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Shame On Her: Fantasy Edition 2

By K.C. Silkwood

Shame On Her: Fantasy Edition 2

By K.C. Silkwood

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Chapter 1: Shaming the Princess

The naked girl was tall and lean, with the type of body one would expect a farmer’s daughter to have; slim, toned legs, a flat stomach, and arms and shoulders that could easily handle heavy buckets of water or sacks of grain. She also had shapely but firm tits and an ass that was both round and taut. Because she worked outdoors, her face and arms were tanned but the rest of her body was as pale as milk. The girl’s golden hair fell to her shoulders, and the hair between her legs was golden as well. She stood with her hands clenched at her sides, and her teeth chattered in spite of the blazing sun that beat down on her. As the teenager glanced nervously from side to side, every commoner in the stands could tell that she was terrified.

The girl who sat on a raised platform high above the farmer’s daughter was also 18 years old, but otherwise the two couldn’t have been more different. Princess Farrah had lustrous brown hair that fell halfway down her back, and she also had a plump, curvaceous body that only royalty or the well-fed merchant class could cultivate. She wore a flaming red dress made of the softest silk, and over it she wore a blazing yellow veil. One of Farrah’s servant girls had spent a full month sewing the veil, and it was the princess’s favorite. When she wore it over one of her red or orange dresses, she felt as bright and powerful as the sun. At that moment, seated on the high platform at the end of the stadium with hundreds of her subjects staring at her from their rows of seats, Farrah felt just as important as that huge glowing sphere in the sky.

The raised platform the princess sat on was made of wood and was supported by thick wooden beams. Although it was nearly 20 feet long, Farrah and her group of half a dozen guardsmen and servants were clustered at one end of it, leaving the other end empty. Farrah shifted her weight on the padded seat. Even though two servants stood behind her holding palm fronds above her head, the afternoon heat was still oppressive. The tiny kingdom of Vakassa sat below the rocky cliffs that led to the Barbarian Lands, so heat and sand and dust were a way of life for its people. They toiled in miserable conditions each day, which was one reason why Princess Farrah decided to enliven them with a provocative series of games and spectacles now that she was in charge of the kingdom—despite the fact that her position was only temporary.

Farrah’s mother died when the princess was young. Her father, King Aron, remarried soon afterward, but then the king fell ill and died just a few years later. Since then, Farrah’s stepmother Queen Yasmin had ruled the throne. But now that Farrah was 18, Yasmin was giving her more responsibilities in the hopes that the princess would someday be fit to govern Vakassa on her own. As a small test of Farrah’s abilities, Yasmin had traveled to Omera to visit relatives and left Farrah on the throne during the long summer months while she was away.

Being the temporary ruler of the kingdom was exciting at first. Farrah enjoyed bossing the servants around and watching them pant and sweat as they dashed back and forth to bring her food or wine. She would force servant girls to rub her feet for hours, or demand that they get on their hands and knees and scrub the palace floors with a horsehair brush the size of her little finger, not allowing them to stop until every inch of marble was spotless. But those little games grew tiring after just a few days; Farrah wanted bigger games, games so big the entire kingdom would come and watch.

Blood sport was a way of life in Vakassa; the small kingdom was just half a day’s ride from the Barbarian Lands, and many of its townspeople were only one or two generations removed from the rough, ill-mannered savages who inhabited those barren plains. They wanted to see mock battles, and feats of strength, and burly men and women sweating and straining beneath the desert sun. Queen Yasmin fed this lusty appetite with races and wrestling matches and gladiator duels, but when Princess Farrah took temporary command of the throne, she came up with a different type of spectacle.

If the people of Vakassa liked one thing more than blood, it was sex. Once when a pair of brawny females had been wrestling during one of Queen Yasmin’s tournaments, the crowd went wild when one girl ripped the other girl’s tunic off, leaving her opponent naked and humiliated in front of a crowd of hundreds. Farrah decided to cater to that love of the flesh by designing an athletic event that was both grueling and provocative.

Farrah ordered her servants to haul in cartloads of sand, dirt, and stone to transform the long, flat sporting field where races and wrestling formerly took place into an obstacle course complete with man-made hills, rivers, and other rugged terrain. The princess then picked one girl each week from the kingdom’s peasant stock and forced her to run the obstacle course, with one added challenge: the girl had to complete the course stark naked. And while Queen Yasmin fed her athletes with roasted meat and fine wine and often bestowed a few coins on her athletes, Farrah devised a more complex system of rewards and punishments. If the girl running the course finished it in good time, she would receive ten silver coins—enough to feed a family for an entire month. But if the girl couldn’t finish the course, or was too weak, slow, or lazy to put on a good show for the townspeople, she would receive ten lashes from the whip instead.

