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A Shadow, Inc. Novella

Book 2

By Cass Alexander


Cass Alexander

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A Shadow, Inc. Novella

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Quin watched his brother look adoringly at his fiancé, Lily. He was happy for Tarq. Lily was good for him.

Best of all, Tarq had become less of a prick. Falling hopelessly in love had rounded his sharp edges and calmed his reckless spirit. Mostly.

An added bonus? There was now zero chance of Quin walking in on Tarq giving it hard to some office slut who made a move on him. Once was enough. A dozen times was unacceptable.

Tarq always argued it was the female who initiated, which made it alright. He also argued, if it got to a point where the interludes were not in the employee’s best interest, he would simply make them forget. Dumbass.

It didn’t matter to Quin that their family had the ability to erase unwanted memories from others, a benefit of being an immortal descendent of Peitho, the Goddess of Persuasion. It was still bad form.

Tarq used to be a Human Resources’ walking nightmare. Now he was like a tamed lion. He still fucked in his office, but it was always with Lily and she wasn’t employed by Shadow, Inc., so Quin took no issue with it.

Some part of Quin, a part he buried deep long ago, was envious of his brother’s relationship. It wasn’t always easy for him to observe the affectionate way they interacted.

He remembered the sweet taste of love.

He remembered how it felt to push inside a soft and willing body, thinking the poetic lines whispered in his ear were the purest truth he’d ever heard.

He remembered believing he had found his forever.

He also remembered the bitter taste of the bitch’s betrayal.

What a fool he’d been. Quin would never put himself in a position to be hurt again. It was why he preferred to fuck professionals.

Occasionally, he did sample some of Club Shadow’s fellow members, but only because they knew the score. Anyone joining a sex club wasn’t there to find the love of his or her life.

Quin sure as hell wasn’t interested in anything other than getting off.

After sitting here in the conference room with the lovebirds for over an hour, he was starting to feel restless. Only one thing usually subdued him when he got antsy, and it wasn’t something he could perform across the table from Tarq and Lily.

Well, he could, but shit would get weird real fast. He chuckled at the thought of how Tarq would react if Quin played some pocket pool in front of Lily.

Quin scratched at his five o’clock shadow. He needed to get laid, stat.

Immortals fed off energies from sex. When he went too long without it, he got cranky.

He checked his watch. Quin needed to be on his way. He had an appointment to keep. Thank the gods he’d had the foresight to call Amelia and schedule for this afternoon.

“I’ll see you both tomorrow,” he said.

“Later,” Tarq replied, his face attached to Lily’s lips.

She muttered something, too, but Quin was already out the door. He wasn’t interested in watching the two mouth-fuck.

Instead of calling his driver, he decided to drive his shiny, new Tesla. It was faster than the town car and he was in a hurry.

He walked briskly back to his desk, grabbed what he needed, and hauled ass to his car. Within five minutes, he was cruising down the highway, his erection straining against the teeth of his zipper.

The appendage was seriously starting to become a nuisance. More and more often, he was hit with quick and sudden bouts of overwhelming lust.

Sure, he was always up for a roll in the hay and had visitors in his suite every weekend. But now, especially over the course of the past few days, it seemed like he was horny pretty much from the time he woke up until he turned in for the night.

He didn’t know what was up, but Quin didn’t have the time or the inclination to visit the club every night.

Typically, he was only at Club Shadow on the weekends. This week, he’d been there every damned day. It was getting out of hand.

He fondled himself over the top of his pants, trying to get a little relief. Big mistake. His joystick only grew harder.

Fuck it. He’d take the edge off now.

Holding the steering wheel with his knees, he swiftly unfastened his belt and popped the button of his slacks. It took an effort to get the zipper lowered because of the bulkiness behind his boxer briefs.

Quin was a large man. It only made sense he’d have a hefty package.

He removed the handkerchief from his suit jacket and placed it on his thigh. He checked the car’s clock. He’d need to be quick.

With the rigidity of his member now at Defcon 5, it would probably only take a minute or two.

He lifted his hips slightly, just enough to get his underwear and pants below his nut sack. He rubbed the loose skin and gave it a little tug, pretending someone else’s hand was doing it for him.

He palmed his shaft, feeling the heavy weight of it. Rubbing one out now wouldn’t be enough to satisfy him, but it should help him hold out a little longer once the club employee got ahold of it.

Going for broke, he squeezed and fondled, starting at a fast pace right out of the gate. His goal was singular: come as fast as possible.

It wasn’t his usual style, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

As he pressed the accelerator with his foot, his pelvis jolted upwards, in short jabs, meeting his forceful strokes. His hand was going so fast, he was liable to injure the damned thing.

He breathed hard a few times, feeling the climax building. He was close.

Quin grabbed the handkerchief and covered the tip, careful to avoid sullying the interior of his baby.

“Fuck!” he hissed, coming inside the silk cloth.

Contraction after contraction launched his load into his covered hand. It felt nice, but it was lacking.

He patted around, cleaning up his mess. The silk cloth of the hankie was for sure ruined. Gods, he doubted he’d ever spewed so much semen in his life.

Having nowhere to put the rag, he tossed it onto the floorboard. He’d have to remember to throw it out later.

