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Love Hunters

Serge de Moliere

Copyright © 2018 by Serge de Moliere

All characters are age 18 and over.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, places, events, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblances to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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Chapter One

Aros loped across a sun-warm meadow, his sinuous, furry body enjoying the exertion as Chiara ran effortlessly at his side. They had been running for miles, enjoying the sheer physicality, the nearness of each other’s bodies, the heat of the day a welcoming sensation.

“Running is such fun,” Chiara grunted, the English syllables distorted by her lynx throat.

“Your grace astonishes me, my love. You are the queen of all were-females, at least as far as I am concerned.”

“Queen? I like that. I am the Queen of the Jungle.” She purred, licking her chops with a long, slinky tongue. “And you, my sweet darling Aros, are the King of the Wolves and guardian of my heart. You’re not too bad looking as a human either.”

“Ah, my love, you are so sweet I could eat you whole.”

“Not if I eat you first.” Chiara’s eyes glowed as she accelerated, reaching the crest of the hill. She waited as Aros lumbered behind her.

“It’s lovely here.” They stood on dry, mossy grass dotted with giant dandelions. The hill overlooked clear blue lake. “Perhaps a swim later, hmm, my sweet wolf?”

Aros growled. He didn’t especially like dunking his body in water. It took too long to dry off. Still he wanted to please Chiara. “As you wish, my love.”

Shortly, Chiara shifted effortlessly into human form. Her naked body gleamed golden and sinuous, the muscles rippling erotically under her smooth, honey-colored skin.

“You are stunning, my sweet. Your human nudity is even more erotic than your lithe, graceful lynx form.”

Abruptly, he was hard. The erection slithered out, damp and sticky from its fleshy sheath. Baring sharp teeth, he snarled.

“I see you’re already hot. Well, I’m ready too and I want to make love.” Chiara whispered this, swaying her hips and thrusting her soft yellow bush tauntingly. Her breasts wiggled near Aros’ large, furry head. His pointed ears flattened. With a growl he shoved his snout against her chest, burrowing into the valley between the mounds of her tits.

“You’re such a tease.” Patting his muzzle with a slender hand, she danced away.

Aros’ snout puckered and his nostrils gaped wide. Snorting, he inhaled deeply. His blood boiled in his massive loins and a howl blew loud and lustily from his mouth. Instantly, he shifted too, turning into his large, muscular, and still hairy human male figure.

“Now that’s more like it.” Chiara giggled. Placing both palms flat against Aros’ broad, hairy human chest, she kissed it, letting her lips mouth the firm flesh.

Aros sighed as Chiara glided down his body, poking her hands lovingly into his crotch. Hair grew profusely, a small jungle around the palm tree of his maleness. He scratched his hirsute chest, which was itchy, then snorted as Chiara tickled his balls.

Chiara sighed. Her primary mode was human but Aros’ was beast. He was not as comfortable as Chiara in human form. However, she stubbornly refused to fuck him when he was a wolf, insisting they make love as humans do.

“As I’ve told you many times, I’m human first, lynx second. I need affection and love, not just physical sex. I’m sorry Aros but you’re animal nature isn’t enough when it comes to lovemaking. It won’t do for that. Yes, I’m sure it’s pleasant for female wolves when your enormous erection shoves into them as your fangs nibble the back of their necks. Unlike them, I need more, much more. I need human romance, affection, tenderness, love.” Picking up a daisy, she twirled it slowly, then, pursing her lips, blew on the petals. “Aros, my sweet, dear wolf, I want words of love too. Words! Poetry like the lovers of old murmured to their darlings. Those whimpers and growls and garbled English you speak to me as a wolf can’t satisfy my emotional needs. Sweet, deliciously affectionate words make me feel valued, cherished, adored.” Chiara stood in back of Aros, encircling his broad torso with her arms and pulling his sturdy back against her chest as she gently kissed the nape of his neck, pressing her groin against the firm slabs of his buttocks. “Do you understand?”

Aros nodded, flexing his huge human muscles. “Yes. Your wish is my desire, love.” He wasn’t eloquent with human words but he enjoyed sticking his tongue into Chiara’s ear, whispering sweet syllables that made her slippery and wet, that made her shimmy and quake with lust.

Moving in front of him again, Chiara started to dance, swaying her hips and cupping her tits in her hands. She thrust her pelvis at him and grinned as Aros stood there, his erection jerking and pulsing, then rising woodenly until it pointed to the sky. “Ah, that’s it, that’s it.” Her naked human body always made Aros wildly horny although he lusted after her lynx loveliness as well.

Moving closer and smirking, Chiara rubbed her tits against his face. His human skin was so damn sensitive compared to his wolfish hide her touch drove him wild. Already he was trembling violently. Crouching now, she tickled his squirming penis with slender, skillful fingers. Small, stiff hairs stood on end all over his body and his cheeks were red with lust.

Opening his mouth, Aros roared. Even as human, his voice was deep bass and raspy.

“You know I love to pleasure you, my love,” he murmured to Chiara, his tones resonating from deep in his chest.

