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Thank you to Francesca Bocconcino for helping me with the grammar and editing. You’re a peach.I’d also like to thank Thea Ozaeta for the gorgeous artwork that is my cover. It’s more than I could have asked for.

I would like to dedicate this short story to all my sapphic girls who want to go on space adventures. I see you and you’re valid.


Phoebe ignored her stepmother and continued to stare out of the window. The moon really was beautiful, despite being somewhat empty. The grey land with large craters. Well, it wouldn’t be empty for long. Artemis Corp was slowly building cities. She could see the construction all the way from her prison. It was her bedroom, but it felt like a prison. Despite being here for nearly two months, she still couldn’t leave her godforsaken house. The Lunar Mall was halfway finished, and she had arrived here when they had just started building it.


“Get out,” Phoebe snapped.

   “Your father wants you to come down to dinner.”

  “I am not hungry. How many times do I have to tell you that you are not welcome in my room.” Phoebe glared at Marie. “Get out, or I’ll throw something at you.”

   “Honey, please.”

    Twitching, Phoebe grabbed one of her Star Wars figures and threw it at Marie. She ducked as the small doll came flying toward her. Phoebe continued to glare daggers at the older woman. Marie stood in the doorway. Phoebe quickly picked up another one of her figurines, and this time, Marie quickly left. Phoebe stood up and locked the door. She was still twitching. Great, she was having another panic attack. Where were her pills?

The whole thing felt cliched to her, but no matter how much she tried, Phoebe couldn’t muster up any love for Marie. Thanks to Marie, Phoebe was stuck in her bedroom. Since she was one of the few people suffering from Deyab’s Disease, Marie had been treating her like a test subject.  Phoebe’s sickness made her life a bit harder than usual, but she wasn’t contagious, and she wasn’t an invalid. But ever since Marie had entered their life, she had done nothing but make Phoebe’s life unpleasant. Her father barely even talked to her. Whenever he did talk to her, all he wanted to talk about was her stupid illness. It was almost like she was some experiment to him.

Phoebe understood that she was sick and Deyab’s Disease was rare. Her father kept saying, ‘Think of all the people we can help if we study you!’ Helping people was great, but why did Phoebe have to become a test subject? Deyab’s Disease didn’t make her contagious or anything. She sometimes had trouble breathing, stress caused her to twitch, and every once in awhile, she couldn’t really speak well. Like her mouth was filled with foam and blocking her tongue.

Phoebe went back to the windowsill and stared outside. Here she was on the moon. She was on the goddamn moon! Sadly, she was stuck in this bright, white room. Most people only dreamed of being here. Not just in space but on the moon!  It wasn’t fair! On Earth, she had more freedom than here. Phoebe had tried her hardest to remain optimistic, but after reading every single book she owned and watching all her movies, she couldn’t take it anymore.



Phoebe looked over at the clear tube in her room. Inside was a sandwich wrapped in foil. They were still trying to feed her. How quaint. Grabbing the sandwich, she opened it up to see what it was: egg salad. More than likely, it was Marie’s recipe. Well, Phoebe knew exactly what she was going to do this it.

   Shoot it out into space.

   Cramming the sandwich into the tube, she pressed that button that sent things outside. The tube was connected to a vast network of other tubes. You could send things anywhere as long as you entered the right place. With that done, Phoebe went over to her blue desk.

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