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Her Valentine's Day VIOLATION

Copyright 2018 Dolly Burrell

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Her Valentine's Day VIOLATION

Janey wiped the last of the shaving foam off her now completely-hairless legs, turning the shower on for just a moment to wash it away. She ran her hand up along one of them, savoring the smooth feeling, totally shaved between her legs as well.

It was Valentine’s day, so she had a sexy, special evening planned for her fiancé, Greg. Janey could feel her pulse racing slightly just from anticipation as she moisturized her skin, eager to feel Greg’s hands on her body, exploring her, tasting her. She slipped on the sheer, red satin chemise, shivering at the cool touch of the fabric as she traced a finger around the black lace that decorated it.

The bed was freshly made, although Janey was certain that the sheets would be rumpled by the end of the night. Knowing Greg would be home soon, she began lighting the dozens of pink and red candles she’d put out, in varying sizes. Soon the room smelled like roses and sweet perfume, and Janey took a deep whiff of the romantic scent.

On the bedside cabinet, Janey put out a fresh bottle of strawberry flavored lube, and the handcuffs they occasionally used to spice things up. Satisfied that the room was ready, she lay down in bed, trying to find a seductive pose to wait in.

Forgotten on the bathroom counter, her phone flashed with an incoming alert - a message from Greg telling her he would be home late that evening.


After perhaps 20 minutes, Janey was finished with her copy of Cosmo, having read all the inaccurate sex tips and poor advice she could stomach. She sighed. Where was Greg? He was usually home far earlier than this…

Shifting on the bed, Janey idly slid her hand down between her thighs, pushing her chemise up so her bare slit was exposed. She slipped a single finger between her folds, feeling the dewy wetness, biting her lip as she trailed it slowly up to her clit.

Deciding Greg couldn’t possibly be home too much later, Janey let loose a moan as she started stroking her love button. She found her pussy already wet, and getting wetter, as she fantasized about Greg coming home and taking her in their bedroom, thrusting his throbbing hardness into her as she cried out again and again in ecstacy.

Janey rolled her hips up towards her own hand, lips parted in pleasure as she touched herself, hoping her fiance would be home to do it for her soon. In the midst of her bliss, she heard the door unlock downstairs, and somebody walk in. Thinking it was Greg, she called out as she heard the sound of the door being locked once more:

I’m -oohh- I’m in the bedroom, lover,” she moaned, as she closed her eyes and rocked her body rhythmically as she felt her pleasure build, knowing she’d be wet and slick and ready as soon as Greg came in.

She heard him thump up the stairs, and the bedroom door creaked open. A lusty smile on her lips, Janey spread her legs wide so Greg could get a good look at her fingers working furiously between her folds, her body trembling with pleasure, hoping he would join her.

When he didn’t speak, Janey paused her movements, opening her eyes to look at him.

Instead of Greg, their dark-haired, 6 foot, hulking landlord, Frank was standing, watching with a sinister leer on his face. Janey shrieked and yanked her hand out from between her legs, tugging the chemise down to cover herself.

Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” she said, panicked. “I th-thought you were my fiance…”

It’s alright,” Frank said, with a harsh edge to his voice. He made no move to leave.

...C-could… Could you get out, please?” Janey said, unnerved as the man kept staring at her.

She was still fighting to get her breathing back under control, her chest hammering less from residual arousal and more from fear now, which only increased as Frank took a step forward into the room, closing the door behind him.

L-leave!” Janey hissed, trying to sound forceful. “I’ll, I’ll call the police.”

Hey now,” Frank said, smirking. “I’m your landlord. It’s my right to enter my own property.”

Another step closer. Panicking, Janey thrust her hand out to the side, grabbing for her phone on the bedside cabinet. She didn’t find it in its usual spot, knocking the lube and handcuffs to the floor, her breathing growing more frantic.

Whoa, someone had a big night planned, huh?” Frank said, grinning as he bent down to pick up the handcuffs. “Do you like to use these, slut? Kinky…”

Pl-please go away,” Janey begged, backing away along the bed, her back pressing against the headboard. “Please…”

Ignoring her pleas Frank lunged for her. Janey shrieked, putting her hands up to protect herself, afraid he was going to hit her.

Instead, he grabbed her slender wrists, pulling her hands towards his face. Cowering, Janey opened her eyes to watch as he sniffed deeply at the fingers of her right hand, pussy juice still glistening on it. She cringed, turning away as he sucked one into her mouth, giving a grunt of pleasure as he tasted her female essence. Janey tried to yank her hands away, but it was useless, and she grimaced, shaking in terror as she watched Frank slap one of the cuffs around her left wrist, closing it tightly.

Please, what are you doing,” Janey said. “M-my fiance-”

Isn’t home yet, is he?” Frank said, smirking. “So I’m here to help make your evening… special.”

Janey swallowed hard, not sure what to do, trapped in this situation with this horrible man. He pulled the other cuff around a rail of the sturdy headboard, easily doing it up around her wrist. Janey sobbed in despair - she’d been restrained like this many times before by Greg

H-he’ll come home and catch you,” Janey said, desperately. “S-stop before-”

He won’t,” Frank interrupted, confidently. “I left my key in the door so it won’t unlock. And you aren’t going to tell him about this, because if you do, I’ll make sure you’re thrown out on the fucking street.”

You… you can’t!” Janey cried, yanking her wrists down hard to try and escape.

I can. And I’ll make sure every landlord in a 50 mile area knows you’re shitty tenants who never pay your rent.”

Janey sobbed, hopelessly. It was a complete and utter lie, but it didn’t matter. They’d looked forever to find a house that was in their budget, and with her being made redundant last month, they really couldn’t afford to lose this place.

Mmmm,” Frank said, kicking off his shoes and sliding out of his jeans as he climbed onto the bed.

Janey could see the outline of his hard, heavy cock through his boxer shorts, recoiling mentally from imagining what it would look like once out of his shorts. His thick, loathsome hands pushed up her chemise, and despite how she kicked feebly and squirmed, soon her bare, still-glistening slit was on display.

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