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Life as a Beta

Briony Summers

Published by Briony Summers

Copyright 2018 Briony Summers

Warning! This work contains adult content, which may include strong language and sexually explicit scenes. If you consider these subject matters offensive, please do not read any further. The people and events depicted in this novel are fictional. Any similarity to past or present events or any person living or dead is merely coincidental. The characters depicted are all 18 and over.

Aiden bit his bottom lip and clenched his eyes.  Pleasure was coursing through his veins, and he was beginning to lose control.  However, if he made a single noise and alerted the entire house about what was going on, he would have almost an entire pack ready to make use of his ass.  It had happened before, and Aiden didn't particularly mind being gangbanged by the rest of the pack - but today, he couldn't waste an entire morning like that.

"God, no matter how much we pound into you, your ass still feels amazing, kid," Luke said, hissing with delight behind Aiden.  The beta cringed inwardly at his superior's voice.  It was loud enough to wake the whole house - just what Aiden had asked him not to do.  He shushed him as quietly as possible, though Luke may have been lost in the feel of things, just as Aiden had almost been. 

Oh well, Aiden thought.  If I have to take all the guys, I will.  He began to buck his hips back, piercing himself on Luke's thick, hard cock and letting out the moan that had been trapped inside of him since they had first started.  Man, it felt good for it to get out.

If Aiden had known only a year ago that his life was going to end up like this, he would have died from laughter.  He had been a normal college freshman then, working hard to get good grades his first year and having absolutely no luck with girls - not that that was any different from high school.  Something about girls had always evaded him, though he had never quite figured out why.  That was all before his change, though.

Aiden had been a late bloomer as far as most werewolves went.  He had gone to a small get-together that night with some friends, where he had had a single beer, made far too much awkward conversation with people he kind of knew, and then walked home across campus in the night.  He had been feeling under the weather for that whole week, and he could still remember the way he had felt that night.  It was a terrible feeling, like he had gotten the flu from being hit by a car, and it lasted only a few short minutes before his vision blacked out and he collided with the cracked concrete below him.  When he had woken up the next day, he found himself in a strange house surrounded by several men sleeping, with the vivid images of panting and running through the streets on all fours flying through his mind.  He had been so frightened that day, his mind jumping to a thousand different conclusions other than being a werewolf.  Of course, after James had taken him out into the woods and talked him down and explained everything, it actually made total sense that he had been a werewolf.  So much of his life had changed that day, and so much that he didn't understand before then became suddenly in focus.  Of course, even then - that day when it had all changed - he had no idea how much he would really change.

"I'm gonna cum, Aiden," Luke said desperately, like he couldn't hold it for even a second longer.  There was that tinge of regret in his voice, like he had been wanting to make it last for hours, but just couldn't find the stamina to do so. 

Aiden thrust back against him, bracing himself on the couch for more power and support.  "Give it to me," he said.

Luke didn't need any more orders.  He buried his cock deep inside Aiden's ass and came.  Aiden hissed as a set of teeth sunk down into the fleshy part of his shoulder.  He rolled his eyes, coming down from the excitement for just a moment.  Luke was the only one who insisted on behaving like a wolf even when he was in his human form.  All it did was create more trouble for Aiden, though.

Luke pulled his cock out of Aiden's ass, leaving the runt of the group feeling empty.  He gasped as the void was filled.  He looked over his shoulder to find Miles there, barely awake but with an unmistakable hunger in his eyes.  He pulled Aiden's body down to sit on his lap while he thrust up lazily.  Aiden growled with pleasure as Miles wrapped a hand around his cock and stroked him in time with his thrusts.  Aiden lost himself in the amazing feeling of being fucked so languishingly until Miles picked up his pace just slightly.  It was enough to push Aiden just over the edge, and he came, spilling his cum against the couch - again.  James wasn't going to be happy if he didn't clean that up.  However, sleepiness was beginning to take hold of him again, and he was sure he wouldn't be able to last too much longer.  He would take a wet towel to the couch later, he decided, as he slumped to the side with Miles's cock still inside of him.  He was spooned from behind by the bigger wolf, held in possessive arms while they went back to sleep. 

Aiden could hear some muttering, some dissatisfaction at the runt being held captive by a sleeping man who wasn't even using him, but any of those sounds quickly disappeared as he drifted off to sleep.  Sometimes it could be annoying to be used and passed around by the pack like he was no more than a sex toy.  Sometimes he just wanted to sleep or to lay around or do nothing or to study for his upcoming exams.  However, most of the time, when he drifted off to sleep, covered in cum and satisfied from being fucked and fucked over again, he knew this was the kind of life he wanted to live.  Nothing in the world could make him happier than this.  Well, only one thing could, but he would never get it, it seemed.

Aiden finished organizing the groceries and putting them into the cabinets.  He was alone at the pack house, which was certainly a relief.  He had his errands and chores to do, and if any of the other wolves were around, they would have surely wanted to fuck him while he was putting food away.  It had happened before, and though the thought of it was sexy, it wasn't really a practical way of doing things.  Last time it had happened, the carton of milk had gotten placed with the cleaning products under the sink and box of cereal had ended up in the freezer.  Aiden still hadn't quite figured that one out.

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