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Butterfly Books

Three Asian Love Stories

Adam Mann

©Adam Mann 2018

ISBN: 9780463163962

This is a Box Set comprising three books:

Love in the Air

Two passengers find some common ground on a flight to Taipei.

Charlie meets Sue-ling on trans-Pacific flight to Taipei after flight delays due to bad weather, and then further delays mean a long stop-over in the transit area at the airport. Charlie decides to stay at the Airport Hotel where he can get a shower and rest a bit, and is helped by Sue-ling who joins him as she too is delayed by the weather. Their in-flight conversation becomes more than friendly, as they have to wait for their flight connections, and a mix-up in the hotel bathroom exposes more than just her skin as their relationship develops.

Love in the Boondocks

Kim has just been divorced by an uncaring husband who was more interested in her money than herself. She finds work as a Primary School teacher in several remote villages, where she meets Dave who is working with farmer families in some of the same villages. She finds him attractive and “sets her cap” at him. Fortunately she speaks English so she manages to meet Dave in several locations before meeting him one evening in his small cottage, on the pretext of getting a lift to a village.

You, the reader, will have to find out what happens next…

Love in the Rain

By a sheer stroke of bad luck Henry gets caught in a tropical storm whilst he’s swimming in the sea. He sensibly gets out of the water and finds shelter in a beach house, and a few moments later is joined by an equally sodden rain drenched lady.

Felicity is cold and wet and she has nothing dry to wear so she asks Henry to hold her so that they can both benefit from their body warmth until the rain subsides.

Butterfly Books

Love in the Air

By Adam Mann

Copyright © Adam Mann 2017

Adam Mann has asserted his right to be identified as the Author of this work

Originally published on 17th December 1917

ISBN: 9781370610471

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LOVE IN THE AIR – Flight Delays

The Canada Air flight from Ottawa to Vancouver arrived on time.

It was then that the problems started for Charlie. The connecting flight had been cancelled as the incoming aircraft had not yet arrived! There was a huge tropical storm in the Pacific, apparently approaching tempest level in East Asia, and the aircraft for the flight that he had been booked on had been unable to take off and fly across the Pacific to Vancouver, all the passengers were told.

Charlie walked to the enquiry desk and saw an extra attendant just arriving to cope with the backlog of enquiries, and he managed to get at the front of the cheque, and he explained his problem to the very helpful young lady. He also made sure that she could see his Star Alliance “frequent flyer” gold label card.

“There’s an Eva Air flight going to Taipei about midnight,” she smiled, “let me see if I can find you a seat on that flight.”

She examined the screen; “Yes, there’s one economy class seat,” and she looked at Charlie, “shall I book you on that flight?”

Charlie nodded, he was getting tired and just wanted to get home.

She gave him the boarding pass, and a voucher for a meal.

“Thanks,” said Charlie genuinely and smiled at her.

There was now a six hour wait for the flight to Taipei so he walked through the terminal until he could find a seat near to the Wi-Fi lounge. He sent a message to his office, quickly read the news on his laptop, and went to look for a beer.

The beer was cold and refreshing. Charlie thought back over the last few days as he sipped the beer.

The five day workshop he had attended had been in Ottawa, or just outside Ottawa, and he had been booked into a hostel close to the conference centre. It was clean and warm which was needed in mid-October.

Others attending the workshop had travelled there from all over the world, Africa, South America and various other countries in Asia. Some he had met before, but others were new to him. The organizers had managed everything carefully, and what Charlie valued most was the interchange of ideas from other countries.

He heard his name being called, and walked to Flight Enquiries.

“Mr Charles Henry,” he was told by a female member of the ground crew, “we’ve been trying to upgrade you but the flight is full.”

“What we have managed to do is to give you a seat at the front of Economy Class where the seats are only two across, and you’ve got a bit more legroom.” She handed Charlie a new Boarding Pass, and recommended that he check in now as his baggage was being diverted by the Airport baggage department.

Charlie thanked her, and mentally patted his Gold Card.

He had walked around the airport shops but nothing appealed to him. The duty free section was attractive but he’d have to carry it all the way, and he could only take alcohol on a direct flight.

Eventually he heard his flight being announced. He had been asked to check in with the Business Class passengers, and found his seat in front of the Economy Class section. There were only two seats either side instead of three, but there were still four seats in the centre section near the bulkhead.

For some reason nobody took the seat next to him, until just before the aircraft was due to depart. A young lady sat down with a rush, and the stewardess put her bag in the overhead compartment.

