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This is Where We Are

A Cultural Commentary

Volume 1


Susan D. McDaniel

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Thank you, Mom for teaching me to think for myself, to look things up and to form my own opinions.

Thank you to those God sent to help and guide me when it seemed like I was lost and alone.



Chapter 1 - Getting a Raw Deal

Chapter 2 - The Perpetually Offended

Chapter 3 - Psssst! Did You Hear the Gossip?

Chapter 4 - We All Have Choices to Make


Last year I took both of my blogs down off the internet. Recent events and issues that have come up have sparked me to write again, only this time, I have decided to put it into an e-book, rather than build another blog. There will be no links or other references to the stories I will mention, so I will persuade you to investigate on your own. My reasoning for this is simple: We have become too complacent in our regard for the facts. It is important for each individual to seek the truth, and be willing to pursue it. Don’t worry, though, you won’t have any trouble finding the stories - they are out there.

This is more than a mere political commentary. It is a cultural commentary, because all of our political problems stem from cultural chaos. My purpose in writing is to provoke thought that will lead to positive action on the part of the reader. The opinions put forth on the coming pages are mine, but there are many who will agree. For those who disagree, I encourage you to enter into a civilized debate. For all who read this, I hope you are willing to set pride aside, open your heart and your mind, and be willing to learn. I am a Christian, first and foremost, and a Conservative American, second. Love for God, family and country is what compels me to write this book. It is crucial for Christians and all Americans to view the current state of affairs in our country through critical lenses. We must not only see the problems we face, we must also be willing to seek proper solutions. This will take wisdom, strength and courage. Common sense has become quite rare in our culture, on all sides of the political spectrum. Stomping our feet and shaking our fists in anger will do nothing more than perpetuate the problems. So, I pray to encourage you, Dear Reader, to be calm, thoughtful and prayerful.

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