Soon, he was on top of her. His erection pulsed, moving slowly into her as she moaned and writhed, his thick, hairy chest pushing roughly against the soft hills of her tits. Grunting, he began thrusting rhythmically into her. Two strong hands gripped the smoothness of her legs as she raised and spread them wide, welcoming him into the sweet syrup of her slot. With a moan, he plunged, burrowing in. Sliding his hands down to her thighs, he enjoyed the warmth of her skin, the silky feel of her flesh.

“Aros, you are a beast, even as a man,” she moaned as he pleasured her. Reaching out, she gripped his shoulders as his muscles contracted, flexed. He grunted, and his body heat poured into her from the furnace of his chest, as his heart pounded, as his erection penetrated deeply into her. Finally, as he pumped and strained, her back arched, and her body shivered, exploded with the thunder of her coming.

“Aros!” She cried out with joy as warm liquid gushed into her, filling her emptiness. A condom, of course, was unheard of in the world of were-beasts. It didn’t matter. Chiara did not make babies unless she willed it; neither did she or Aros suffer from STDs like ordinary humans might. Human viruses and bacteria were harmless to them.

Aros fell gently on top of her, his large chest squashing her ripe tits as they climaxed together.

“That was wonderful,” he gasped, pulling out and shaking his thick mop of black hair.

“Once is never enough, my love,” purred Chiara, twining her legs around Aros and tightening her thighs until he grunted. Instantly, he was hard again. Cupping his hands under her firm ass, he shifted his body, and then slid into her pussy.

After they made love for the second time, Aros leisurely savored the tenderness of Chiara’s spicy flesh, carefully licking her ripe tits, her swelling belly, the soft inner parts of her thighs with his large, curling tongue.

“You lick with the skill of a wild beast,” she exclaimed, laughing. Squirming and shrieking as he lapped her pussy, she yanked his thick black hair playfully. “You drink from the well of my love, my beast. You are a wolf even as a man, my love,” she purred. The tip of his tongue slid like a trombone against her clitoris and she yelped.

“It gives me great joy,” Aros said, pausing. “You taste divine, sweeter and tangier than the most beautiful wolves I have licked and mounted in my long life.” Saliva swirled in Chiara’s mouth as, groping for her tits, Aros held them, heating them in the oven of his palms, squeezing gently until Chiara shuddered. Then, with a wide-open mouth, he sucked.

She quivered, cried out. Moments later, he was hard a third time. She spread her thighs wide and her pussy was hot and very wet as he entered her.

Chiara panted, her breasts rising and falling like waves in a stormy sea. “Sometimes, Aros, I am jealous,” she said quietly, “when I see a lovely she-wolf with luxurious, dark fur and a delicate, wet nose who adores you. I know you have had her, have stuck your thick, wolfish penis deep into her canine behind. I wonder if you prefer them to me.” Making a little moue, she nipped him on the neck.

“You have nothing to fear, my darling, my lovely lynx,” he murmured. “You are my one and only true love. Those beasts I sleep with, they are meaningless to me, an obligation that comes with being a dominant male werewolf who must perpetuate his bloodline. I wonder, though, what amazing son would come from your loins if you but willed it? Would such be wolf, lynx, or human?”

With a low growl, he grabbed Chiara by the shoulders, straddled her, and began humping wildly. “Oh, Chiara, I would love to impregnate you, to see you swell with the birth of my cub. Yes, four times’s the charm! Maybe this time your belly will swell with pregnancy.”

Chiara laughed, pulling him sharply against her. “Oh, Aros, my love! One of these days, with a direct, mental command, I will ripen an egg so your potent sperm can dive in and make it swell hot with new life.

“Hmm. What would it be, Chiara? Has there ever been such hybrid? The offspring of were-lynx and were-wolf?”

“I don’t know.” Chiara sighed. “Then, too, I am primarily human who can shift into lynx. You, however, are primarily wolf who can shift into human.” She shook her head. “It would be a strange, new breed indeed if we procreated.” She drew a breath and her eyes were liquid emeralds. “A true child of our mating, whether were-lynx, were-wolf, or a creature wholly new, it won’t matter. It will be yours and mine and I will cherish it, fight for it, die for it.”

“As will I.” Aros’ eyes were dark and flashed fire.

“ However, my love, now is not the time.” Chiara stroked his cheek.

Briefly, a pang struck Chiara and fire seared her heart as she recalled the child she had deserted years earlier. It had been a painful choice, yet a necessary one. The memory was troubling; the images blurred, fuzzy, like melting clay figures seen through dense flames.

The picture faded before it could coalesce into clarity as the two were-creatures humped and thrashed together. Shortly, an orgasm rocked Chiara, jolted Aros’ mighty body. A human male could never match Aros’ sexual endurance or potency. At last, even he was exhausted and he rolled gently off Chiara as she gasped, her breasts heaving, damp, and swollen. A vein pulsed in Aros’ bicep.

`“Life is glorious,” he muttered.

“Love is life,” replied Chiara.

They lay side by side for a moment, panting heavily. It was then that the steel mesh net came down.

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