“Hi!” she said cheerfully, “my name’s Sue-Ling,” and she smiled, and it was then that Charlie noticed her large dark brown eyes.

Charlie took her hand, “Charles,” he said, “but most people call me Charlie.”

“Where are you from?” she asked.

“I’m Canadian, but I live and work in Vietnam, where I hope to get to sometime tomorrow,” Charlie smiled.

“I’m from Taiwan, and I’ve just completed three years in University in Vancouver,” she replied in English without any discernible accent.

The aircraft took off, and they chatted and slept a bit, until the stewardess served them dinner, with a soft drink for Sue-ling, and a beer for Charlie, an airline habit which always made Charlie smile.

After dinner Sue-Ling told him she was going home, and also told him the name of the town, Taichung, which meant nothing to Charlie, but he smiled knowingly.

It was very early morning when the flight arrived in Taipei, and Charlie walked with Sue-Ling to the Arrivals Hall.

“Wait a minute,” she said and disappeared into a shop.

“Here,” she said a few minutes later, “something from Taiwan so that you remember me!” and she laughed.

He handed him a small locally made toy farmer.

As she was standing close to him he kissed her forehead, and she blushed, but made no effort to go away.

“Bathroom,” said Charlie, and Sue-ling took his bag and said, “I’ll wait for you,” which was kind of her.

She watched him walk away, and made a mental note.

Tall, she decided, probably six foot, brown wavy hair, slim build, intelligent and with a lovely smile. She guessed he’d be late thirties.

She knew he wasn’t married as he’d told her during the flight, as she’d told him she was nearly thirty and single, but she had also lied that there was an old boyfriend waiting for her at home.

Charlie, for his part, thought about this charming and attractive lady he’d met on the flight. She was quite tall compared to other Taiwanese ladies, kept her black hair shoulder length, wore thin gold ring earrings, and was still very slim. But with winter clothes covering her he could not tell anymore. Still she did have a lovely smile with sparkling eyes that in some light looked almost black.

Sue-ling was waiting for Charlie, and she gave him her bag as she in turn went to the ladies washroom.

“Wrong way round,” thought Charlie, “I should have asked her first!” And he admonished himself, and when she came back she was a bit deep in her own thoughts. They walked on together.

“You have to go that way, but I’m going over there,” Sue-ling indicated the overhead signs, “Oh yes, here’s my mobile phone number so if you give me a ring sometime, and then I’ll have your number,” and she handed him a small handwritten card.

“Good-bye Sue-ling,” said Charlie, “thanks for your time and help on the flight.

Sue-ling smiled and on tip toe kissed Charlie on his right cheek, and she walked away.

Charlie followed the signs leading to the Departure Hall, but was still thinking about her.

He dialed her number in his mobile phone, and it rang;

“Is that the attractive lady I met on the flight from Vancouver?” he asked into the phone.

“No, sorry, I can’t see her around here,” she replied, “but I’ll give you a call if I do.”

The Airport Hotel

Once again in Taipei Charlie found that his connecting flight had been postponed all due to the tropical tempest swirling in from the Pacific over the South China Sea, with the result that the aircraft were all in the wrong places. But he felt uncomfortable and needed a shower, and somewhere to rest until the next flight. He did not have a Visa to enter Taiwan, and he found that the airport transit complex was quite small with very few facilities, except for a coffee bar with a tired looking waiter. Then he was told that he could visit the Airport hotel as long as he paid the bill, but could not leave the hotel or visit the town without a Visa.

As he made his way to the connecting link to the hotel he saw Sue-ling again, and she waived to him and walked across to where he was queuing to leave the airport.

“Hi,” he greeted, “I thought you’d be gone by now,” and she smiled, but said nothing.

“I looked around to see if I could get a shower in the airport, but was told that I had to go to the hotel!” Charlie confirmed.

“Let me come with you,” she said and took one of his smaller bags as she walked alongside him, as he took the larger suitcase that she had collected from their flight from Vancouver.

The hotel receptionist was definitely half asleep – it was still very early morning – but on Sue-ling’s insistence in Mandarin they booked Charlie into a room, and took an impression of his Visa card.

“Expensive,” Charlie remarked, “but I do need that shower.”

He thought that Sue-ling would be saying goodbye again, but she walked to the lifts with him, and then up to his allocated room.

The electronic key worked.

The room was a basic commercial grade hotel. Two double beds made up with duvets, a table and a chair, a TV, two tired pictures screwed to the wall, a very thin carpet and a small bathroom attached to one side. Curtains covered the windows, but they could not see outside as it was still dark.

