She was in so much pain and the pain continued even after the tooth was removed. Sometimes he sanded the bare teeth just to add extra pain to the already tortured body. He was sure some of his clients masturbated vigorously to this, because this would give them an unknown pleasure that is simply unexplainable to a rational mind.

At times like these, she would not even be able to scream, because her head would be held immovable in the head-vice, which he invented himself, while the mouth brace would keep her mouth wide open. She would be sitting in the steel-box, which means her whole body, including her arms and legs were totally imprisoned with only her head sticking out the top with him to do with as he pleases. She was so powerless that that alone would have driven her insane. Humans are made to move about, not be restrained for weeks on end in immovable, very uncomfortable positions. But that is what he did to them.

He sees the old festering cigarette marks, just under her eyes. He would hold the burning cigarette just under her eyes, knowing it would be the most painful and also scariest for her with the knowledge that he could easily burn out her eyes if he wanted to. He allowed her to scream and scream as much as she wanted, his cameras rolling, recording it as a forever record of her unadulterated fear and pain.

He never found it strange that the pain and suffering of other living beings left him cold and unfeeling. Many people like him do it because it gives them personal pleasure. It didn't give him any pleasure. But at the same time he also felt nothing for the victim. For him it was only a manner to make a living. People paid huge sums of money to see this and this was the product he would give them. Real life pain and suffering that they would find nowhere else on this planet.

People Are Weird

Many would think that those who enjoy to see the suffering of other human beings dwell in the underbelly of society, but they would be wrong. The people on the underbelly of society would never be able to afford videos like his.

His clients were definitely not from the underbelly of society. Most of them were actually of the top part of society, seemingly with their head in the sun, but their minds always dwelling in the darkness.

When he started this, he never thought it would be this successful, but in the six years that he had been doing it, he became a millionaire.

Things just worked out very well for him and he could lead the life that he wanted to lead.

With his expertise and his vision he built up a website on the Dark Web that catered to the shadow side of human nature. There were many takers. Takers that are prepared to pay a pretty penny, because what he had to offer was not offered in the mainstream. It was only here in the darkest recesses of the dark web that their desires were fulfilled.

His website; Adventures in the White Room at http://RcFTCFNzFiKYg.onion/thewhiteroom got over a thousand visitors a month. That might not seem like much, but when each of those thousand visitors is actually a paying custGerik, then it does work out so bad.

He does not pay any taxes and he lives a very simple life, but life is good and he has more than enough money in accounts all over the world to live in comfort until the end of his days.

He could stop making new videos now and just live on the proceeds and "royalties" of that which he already produced, but he kind of likes the thrill of the hunt. It was exciting to hunt down a girl until he has her under his control. He would removed her from the sunshine of her normal life. Then he would dunk her into a world of the most exquisite pain.

It was beautiful.

He was trained for this and he has the equipment to do it in a very efficient manner. The authorities were not his biggest concern. Since 1994 the country had been under the control of Blues and they are useless at their best. When a girl goes missing, he knows that the corrupt Blues police would just fill out the standard missing person's form, attach a photo and that would be it. They would never really look for the girl. As long as the paperwork was done, the case was as good as filed and forgotten.

But there were things he was scared of. One of them was making an unknown mistake that would cause the community to catch him. The community would not be as unforgiving and he knows he would pay with his life then.

The other possibility that he also considered was that he might kidnap a girl who was more than what he bargained for. But so far he didn't meet a girl like that. No matter how strong and cheeky they seem at the beginning, within an hour of receiving his special treatment they are all whimpering little babies who would do anything to make the pain stop.

He put fear and dread in people his whole life long. He was trained for this and he became as proficient as a human can get at his job. Even his old bosses wanted him and only him to interrogate the prisoners. They always knew they would get results. He had that talent to keep a person just on the edge of death, with the threat of pushing him completely over that edge, but still keeping him safe on the side of the sun. That was what made prisoners always give him all the information he would ever want.

But in the Army there were rules and regulations. He hated rules and regulations. Although they paid him more than enough, he wanted to get out from under the rules and regulations to do his own thing.

And he is very glad he did.

Wearing his pure white, skin tight suit, with the mask hiding his face in total, he became known as Moonlight Mike to his followers on the Dark Web. The Dark Web that did not cater to rules and regulations.

Adventures in the White Room

Although what did was morally wrong and would be completely illegal in each and every country in the world, he was still able to freely distribute his video clips and sometimes even stream it life on the Dark Web.

The Dark Net is a part of the Internet that is not indexed and which cannot be reached through the normal using of a search engine. If you didn't have a specific address, you would never find his website.

And even if one had the correct website address, you still had to use a special browser to make contact with the Dark Net. Not easy and a place very few souls would brave to venture in, in any case. And that was good for him, because this meant that no one would come upon his site by accident. The damage done would have been indescribable as his site was definitely not for the faint of heart. His site was dark and daring and meant only for those who indulged in things like that.

Except for the life videos and also photos of the most inhumane torture, he also published a monthly newsletter in which he gave tips for extreme torture, how to prevent the victim from fainting despite the most intense pain, as well as illustrations of the most extreme bondage methods known to man.

His website address was http://RcFTCFNzFiKYg.onion/thewhiteroom and when he developed the site, he decided to give it a Creepy Pasta type of look. Not for any particular reason, but just for the hell of it.

But this led to something he didn't expect. People actually started writing creepy pastas about Moonlight Mike.

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