The farmer’s daughter, Nona, would be the third girl to run the course, and so far no one had collected the bag of silver coins. Instead, the previous two girls had left the arena in tears with angry red welts across their bare asses. Farrah peered down from her high perch directly above Nona, admiring the girl’s smooth, silky skin. Seeing those fine ass cheeks flinch as the royal guardsman brought his whip down over and over would be delicious indeed.

The arena seats were full and the crowd was growing restless, so the princess stood and spread her arms wide. “Citizens of Vakassa, I welcome you to today’s games!” Farrah smiled as the townspeople cheered and clapped, then she continued. “Running the course today is Nona, daughter of Korob, who owns the fields south of the river bend. Nona works hard in those fields, but today she will work hard to complete this strenuous task. To finish the course, Nona must conquer three areas; The Mountain, The Swamp, and The Forest. If she reaches the finish line before the hourglass runs dry, she wins ten silver coins. If not, ten lashes with the whip will be her only reward.”

The massive crowd chuckled when they heard that, and Nona trembled even harder than she already was. The naked girl’s teeth were still chattering, and her bare tits jiggled on her chest. Many girls in Vakassa were already married by her age, but Nona had remained at home to help her father on his farm. Because she was still unwed, no man had ever seen her naked. But now the entire kingdom was staring at her nude body, admiring the firm tits and round ass that had been hidden under baggy peasant dresses until this day. The shame was overwhelming, but Nona knew she had to bury that sick feeling and focus on finishing the course. If not, her humiliation would be doubled as she bent over for a bare-assed whipping in front of hundreds of her fellow townspeople.

Princess Farrah lifted up a large brass hourglass that held enough sand to last ten minutes. “Prepare yourself, Nona, and when I give the order, the race will begin.”

Nona swallowed hard as she bent her knees and leaned forward, ready to sprint.

“Three!” Farrah bellowed. “Two! One! Go!”

The princess upended the hourglass and rested it at her feet as Nona began running, her bare feet kicking up dust. The girl’s tits jiggled like mad and her ass cheeks flexed as she sprinted toward the first obstacle, a ten-foot-tall pile of sand known as The Mountain. Nona charged right into it, her feet sinking ankle-deep, then the girl fell forward and clawed at the soft sand as she tried to scramble upward. Waves of yellow sand heated by the sun cascaded down onto her bare tits and stomach, and the girl flinched and gasped as she scuttled backward again. She tried again, charging forward at full speed, but once again the soft sand merely collapsed around and on top of her as she tried to climb the pile.

Nona tumbled backwards, landing on her bare ass, and the crowd laughed as the naked girl spit sand out of her mouth then struggled to her feet again. Nona stood there panting, hands on her knees, as she tried to decide how to conquer the obstacle. The sand was too soft to run on top off, and any sudden movements caused it to collapse; the only solution was to move slowly and carefully.

The girl ran back to the mound of sand, but this time she spread her legs and leaned into the pile as if she were hugging it with her entire body. The girl winced as the hot sand pressed into her tits and stomach, but she gritted her teeth and pulled her body upward, wriggling like a snake. Some of the sand collapsed beneath her, but Nona finally managed to crawl her way to the top of the pile, her bare ass pointing up toward the crowd. Then, once she reached the crest, the girl put her arms straight out and slid down the other side of the pile headfirst until she reached the ground.

The crowd cheered as Nona scrambled upright again and brushed the sand roughly from her sweaty skin. Then the girl ran forward again, wincing as the sand that had worked its way into her pussy rubbed harshly against her. Forgetting all modesty, Nona shoved a hand between her legs and wiped away as much of it as she could, then stumbled forward to the next obstacle.

The Swamp was a U-shaped trench three feet deep, filled with a murky mixture of water and mud. Nona hopped down into it, grimacing as her feet sank into the warm ooze at the bottom. The girl struggled forward, the water so deep that it lapped at the lower curves of her ass cheeks as she slogged through it. The thick mud sucked at Nona’s feet with every step, and brackish water splashed up between her legs as she fought her way forward. The girl stifled a sob; the water smelled foul and felt oily and rank on her skin, but at least it had washed the gritty sand out of her pussy and her ass crack.

The crowd cheered as Nona reached the center of the trench, took the turn, then began heading back in the opposite direction. She was now at the halfway point of the course, which would end in front of Princess Farrah’s platform, just a few feet away from the starting line. Nona was moving faster through the water now, cupping her hands and using them as paddles as they swung at her sides. But when she was almost to the edge of the swamp, the girl stumbled and went down on one knee. She sank down to her chin, splashed and floundered for a moment, then hauled herself to her feet again. Now her body was wet from the neck down, the muddy water streaming down the girl’s naked back and over her tits as she labored the last few steps.

