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The College Cuties and the Photographer

By Bill Nichols

©2018 Bill Nichols all rights reserved

This story is a work of fiction. All characters in it who engage in explicit sexual activity are 18 years of age or older and all sexual activity is of a consensual nature.

I love photography, always have. The way the camera catches and freezes a moment in time has always fascinated me. I considered myself a bit of a shutter-bug and was constantly snapping pics even before phone cameras made that common place. In those days I would almost always have a disposable camera on me and it wasn’t uncommon for me to go through one or two a month just snapping pics.

Last year, just in time for my 50th birthday, my wife of almost 30 years admitted she’d been having an affair and just like that I found myself in the middle of an amicable, but very painful divorce. I just couldn’t stay with her after that betrayal, but strangely enough, I didn’t hate her. I was more disappointed and hurt than anything else.

Fortunately, our two kids were grown and both had finished college so there weren’t any issues there. But there was one issue. Suddenly, for the first time in my adult life, I was alone. It was strange for me and at first a little scary. Still, I took it all in stride and started to explore some of my hobbies. Two of them came together for me in a spectacular way. My love of horror movies and that of photography.

It started with a camera. I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say that I do OK for myself financially and after the divorce I decided to invest in a really good camera, lenses and a whole bunch of equipment like lights and backdrops. I spent a lot of my free time learning to use the camera and to take the kind of photos I admired from other photographers.

One day I saw an ad for a horror convention coming to town. There were going to be a bunch of celebrities there whom I loved from classic 80s and 90s horror flicks, so I decided to go. I took my new camera and a whole mess of gear and began snapping pics of all the festivities. Before I knew it the organizers had spotted me and to my surprise they asked if I would take pictures at the con for them. Their official photographer had to cancel at the last minute and they wanted some good images for promoting future events. So all of a sudden I had a press badge and access to all the convention’s celebrity guests. It was a blast.

During the event, when I wasn’t photographing the celebrities, I was catching the con goers. Everyone was there to have fun and it showed. My favorites though were all of the cosplayers. Many of them had elaborate costumes based on their favorite horror films, TV shows or, for some, just their imaginations.

As I made the rounds of the con, I kept running into two young ladies. The first time I saw them they were both dressed as a zombie nurses. Nice outfits that showed off quite a bit of leg and more than a little cleavage through the ripped and torn costumes. They didn’t stop there though. Later that same day I saw them again, this time one was dressed in a midriff baring striped sweater and tiny little jean shorts. The other had on a hockey mask and coveralls, only she’d cut strategic holes in the outfit so that the garment, though technically covering her whole body, revealed a lot more than it hid, especially when she bent over.

“So are you Freddy and Jason?” I asked as they posed for some photos.

The two looked at each other and laughed. “Do we look like guys to you?” The not Freddy one asked.

I laughed and shook my head as I kept taking pics “Most definitely not”.

“She’s Janice the Saturday the 14th killer, and I’m Frieda the girl of your dreams.” Not Freddy said in a seductive voice, then they both burst out laughing.

“We based these on Jason and Freddy.” Not Jason said. “But we like to do the gender bender thing with some of our cosplay.”

“So what are your names then?” I asked.

“I’m Tia, but my friends call me Tink.” Said Not Freddy

“And I’m Samantha, but my friends call me Sam.” Not Jason added.

“Well I’m Tony Byrns, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance ladies.” I said.

Sam lifted her hockey mask and said “Nice to meet you Tony.” Then blew me a kiss.

The pair seemed to latch on to me, for whatever reason and they followed me as I made my rounds of the show snapping photos. I quickly found having two attractive young cosplayers following me was not a bad thing. It was especially true when we approached many of the celebrities. They were more than happy to pose with the girls for pictures. I found out later that many of the celebrity guests charged as much as $20 each just to have a photo taken with them so I figured I saved Tink and Sam a couple of hundred dollars in picture fees that afternoon.

The convention center floor where the celebrities and vendors were closed at 8pm and as we headed for the exit I figured the night was over for me.

“So are you going to the big costume ball tonight Tony?” Tink asked as we headed out of the center towards the parking lot.

“I don’t know, it’s been a pretty long day so—

“What?! You have to go! We’re counting on you to get our pics when we win the contest!” Sam squealed.

“We’ll see.” I said, thinking it might be fun if I got to hang out with the energetic pair a bit longer.

“Let me walk you to your car.” I said as they led the way through the busy lot.