Sue-ling sat on a bed, and joked, “This one for me!”

“Do you have to travel far?” asked Charlie, as bit concerned.

“A bit,” she smiled, “Taipei is in the north, and my home, Taichung, is on the west coast about three hundred kilometres from here.”

“What time’s your train or bus?”

“I have to wait about ten hours,” she explained.

“You’re welcome to stay here until you’re ready to leave,” offered Charlie, “but let me take a shower first.”

Charlie took his sponge bag from his travelling case and headed for the bathroom, leaving his coat on the other bed.

He shaved, and thank goodness the water in the shower was hot. He dried himself and went into the bedroom, wearing just a towel around his waist.

Sue-ling was asleep on one bed fully dressed, and smiling in her sleep. Charlie took some underclothes from his travelling case, got partially dressed, and got into the other bed, pulling the duvet over him. But he had left the light on, so he left it.

Sue-ling herself woke and went into the bathroom, also taking advantage of the hot water in the shower. There had been only one large towel, so she draped a small towel around her breasts, and headed back to the bedroom, and the bed she had been sleeping in.

She jumped in and pulled the duvet over her naked body, and tried to go back to sleep. She probably did sleep until the early morning when the daylight wakened her. She looked to see that Charlie was still sleeping in the other bed.

Charlie woke at that moment and smiled at her, seeing only her face and lovely dark brown eyes above the duvet, and that her gold ring earrings had been replaced by pearl stud earrings. She sat up holding the duvet to her breasts, but she made sure that he could see her bare back. She had a travelling bag herself but she had not bothered to open it.

“Recovered?” she asked and smiled at him.

Charlie sat up himself, but was not wearing a vest – he rarely did.

“Are you naked, Charlie?” she asked.

Charlie looked down under the duvet; “no I’ve got boxers,” he grinned at her. There was silence for a moment, a pregnant silence.

“Can you pass me my bag?” she asked, knowing full well that Charlie would have to get out of bed to do that, and being a gentleman he did.

She deliberately let the duvet fall partially off the bed, so that Charlie could see she was wearing nothing, which did nothing but excite him more than momentarily.

She could see his penis in his boxers partially enlarged, and so she got out of bed to stand next to him, wearing nothing except the small towel. They had to touch one another with their hands, and she deliberately moved closer to him, allowing her nipples to touch his bare chest. He breathed in sharply, so she pressed her body against his. Now he could feel all of her, and she could feel his penis trying to get out of his boxers.

He dropped her bag, which he was still holding, on the floor, and held her close with his arms. She looked up at him and smiled.

With her arms she pushed down Charlie’s boxers, and gasped as she saw his penis which had grown fully erect against her stomach.

She lifted one leg and fell back on her bed, pulling Charlie with her. She wriggled so that her vagina was level with his groin, and opened her other leg. Charlie was faced with a glorious invitation.

He was now lying on her body, so he lifted his loins to allow his penis to fall in between her legs, and very close to her vagina. She gripped his back with the tips of her fingers.

His penis could feel her vagina, and he with his hand used it to stroke gently her vagina and clitoris to find both wet and soft. Sue-ling smiled at him, and tilted her mons pubis up towards Charlie’s loins.

His penis went inside her vagina, slowly at first and then faster as their momentum built up. Then surprisingly Sue-ling could feel her climax starting already and she gasped aloud, and held him with her finger tips even more tightly to her.

She kissed him, and whispered; “don’t stop, Charlie.”

Charlie didn’t, or couldn’t, and Sue-ling screamed between her teeth, and whispered something unintelligible to him, as Charlie groaned with delight and exertion.

Both were breathing deeply now, but they did not move, as it became lighter outside the room.

Sue-ling kissed him again and said; “Go to sleep.”

Charlie did go to sleep and Sue-ling stayed as close to him as she could. As he rolled off her she could feel sticky liquid coming out of her vagina but she ignored it.

When Charlie awoke he was lying on his back with Sue-ling’s head on his shoulder and her leg across his stomach.

She kissed him.

“Shower?” she asked.

This time they did get up together, and walked naked to the bathroom, with Charlie collecting the bath towel on the way. Sue-ling had to worry about the liquid in the vagina leaking onto the floor, but she held it in place with her fingers until they reached the shower.

The water thankfully was hot as they washed one another. Sue-ling could not stop smiling as she asked; “Breakfast, Charlie?”

Charlie checked the time with his wrist watch, and nodded.

