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The Loving Concubines

The Battered Lamp 25


Reed James

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Naughty Excerpt from “The Loving Concubines”

“Is everyone ready?” Christy asked as she stood in the center of the SUV.

“Yes,” Fumi said, adding her voice to the chorus of all the others.

Fumi could only see her wife standing up thanks to Windfeather. Currents eddied through the extra-dimensional space of the SUV, most caused by the shifting and breathing of the many occupants, and her artifact interpreted those slight breezes as a green vision. She pushed Windfeather up the bridge of her nose. The bow was currently shaped like a pair of glasses. She was thankful to Kyle for coming up with this solution. If she didn't touch the artifact, she couldn't “see.”

Fumi would never regret losing her sight, not when it gave her Kyle.

She leaned her head on his shoulder while Fatima clung tightly to the other side. She could sense Fatima's fear, despite her bravado, as Christy prepared to use the staff to move the SUV to the porn shop.

“Do you remember what the Castle parking lot looks like?” Britney asked from the driver seat.

“Yes,” Christy answered.

“How do you remember it so clearly?” Fatima asked with a mischievous tone. “Have you been there?”

“I've never been to any porn shop,” Christy gasped. “But how can you not miss it? It's huge and on the way to the Tacoma Mall.”

Fumi had never heard of Castle before. It was a chain of porn shops with a medieval theme.

“Okay, I'm going to take us there now. Get ready.”

Fumi tensed, remembering the way it felt when the Vicar had teleported her in the school during the fight yesterday. Kyle's strong arms tightened about her, pulling her in tight to his muscular chest. She squeezed her eyes shut, an unconscious reflex, but that didn't stop Windfeather from painting an image of the world in green in her mind.

The image vanished.

The world folded about itself.

She couldn't breathe, couldn't move, couldn't scream. Everything was compressed and twisted. It felt so much longer than the brief teleportation yesterday. Panic begin to trickle in. What if something had gone wrong and they were—

The world unfolded. Her vision returned. She gasped in a breath.

“We're here,” Christy said, nodding her head, pride filling her voice. “That wasn't so bad.”

“It was,” Britney muttered. “You folded space. We should be reduced to strings of meaningless atoms right now. I felt it. You overcame the weak nuclear force.”

“Well, magic,” Christy shrugged.

The Concubines flooded out of the car into the rain. It wasn't nearly as cold down here in Tacoma as it was up on Mount Rainier. The rain made her vision murky, and she couldn't see as far, but it was enough to reveal the side of a three-story tall building, its roof crenelated like a medieval castle.

“I surmise we will set off the alarms if we break in a door,” Britney said

“I got it,” Kyle said and his katana, Earthbones, appeared in his hand. He pointed it at the building, and Fumi could almost feel his commands reaching out to the building from the sword. Stone ground on stone and the plaster coating the wall cracked and crashed to the ground, revealing a wall of cement cinder blocks that were ripping out and forming a doorway for them to fit in.

“Okay ladies, find your sex toy,” Christy said with a clap. “And a bowl that can be filled with water. We'll cast the spell in there, I think.”

The concubines all rushed through the hole, Kyle hot on their heels. Britney leaned against the SUV, clearly content to stay outside. Fumi hesitated, wondering if she should stay and help Britney stand guard or if she should go in there.

“Come on,” Fatima said, seizing Fumi's hand. “That place is full of naughty toys.”

The younger girl pulled her along, bounding with energy. Fumi couldn't help but smile and let her wife led her into the porn shop. Her vision improved inside and they seemed to come through the DVD section. What must be adult videos were strewn across the floor, the shelf knocked over by the concubines entering.

“Sex toys are over here,” Fatima said, skipping ahead of Fumi. “Come on, I want to try one out on you.”

The store echoed with concubines gasping and giggling, exclaiming what toy they found while Christy barked orders. “Find a bowl or something we can fill with water. And don't spend all night picking out your toy. Just grab one.”

“Ooh,” Fatima cued, then picked up a long, think cylinder of plastic that bulged with progressively wider spheres. “Do you know what these are, Fumi?”

Fumi shook her head.

“Anal beads!”