More cheers rose up from the stands as Nona planted her palms on the rim of the trench and pushed herself up and out. She remained on her hands and knees for a moment, her muddy tits hanging down as she fought to catch her breath, then the girl struggled to her feet again to begin the final obstacle. Her heart sank, however, as Princess Farrah picked up the brass hourglass and held it up for both Nona and the crowd to see; only a few inches of sand were left. That meant two or three minutes at most.

With her heart hammering, Nona charged forward into The Forest. The beginning of the obstacle was littered with large tree trunks that lay across the path, sometimes alone and sometimes stacked on top of one another. The girl scrambled over them, the rough bark scraping her bare skin as she hurdled the smaller ones and clambered over the larger ones. Nona made it past all the fallen trees without stumbling or falling, but at the end of the course, she faced the toughest challenge of all.

The last tree trunk was taller and thicker than the others, and it had been propped upright with a ring of massive stones around its base to keep it standing tall. To finish the course, the athlete had to climb the tree and step onto the far end of Princess Farrah’s observation platform. The problem was, most of the tree’s thick branches had been chopped away and the few that remained were nothing more than foot-long stumps. Only seven or eight of those short stumps were left, and they were spaced far apart on the massive trunk.

Nona stretched an arm high above her head and grabbed the lowest branch she could reach. Muscles straining, the girl pulled herself up until she managed to plant one foot on a lower branch. She had to hug the tree to keep from sliding down, though, and the dry, scaly bark rubbed her bare tits and her naked belly. With her left hand on the high branch and her right foot on the low branch, Nona furiously scanned the trunk for another foothold. She finally spied one on the left side of the trunk, but it was at least five feet away from the one she was already standing on. To plant her other foot on it, the girl would have to spread her legs as wide as she could.

Trembling with both fatigue and fear, Nona extended her left leg as far as possible. Her toes scrambled to find a foothold, but then she finally managed to plant the sole of that foot on the stubby branch. The crowd roared even louder as the girl clenched her teeth, the muscles in her thighs burning, but then Nona gasped as she realized what the excitement was about; with her legs stretched as wide as they could go, the crowd now had a perfect view of her exposed pussy and even her asshole!

Choking back tears, the girl pushed down with her left foot and slithered a few inches up the tree trunk. As she scanned the few other branches she could reach, she realized that they had purposely been spaced far apart to ensure that whoever climbed the tree was totally exposed like this. Nona’s cheeks burned red as she fumbled for another foothold and managed to push herself a little higher, her legs now quivering from the strain of being stretched so far apart. The tree was only twelve feet tall, but it seemed as high as the heavens. The girl sneaked a glance at Princess Farrah, who still held the brass hourglass. By the gods, only a trickle of sand left!

Panting and sweating, Nona reached up and gripped another high branch. Ignoring the way the rough bark scraped her tender bare skin, the girl tugged herself furiously up the trunk. She would grab one branch, heave herself upward, then immediately flail her arms and legs until she reached the next one. Soon she had reached the top of the platform, planting one knee on the smooth wood then collapsing onto her side, her chest heaving. Her sweaty blonde hair was matted to her face, and her pale body was streaked with mud and angry red patches where the tree bark had rubbed against her.

The girl lay with her eyes closed for a moment, ignoring the loud cheers of the crowd, and when she finally opened them again, Princess Farrah was standing over her.

“A brave effort,” the princess told the crowd. “But sadly, Nona’s time ran out before she reached the platform.” A low chorus of disappointed mutters rose up from the stands as the princess held up the brass hourglass, showing all of its sand now at the bottom. Farrah nodded to one of her guardsmen, and the burly soldier bent down and hauled Nona to her feet. A second guardsman stood nearby with a whip in his hand; it was a fierce instrument, with five leather tassels as long as a man’s arm dangling from its handle.

The guard holding Nona spun her around so her back was to the crowd, then Farrah ordered the girl to lean forward and put her hands on her knees. The exhausted girl obeyed, sobbing as she bent over to expose her bare ass to both the crowd and the guardsman’s whip.

“You shall deliver the first blow on my command,” the princess thundered, stepping back to give the man room to swing, “and I shall mark each stroke until you reach the count of ten.”

The mutters from the crowd grew louder now; many of the townspeople enjoyed watching a fair young maiden’s backside quivering beneath the whip, but Nona’s time had run out only a few seconds before she finished the course. If any girl deserved leniency, it was her.

“Now then,” Princess Farrah decreed. “You may—”

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