They dried one another and got dressed, Charlie wearing clean underclothes, but his used travelling trousers and jacket. Sue-ling found her clean underclothes, and was completely unabashed as she got dressed in front of Charlie. She found her jeans, and a warm jacket and they went down to the breakfast room.

The breakfast buffet was laid out in the Dining Room and they helped themselves.

“What time’s your flight, Charlie?” she asked as they ate.

“Eleven thirty, but I’d better check again,” Charlie smiled at her, and nodded, “and your bus?” Sue-ling shook her head, but said nothing.

They went back to their room, and packed, and then both went down to the hotel reception where Charlie paid the bill, and then together walked back to the Departure Hall in the airport, carrying their bags.

Charlie checked the Departure Screen for his flight, but it was not logged, so they both walked to Flight Inquiries.

What they found was not encouraging. The aircraft for Charlie’s flight had still not arrived, so they were advised to wait.

“Shame we got rid of the room?” Sue-ling joked and smiled at Charlie again.

“What about your bus?” he asked again.

“I’d prefer to wait with you, and catch a later bus,” she said, and added, “we could check in again?” and she smiled.

“Let’s go and get a coffee, and talk about it?” Charlie suggested.

They found the coffee bar, and drank warm coffee.

“Charlie,” Sue-ling took a deep breath but did not hesitate, “Could I come to Vietnam with you?” and she added, “I don’t really have anything to go home to!” She took a deep breath.

Charlie took her hand, and kissed her cheek.

“You’ll need a ticket,” he commented, “and we’ll both need an aircraft for the flight!”

“Ticket easy,” she smiled, and they both walked to the Airline office.

Charlie paid for her return ticket with his Master Card, in spite of her protests. From the screen they were told that the aircraft they were waiting for was now on its way to Taipei. Departure would be about two or three o’clock.

“Hotel!” whispered Sue-ling as they walked away, with Sue-ling holding his hand.

“We have about three or four hours,” said Charlie.

Charlie’s Cottage

Sue-ling was almost dancing as they walked back to the Airport Hotel, and she held his hand to keep her balance.

They checked in again with Charlie’s Visa Card, and went straight to a different room allocated to them.

They dropped their bags on the floor, and Sue-ling jumped into his arms smiling with delight.

“Bathroom first,” said Charlie, and they took off their clothes as they walked, so that by the time they switched on the shower they were both naked. The hot water made them relax; as they stood very close together under the water.

Sue-ling made sure her breasts and nipples were pressed close to Charlie’s chest, and Charlie held her bottom with both hands so that their loins were close together.

Sue-ling looked down between their bodies as Charlie’s penis was pressed against her stomach, again. She looked at him and he nodded. They didn’t need to talk.

He carried her face to face to the nearest double bed, and Sue-ling managed to get the duvet off the bed with one hand.

She lay on her back and expected Charlie to lie on her immediately, but he knelt looking at her lying naked and smiling up at him with those lovely dark brown eyes.

He leaned to kiss her, and then her neck, and then her breasts.

She tried to push him down to her mons pubis with her hands on his head.

He kissed her nipples, now a dark purple colour, with a light brown halo around each, and she lifted her breasts and thrust them up to his mouth.

He moved to her stomach, and then her mons pubis, kissing as his mouth went down towards her vagina,

Now she lifted her loins up to him, and opened both legs, which allowed his head to kiss her vagina, and then gently lick her clitoris, whilst she moaned in ecstasy and wriggled in delight.

She lifted her vagina up to him, and pulled his head up to her own.

His penis went into her vagina only slowly, and Charlie did not thrust hard into her, instead he rolled them over so that Sue-ling was on top. She smiled at him, and kissed his chin.

She closed her legs to tighten her vagina and put pressure on his penis. Charlie groaned with pain and delight. She thrust down on him to make his penis go as deep into her as possible.

Charlie felt the muscles in his legs tightening, so thrusting together he rolled her over again so that he was on top, both with their legs together, as they exploded in unison. They were both sweating heavily and breathing deeply.

“Where on earth did you come from?” Charlie looked down at her face, but she only smiled at him as she still held him tightly to her.

“I think I’ve made a very good choice, Charlie my love,” she whispered.

After another twenty minutes they slowly got up and went to the bathroom again, Sue-ling indicating that first she should go alone.

She called him in as he heard the water in the shower start. They washed one another slowly with their hands and soap, and occasionally kissed one another.

When they were dry they walked back to sit on the bed.

Sue-ling got dressed also slowly, as she preened herself in her bra and panties, and then a skirt that Charlie had never seen before, and then a sweater. She handed Charlie his boxers.