Fumi's butt-cheeks clenched.

Drop those pants and let me stick this up your ass.”

To find out what happens next, read on!


I just want to acknowledged my beta readers, helping me fight against bad grammar, missing question marks, and the occasional mistyped names! So thanks to b0b and Umbroso.

Cast of Characters

Main Characters

Kyle Unmei: Half-Japanese/Half-Kurdish college student that awoke Aaliyah and inherited her mission to free the Djinn. Wielder of Earthbones, a magical katana given to him by Aaliyah.

Aaliyah: A Djinn of the Jann Tribe sent to marry the mortal who would set the Djinn free. Kyle's first wife. Abducted by Zaritha.

Fatima: Kyle's little sister and his second wife. Wielder of Fireheart, a magical yari (spear).

Christy: Kyle's third wife. They were dating when he released Aaliyah. Unbeknownst to Kyle, she was a member of a coven of witches that are hunting for Aaliyah. After betraying Aaliyah to her coven, Christy has found redemption from the goddess Ishtar.

Fumi: Kyle's girlfriend who just moved to the States from Japan. She is a type of succubus who if she has vaginal intercourse with men, she kills them. She traveled to Japan to break her curse so she can be with Kyle, losing her sight to as payment.

Britney: Kyle's best friend and a hermaphroditic Rakshasa. She has sworn to protect him. She has dominated and taken Phillipa as her mate.


Chyna: Kyle's first concubine and classmate. A spell was cast on Kyle and Chyna, forcing them into a Master/Sex Slave relationship by Ms. Franklin.

Shannon: Chyna's widowed mother. Kyle took her as a concubine.

Alexina: Another classmate of Kyle's and the first submissive woman he dominated thanks to a wish. He can recognize a submissive woman by a pale-pink aura about them.

Carla: An auburn haired coed Kyle claimed in gym.

Ann: Fatima's friend turned concubine.

Kayleah: Fatima's former bully, now her concubine.

Toni: A cheerleader concubine of Kyle's.

Ms. Capello: Kyle's young English professor and concubine.

Teleisia: Aaliyah's African-American concubine.

Lois: Kyle's Native American, lesbian concubine.

Mindy: Kyle's nurse concubine.

Phillipa (Jade): Half-Korean, former member of the coven. After being dominated, she is now Britney's mate.

Sable (Tourmaline): Member of the coven and Christy's sorority sister. Her ambush of Christy went wrong and Sable took a hit from a Love Elemental. Now she is Christy's devoted concubine.


Zaritha: An sent by Rashid to kill Aaliyah. Instead, she kidnapped Aaliyah to the Unseen Realm.

Sultan Rashid ibn al-Marid: Despotic ruler of the Unseen Realms. Has held onto the Sultanate far longer than he should have.

Makerah: An Unbound Marid that serves Rashid.

Aljihm: An Unbound Ifrit that serves Rashid.

Aalizunah: An Unbound Si'lat that serves Rashid.

Jowah: An Unbound Ghul that serves Rashid.

Khiana: An Unbound Ghul that Serves Rashid.

Hecate: Dark goddess served by Ms. Franklin and Burke.

Other Characters

Faiza: Kyle and Fatima's mother. Killed by Burke, her soul swallowed by a raven under Hecate's control.

Ishtar: Goddess of Fertility and Magic. Christy serves this goddess now.

Sheikh Umar ibn al-Jann: Aaliyah's father, ruler of the Jann tribe of the Djinn.

Kalsom binti Abdullah: An old Jann woman that made the Kalsomid Prophecy, setting into motion Aaliyah's sleep in the lamp.

The Loving Concubines

Thursday, January 28th – Paradise, Mount Rainier, WA

“So what do we need to cast this spell?” Kyle asked Christy.

The witch looked at her husband then out at the eager concubines kneeling on the floor. She remembered what she had read in various books of spells on how to enhance a creature or a human into something else. “We need a focus to bind the spirits we captured to,” she answered. It had taken Sable a few minutes to bind the spirits into her tourmaline pendant. “Something that is attuned to the master of the familiar and can be carried by them. With the focus, they can trigger their change when they want to, or you can trigger their change with a mental command.”

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