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The Baby Machine Bundle #2

A collection of Baby Machine stories 4, 5 & 6

Smashwords Edition

by JM Ross

Copyright 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

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This ebook is a work of fiction and the characters are purely productions of the author's imagination and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters in this work are 18 years of age or older.

Adult Reading Material

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“Silence, bitch,” he said with an enraged voice and pressed his monster cock against my lips.

I knew what a naughty bitch like me had to do and opened my mouth. I could feel my panties growing moist as I began to kiss and suck on him. It wasn't long before I could feel him beginning to grow nervous and I knew I could easily bring him to a climax. Two minutes later, he was filling my mouth with his seed. I loved it and swallowed every drop. But the evening was only starting.


It moved deeper into me as her tongue moved faster and faster. My lust continued to rise and I became a slave to my body as a tidal wave of pleasure engulfed me and again tears ran down my cheeks and my hips began to move and I was lost under my half-wife's spell. Again, it moved deeper into me and I wanted to scream out and then it was moving in and out of me and another wave of mystical pleasure surged through me.


The Baby Machine 4

by JM Ross

Chapter 1

“You've been naughty, again,” he said and slapped my ass, hard.

It hurt and the pain spread through my legs and I tensed waiting for the next blow. I felt myself growing wet and needing more discipline. I hoped I'd been very naughty and when he was done, I hoped he'd forgive me with a taste of his huge cock. I loved it all.

“Are you sorry?”

“Yes, Jimmie.”

Are you ready to be good?”

Yes, Jimmie.

“How good?”

“Very good, my love. I can be very good,” I said with the emphasis on the word very.

But he didn't untie me. Instead, he rubbed gel on my little butt hole and then plunged deep into me. He was stretching me and it hurt and I pushed back into him driving him even deeper inside me. If my hands had been free, I would have pleasured myself as he was pounding me but, my master wasn't permitting that tonight. Then, I felt my arousal rising. The pleasure of being controlled and taken, always made me orgasmic. He slapped my ass again and I climaxed.

I felt my juices running down my legs. I was so wet and desperate, I wanted to scream. My body turned into jelly as climax after climax swept through my weak body and I collapsed onto the edge of the bed just as Jimmie (my master) finished with me.

I really loved the roles we played; My Jimmie as the master and me, the naughty slave. Fantasy can be so fantastic.

I lay in bed with a sore ass and a dripping pussy feeling completely satisfied when the phone rang. It was my Mom calling to tell me the precise dates for their trip. My parents would be leaving in six weeks on their two year sabbatical to South America to study plants. They'd been planning this for over a year and Jimmie and I had agreed to house sit.

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