They checked their bags and walked down to check out and then they tried to check in for the flight. There was still an hour’s delay.

They sat very close together waiting for the flight to be called.

“We could have stayed in the room longer,” smiled Sue-ling.

“Sexy beast!” grinned Charlie.

“Have you been to Vietnam before?” Charlie asked a few minutes later, but she shook her head.

“What about Visas?” she asked.

“I have a resident permit as I work there, but you’ll need a Visa which we can usually get on arrival, and I’m not sure how many days they’ll give you as you come from Taiwan. For many visitors they are given twenty one days on arrival, but the regulations keep on changing and some visitors get fifteen days if they have a fourteen day return flight ticket,” and he added, “but with your Asian passport they might give you longer.”

“What happens after twenty one days?” she asked.

“We can usually apply for an extension, but there’s usually no problem.” Just then they were called for the flight.

The stewardess spoke to Sue-ling in Taiwanese, which is Mandarin, and smiled when she saw Sue-ling holding Charlie’s hand, and then sitting close to Charlie with her head on his shoulder as the flight progressed.

The north south flight was not a problem, but it was early evening as the flight touched down in Hanoi. They bought and paid for a twenty one day Visa for Sue-ling, and the Immigration Official just stamped Charlie’s passport.

Charlie had told the office not to meet him as the flight timing had been so irregular, so they caught a taxi to a small family hotel Charlie knew in Hanoi near to Hoan Kiem Lake. The weather two thousand kilometres south of Taipei was much warmer, even in late October.

Charlie took Sue-ling to a small restaurant he knew in Hanoi, and then they want back to their hotel room.

They undressed one another and then both got into the bed naked.

“The trouble is that I’m falling in love with you Charlie,” Sue-ling admitted as they lay side by side.

“Good,” said Charlie and kissed her chin, “that makes living together much easier!”

Sue-ling lifted herself on one elbow to look at him, and then kissed his chin, and forgot what she was going to say.

They just enjoyed being together.

She was an attractive lady, thought Charlie, with a lovely smile framed by that glossy black hair and sparkling dark brown eyes, firm breasts but not very big, hard nipples, and a light brown perfect skin. He wondered idly what her past life was, and who was involved, but for now he put that out of his mind.

Sue-ling had a thousand questions to ask Charlie but didn’t know where to start, so she asked the least obvious question;

“Where are we going tomorrow?”

“I live and work in a small provincial town about 200 kilometres inland from here, and the only way to get there is by car. I don’t have my own car, but the project has a vehicle which I use from time to time. They will come to collect me, or now us, tomorrow.”

She kissed his nipple which was nearest to her.

“You’d better tell me if there’s anything you need like cosmetics and medicines as they don’t have a good supply or range of choices locally,” and he continued, “In my house I have a large bed, and air conditioning in the bed room, and bathroom with a cold water shower, but it doesn’t have a tiled floor, just painted concrete.”

She gazed at him.

“I have a living room, with a kitchen attached, and I have a gas cooker and things like an electric kettle and a rice cooker, but no air conditioning.”

“The sex that you and I have been enjoying is wonderful, but we’ve never mention protection, so if you have a problem please tell me, because we probably couldn’t get things like that where I live.”

She shook her head, but said nothing.

“You are a very attractive lady, and the more sex we have the more attractive you are to me!” This made her smile at him.

“Food can be a problem,” he continued, “but the market is full of fresh food like meat and vegetables, but not always a good quality,” and he paused to look at her, “we don’t have anything like a supermarket, but the big provincial capital is slowly getting one, and we can go there from time to time.”

“Stop talking, my love,” she said, “and let’s make mad passionate love!” and she playfully nibbled his nipple.

He pulled her to him, and then on top of him, and she wriggled her mons pubis to stimulate him, as if he needed any stimulation. She could feel his penis under her stomach which was enough stimulation for her.

He rolled over so that he was on top, and then turned her over under him so that she was lying on her face. He opened her knees, and then knelt between them, and lifted her bottom up so that she was on her knees. She looked back at him with her head on the pillow.

He used the tip of his penis to stroke her vagina and then her clitoris and she began to groan in anticipation. He used one arm to go under her stomach so that he could stroke her clitoris with the fingers of that hand, and at the same time his penis entered her vagina, which made her thrust back to him. The more he stroked her clitoris the more she groaned, and used her hands to feel behind her to touch him.

He thrust into her and she closed her knees to tighten her vagina around his penis. Now he groaned with delight.

