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I had just turned twenty four years old. Over the previous few years I had decided that I must be asexual. I had not had more than a morning erection since my freshman year in college and now six years later I couldn't think of anyone or remember anyone that had ever excited me sexually. During my freshman year I shared a dorm room with two of the college's newly recruited football players, neither of whom liked me, the feeling was mutual. Fortunately, I was already over six feet tall and farm work muscular so they didn't attempt bullying me like they did other non-athletes in the dorm. The last erection I'd experienced sexually was the week before we were to head home for our Christmas break, together they walked in on me masturbating to the thought of a cute, blond soccer player that lived across the hall; he was the only person in twenty four years that I had ever made the slightest move on, he rejected me even if he didn't know it. I assume my humiliation was from being caught with my hard dick out, being in a fog that prevented me from stopping or even recognizing that they were watching.

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