We got to an old Chevy Astro van that I guessed was at least 5 years older than either of them. Tink unlocked the back door and opened it up. Inside I saw they had their costume gear hanging up on an improvised rack on one side of the back. The other side had a futon mattress and a messed up bunch of sheets.

“Ah so this is your secret, you came out here to change earlier. I figured you’d gone back to your hotel rooms.” I said.

Sam and Tink both kind of halfheartedly shrugged and looked at each other, they seemed a little embarrassed and I couldn’t figure out why.

“That’s a good idea though, especially since they charge you for parking again if you leave the lot during the day.” I continued.

“Yeah…” Tink said as she climbed in. “Well we’re a little tight with our money so…”

Then it hit me. I looked in the back again as Sam started to climb in. The futon mattress looked well-worn and there was more than just make-up and cosplay stuff littering the back of the old vehicle, there were tooth brushes and fast food wrappers, half empty bottles of water and a whole lot of stuff that didn’t make this look like a changing room. It looked like a nest.

“Wait a second. Are you two sleeping out here in this?” I asked.

Sam and Tink exchanged a look and I realized I’d made another mistake as they both blushed in embarrassment.

“Well the all access passes were expensive and we had to drive in from Louisville, so yeah, we sleeping in the van to save money.” Tink said.

I held my hands up. “Hey it’s no problem, I get that. I’ve had to travel on the cheap before myself. At least you have a good van to do it in.” I added.

They both laughed at that. “I wouldn’t say good.” Sam grimaced. “My Dad bought this at a police auction last year for next to nothing and fixed it up for me.” She said.

“He didn’t want me going off to school without a car, but we don’t exactly have a lot of money. So he rebuilt the engine and transmission and it runs OK.” Sam continued.

“Yeah, but it isn’t exactly the Hyatt.” Tink interjected and I laughed.

“No I guess it’s not.” I added. Then I thought for a second.

“You know we have a couple of hours until the costume ball. You ladies want to go grab a bite to eat with me?”

The pair exchanged a look and I could tell they weren’t happy.

“We’d like to…” Tink said.

“Seriously, we would…” Sam added.

“But it’s going to take us an hour to get cleaned up and into our costumes. So I don’t think we have time. Especially since we’ll have to walk over to the party.” Tink finished.

“Well what if I go grab us some pizza while you two start getting ready and we can eat here.” I suggested.

Both of them perked up at that.

“Really Tony? That’d be great!” Sam said and hugged me.

I was surprised by how excited they both seemed over pizza, but I let it go. I pulled out my phone and brought up the ap for my favorite pizza place and started placing the order. While I was preoccupied with my phone the girls started getting ready. That’s when I got another surprise. They hadn’t shut the door to the van, but they both had stripped down to their underwear inside it. I had looked up to see Tink’s 36 inch D cups on display in a skimpy black lace bra. Sam was on her knees bent over rooting through a bag and her ass was up in the air, pale, perfect white skin with only a small pair of red panties covering, at least partially, all of her lovely assets.

“Whoa. Sorry ladies!” I said and started shutting the doors to the back of the van.

They both started giggling at my obvious discomfort and I went ahead and closed the doors all the way. I could still hear them giggling even after the door had clicked shut and I shook my head in amazement as I finished ordering our food.


A little over two hours later I walked into the First Street Music Hall with a demon on one arm and angel on the other.

Tink had used red body paint to turn her skin an eerie looking shade of almost blood red. She had small black bat’s wings that somehow were part of her black leather bikini top. Similarly, she’d worked a thin, black pointed tail into the leather bottoms of the outfit. Her short, bob cut, naturally red hair was hidden under a long black wig and to complete the look she’d affixed two small red horns to her forehead. She was every bit the demonic temptress one would expect from a succubus.

Sam had gone for a complementary, if completely different look. She wore a white lace corset and a tight white miniskirt. She had a pair of small angel’s wings on her back and to complete the look a golden halo on a small spring sprouted from a head piece she’d tucked neatly into her shoulder length natural blonde hair. Both of them were a few inches shorter than my own 5’8, and I have to say having a pair stunning looking cosplayer beauties on my arms made me feel ten feet tall.

The costume ball was an 18 and over event, it was also not officially part of the convention, but the girls told me it was held every year at the bar/music venue just up the road from the convention center. The ball was very popular with the celebrity guests, which in turn made it popular with the fans who hoped to get to hang out with them. Both girls were happy I’d not only bought them dinner, but that I’d given them a lift, because even though it was only about a mile walk from the center’s parking lot to the First Street Music Hall, they admitted they had been nervous about making the walk dressed the way there were.

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