As her climax grew to a crescendo she screamed into the pillow, and pushed her body back to him. He kept on thrusting until she screamed again, and then his penis could wait no longer as he ejaculated into her vagina.

“Oh my God,” she shouted in delight, “that was into my cervix!”

They collapsed together on the bed, and after some time he withdrew his penis, which was no longer erect, but swollen with use. Sue-ling turned her body to face him, and she kissed his face.

She held him tight and wriggled her body against his, and they fell asleep leaving the bedroom lights on.

They must have been tired because they didn’t wake up until early morning, still lying very close together. They took turns to go to the bathroom, but both went back to bed. Charlie lay on his back with his arm around her, whilst Sue-ling lay on her side facing Charlie, with her head on his shoulder, and one leg over his loins.

With one hand she played with his nipples; “why do men have nipples?” she wondered aloud, and moved her hand to her own breasts and nipples.

“If we make love now we’ll never get to breakfast, nor go to the supermarket that I want to show you, and buy the supplies we need to take with us,” Charlie observed.

“Spoilsport,” she pouted, but she smiled and had to agree. She got out of bed and opened her suitcase, still naked, and began to spread things out on the floor in piles, as he watched.

“Can we shop for a few clothes?” she asked, and smiled at him. Charlie pretended to snore so she jumped on him, kissed his chin, and tried to feel down the bed for his penis.

“Sexy beast,” he kissed her, “but you’ll have to wait until after lunchtime!” He got out of bed but couldn’t hide his partially erect penis. In the bathroom he shaved, and then called her in to shower.

Again they carefully washed one another with the liquid soap from the dispenser, and their hands. Sue-ling now had a shampoo bottle with her and she shooed Charlie out of the bathroom.

This hotel bathroom had supplied them with two bath towels so Charlie took one and went to get dressed. The TV told him that the day would be warm and overcast, so he wore just a cotton shirt and thin corduroy trousers over his underpants instead of boxers.

Sue-ling came out of the bathroom with the second towel around her breasts, and walked to her clothes to select what she needed today. She dropped the towel, and seductively put on panties and a small bra, smiling with her delightful brown sparkling eyes at Charlie all the time.

When she was dressed they went up to breakfast, as the breakfast room was on the top floor.

Buying Supplies:

They took a taxi to a large supermarket complex, and Sue-ling immediately headed to the section offering ladies clothes, whilst Charlie followed and waited patiently. She bought underclothes, like bras and panties, and then two loose fitting cotton shirts, and some shorts a bit bigger than hot pants, but not much.

She paid with her own Visa card that Charlie hadn’t seen before. They had to find a security box for her handbag before they could get into the supermarket section, and Charlie took her hand to lead her there, as they collected a trolley.

“Do you need anything for the kitchen,” he asked, “tell me and I’ll tell you if I’ve got one,” he suggested.

They walked on to the canned goods section; “I just love Baked Beans,” Sue-Ling confessed, “and I like olives in salads,” Charlie added, and they loaded the trolley.

“I confess I don’t drink much wine, probably because I’d have been drinking alone, but also as the local beer is so cheap.”

Sue-ling found a bottle of French brandy that she liked, and then they reached the bread and cakes department.

“I cannot get bread every day, but the local baguettes are not bad when they are available,” advised Charlie, “the trouble is that they go stale so quickly.”

“So what do you eat then?” she asked.

“Rice is the staple, and I also buy pasta like spaghetti, so don’t forget cheese, my love,” said Charlie.

“There’s not much point buying frozen meat as it will be destroyed by the time we get home,” he continued as they walked on, and occasionally adding to the trolley.

“What I do need is butter and cheese,” he said, and then asked, “What about you?”

“I learned to eat pizza in Vancouver, and I was taught how to make the pizza base, so we need wheat flour and baking soda,” and she smiled at him. Her smile he decided was weakening him.

“What about fish?” she asked.

“We can get local river fish locally,” Charlie advised, “and I buy sea-fish and prawns from the provincial supermarket when we go there.”

“I think that I’m going to enjoy living with you,” she smiled.

They pushed the trolley to the Check Out desk, and Charlie paid the bill with his Visa card. There were two big carrier bags which they took outside to find a taxi.

“Can we go back to the hotel?” she asked, and Charlie told the taxi where to go. She quickly left Charlie to organise the bags and nipped up to their room.

There was a message for Charlie to say the office vehicle wouldn’t be there before the evening, so they suggested he travel back to the project tomorrow morning, so Charlie told the receptionist they would be staying a second night.

Charlie went up to their room.

Sue-ling was in tears, and sitting on the bed in her shirt and her panties.

“My period is starting,” she sobbed.

Charlie put his arm around her, and kissed her forehead; “that’s going to be part of our life, my love.”

“I might be better tomorrow?” she said hopefully, but she knew it would take two or three days longer.

“Do you want me to go and get anything for you?” he asked but she shook her head, and stood up to get dressed.

Charlie told her about the project vehicle.

“Let’s go and walk around and look at the shops,” he suggested, and she smiled at him.

She found the small shops fascinating, as they strolled along hand in hand and she could not help but tell Charlie how they were different to Taiwan, or in some cases similar in some respects.

Several of the shopkeepers spoke to her in Vietnamese, but she smiled and looked at Charlie.

“When we get to the project perhaps you should learn some words,” he smiled at her. Just then they reached a Buddhist Temple, with large Chinese characters emblazoned outside in red symbols.

“I can read some of those,” and she smiled at him, “but some have religious or community messages.”

He laughed, “Well you can help some of the locals, then, many of whom have forgotten what they mean.”

She looked up at him; “how am I going to learn and who’s going to teach me?” she asked.

“You might have to learn from English, and we’ll never find someone who speaks your language,” and he added, “there are several people in the locality who are learning English who might help you.”

“What about you?” she looked up at him again.

“I know many of the words, but it’s the accent and the tones that are my problem, my love, but I’ll keep on trying and that might help you,” and he squeezed her hand, “and I have a dictionary!”

They stopped for lunch at a local restaurant, and she was intrigued to see how similar some of the food was to her own. What she liked best were the prawns and salad in a soft noodle wrapping that they dipped into a fish sauce.

“We eat a lot of prawns at home!” she smiled at him happily.

The owner of the shop told them the spring roll was called Pho Quan, sounding a bit like Fer Kwan, and tried to ask Sue-ling where she came from. So Charlie tried to explain she came from Taiwan via Canada. By the time he finished nearly half the customers in the shop had joined in!

Sue-ling really enjoyed the interchange, and she smiled at Charlie.

They walked on and found a bookshop but could not find a book to help her speak Vietnamese. There were plenty of books the other way round to teach people English, and Chinese, and Russian, and plenty of colourful placards and banners in Chinese characters.

“Is that Chinese?” Charlie asked, she looked again, “I think it’s Mandarin, my love, but I’m a bit rusty myself as I’ve only spoken English in Canada for the last three years.”

“Didn’t you go home at all?” he asked.

“No, the other way round my family came to visit me in Vancouver!” and she laughed.

They stopped for a coffee, in a smart coffee shop.

“What made you decide on me?” Charlie asked.

She looked at him; “You were very polite, and you looked like a kind man, and I was happy being with you, and it looks like I’m right!”

She wanted to kiss him in the coffee shop, but could reach his face across the table.

They walked slowly back to the hotel, and Sue-Ling held Charlie by his arm, as if for support. On the way she stopped at an ATM and withdrew some cash using her Visa card.

In their room she turned to kiss Charlie and hold him tight.

“Wait a minute,” she decided, and went into the bathroom. She came out wearing just her panties.

She took Charlie by the hand and took off all his clothes, and took him to their bed.

“Right now I’d like nothing better than to make mad passionate love to you, darling, but I can’t, but I can show you how much I love you!”

She made him lie down, and she lay on top of him, pressing her breasts against him, and her stomach against his. She felt down for his penis and squeezed it, and moved it so that it was between their stomachs, and then she wriggled on top of him.

Charlie held her tight, and kissed her.

“Don’t worry, my love, I know you love me, and I also want to make mad and passionate love to you, but we both will just have to wait.”

He rolled over so that they were lying side by side, but still very close together, and both holding one another very tight, and kissing one another most of the time.

They fell asleep until late afternoon.

The receptionist phoned him to say his driver was there, so Charlie disentangled himself from the sleeping Sue-ling, got dressed and went downstairs.

The project driver, Hung, spoke a little English and with help from the receptionist told Charlie he had to collect some items for the project manager, but he would be ready to collect him from the hotel early in the morning. Charlie in turn told him he had a lady from Canada and Taiwan to bring to the project with him, and the driver smiled. Charlie was aware that his driver’s family lived in Hanoi, so the driver was happy that Charlie didn’t want to go back immediately.

Sue-ling was awake and getting dressed when he went back to their room, and she came to hug and kiss him.

About seven in the evening Charlie took her to a famous small fish restaurant, called Cha Ca, with a wooden carving of a fisherman in the doorway. They had to climb an old wooden staircase to the first floor. Sue-ling enjoyed taking charge and cooking the meal on the charcoal fire at their table, and she told Charlie later that the bundle of fresh green herbs and roasted ground nuts really made the meal.

They did not go to sleep in their room straight away, but sat on the bed almost naked and talked to one another.

“Charlie, I know it’s only been a day or two, but I feel that I’ve known you for years, and want to live with you and look after you forever!” she declared.

“Do you want to marry me?” asked Charlie cautiously.

“Oh that doesn’t matter as long as I can have your babies, darling.”

“How many?” he asked, and she smiled.

“I’ve got a device in my uterus that I had put there last year, when I thought I’d be going home and marrying this man. But he didn’t want to wait for me to complete my degree, and he married another girl – actually a friend of mine!” She paused; “I find you incredibly sexy, darling, and I have no trouble reaching a climax when we make love!”

“Looks like my days are numbered,” muttered Charlie but he smiled and reached to kiss her.

“Shall we try sex in the shower?” she asked, but Charlie shook his head, and said “I’d prefer to wait, so that we can do it properly, and besides tomorrow night we’ll be home!”

They stood to almost complete their packing, leaving out just their clothes for tomorrow.

They went to bed almost naked, lying close to one another.

Sue-ling’s Home Now

Charlie was the first to be awake in the morning, and he took the opportunity to shave. Sue-ling interrupted him and made him go out whilst she sat on the lavatory.

She let him come in back in so that they could shower together, and wash one another with the liquid soap and their hands.

On tip-toe she kissed him and made sure he could feel her nipples on his chest, and they dried and both dressed. They looked at the clock at was six thirty so they went upstairs again for breakfast.

“Today’s the day,” she said and smiled as they ate their breakfast, “I’m going to be carted off to the wilds by a brute of a man, who’s going to ravage me every day!”

Charlie smiled at her, so she added: “at least I hope so!”

They both laughed and went to complete their packing and go down to the reception, pay the bill, and wait for the driver.

Hung, the driver was very cheerful and greeted Sue-ling with a torrent of words until Charlie reminded him she came from Taiwan, and didn’t speak any Vietnamese.

The back of the double cab pick-up was full with equipment for the project so Charlie sat in the front next to the driver whilst Sue-Ling sat behind him with their bags crammed onto the rest of the seat beside her.

The first eighty kilometres was easy, and took just over an hour, but from then on the road began to deteriorate. They stopped in the big provincial town for lunch, which was completely different to anything else she had eaten so far, but she did enjoy it.

Hung, the driver wanted to take a rest after lunch but Charlie persuaded him to complete the journey to the project. The next twenty kilometres was bad, but made worse by the heavy rain from the tempest of the last few days. Many of the holes in the surface of the road were full of water so the driver had to drive carefully around them.

They reached the project offices about three o’clock, and Charlie went inside to say hello to the project staff, and one girl went out to the car to say hello to Sue-ling, whom she thought was Vietnamese.

“I met Sue-ling in Canada, and she decided to come back here with me to see what the project is doing.” Charlie said carefully without actually lying, as he had met Sue-ling whilst the flight was still on the ground at Vancouver! He also added that Sue-ling wanted to learn some Vietnamese, and would be happy to guide anybody in their spoken English.

Charlie was persuaded to bring Sue-ling in to meet everyone, and the Project Manager was delighted to meet a pretty Chinese lady!

It was four o’clock before Charlie and Sue-Ling managed to get to Charlie’s small house, and the driver unloaded their bags from the back seat before leaving them.

Sue-ling walked around looking at everything carefully, and then she walked back to Charlie and kissed him indicating that she was happy with what she had seen, even if it was a bit basic.

The bedroom had a double bed, and Charlie changed the sheets. There was a duvet which he kept for the colder months, but now he just had a cotton sheet as a cover.

Sue-ling inspected the cupboards and saw Charlie’s untidy mess, but she made a space to put her clothes for the current weather, mainly panties and bras, thin shirts and shorts.

Charlie smiled to himself and made a mental note to get another wardrobe for her in the morning. It was getting dark before he showed her the kitchen, the small fridge, and the gas cooker. She opened the rice cooker, and smiled as she could see that it hadn’t been used for some time.

“Sue-ling, my love,” Charlie asked thinking about what would be easiest; “Do you think we could have an English breakfast for dinner?”

They had brought some bread, several tins of baked beans, some butter and best of all some bacon, and some English bags tea with a carton of milk and a kilo of sugar.

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