Perhaps he should keep a trash bin in the car now that his johnson had taken on a mind of its own. An endless supply of tissues would be helpful, too.

He rolled his eyes at himself and exited the highway.


Quin parked instead of using the valet. He didn’t like other people’s hands on Tina—the name his brothers had jokingly given the Tesla after seeing Quin treat it better than any female he’d been seen with. Well, any female since her.

Since Josette.

He was such a wuss. He didn’t even want to say her name in his head. One would think, after a century of licking his wounds, he’d be over it by now.

He wasn’t.

Quin rearranged himself, so he could walk inside the club. As he approached the front door, he admired the scenery. It was something straight out of a movie.

Nothing about Club Shadow gave away its secret. It was a social club to the outside world, situated on a plantation-looking estate not far from downtown Charleston.

It was the perfect place to hide it.

The large door opened before he reached it and Amelia, the siren who ran the club, smiled from behind the hostess’ podium. It looked like the sort of thing found in a restaurant, but, instead of tracking tables and servers, she was tracking rooms, guests, and employees.

Quin nodded at the security guard standing inconspicuously off to the side of the door before greeting Amelia. Security was all over the manor.

It was a precautionary expense Quin had refused to budge on and his siblings didn’t fight him. They knew why he was so adamant and readily agreed.

He kissed both of Amelia’s cheeks, as he always did when saying hello to her.

“Your suite is ready, Q.”

“Thank you, my lady,” he replied, heading for the stairs.

“You’ve been here an awful lot lately.”

Quin looked over his shoulder and shrugged. What was he going to say? His libido had taken over his life?

“Just blowing off steam, doll. You know how it is.”

“I do, indeed. Enjoy your evening.”

Quin tipped his head and continued his path. He was already rock-hard again. His balls tightened, excited, knowing he wouldn’t have to take care of himself this time. Knowing the person tugging on them would have a painful grip, as was his preference.

His door was open and Blake, one of his usual choices, was standing in the center of the room awaiting instructions. His lack of clothing would save time.

For the majority of Quin’s life, he’d only been with females. He’d had a taste, here and there, when sharing a partner, but he’d never fucked a male.

It wasn’t until Shadow, Inc. had started running clubs, to cater to their insatiable appetites, that he’d decided he wanted to try. He had a newfound desire to be extremely rough and believed a male body could better handle his whims.

Quin still took on women, but when he did, there was always a male involved. It lessened his anxiety over being with a woman again.

He walked up to Blake, shutting the door behind him with his telekinesis. Blake loved when Quin did things to his body without using his hands. But that would have to happen later. Quin was desperate again.

“On your knees, Blake.”

Blake dropped to the floor, licking his lips.

“Remove my shoes and socks.”

As Blake carried out the order, Quin shrugged out of this jacket and let it drop. He undid his tie and made quick work of his shirt.

“Now my pants and boxers,” he commanded.

Blake teasingly rubbed the front of Quin’s slacks before getting the belt lose. He slowly pulled it out from the loops and placed it next to his knees on the floor.

Blake had a fondness for the belt. Quin used it on him occasionally, but only after Blake begged.

“Don’t tease, Blake,” Quin warned, releasing some of his power.

Blake was a nymph—and immortal like Quin. This meant persuasion didn’t work on his mind. But it did feel good against his skin. Quin sneered as Blake’s cock hardened.

“I want this first one to be fast.”

Blake shuddered, knowing he would be rewarded for his efforts.

He jerked down Quin’s pants and underwear, the enormous erection springing free. It was so long, it almost reached Quin’s belly button.

Blake grabbed it at the base with one hand and cupped Quin’s balls with the other. He rolled his tongue around the tip, dipping it slightly into the meatus.

“Fuck,” Quin gritted. He both loved and hated the teasing. “Careful, Blake. You’re asking for punishment.”

Blake’s eyes smoldered. The little devil wanted a punishment. Quin grabbed the head of hair below him.

“Open your mouth wide and relax your throat.”

Blake did and Quin, using his hold on Blake’s hair, brought the younger male’s head forward. He could feel his throat swallow once the crown touched the back wall.

Yes. This was so much better than spanking it in the car.

“That’s it. Stay relaxed while I fuck your mouth.”

Quin’s hips punched forward as he pulled Blake closer. Blake’s eyes watered, but he gave no sign of distress, so Quin continued.

He pumped brutally, his body tense. He would punish Blake and they would both get off on it.

“I want you to touch yourself. If you come when I do, I’ll let you invite another to join us.”

Blake began jacking off. Quin watched, getting more and more incited, looking forward to coming in Blake’s mouth.

Having a large, virile male choke down his monster cock was provocative as hell.

Quin picked up his pace, and so did Blake. They built towards their own crescendos in unison.

Blake’s body tensed, and semen spurted from the tip, landing on his hand and dripping to the floor.

“I’m going to spill down your throat and you’re going to swallow every last drop,” Quin rumbled, coming hard and fast.

Blake swallowed and rubbed Quin’s testicles, knowing it would keep him aroused. Blake wanted to keep him aroused. Quin was one of the club favorites for a reason.

When the last drop was gone, Quin pulled out of Blake’s mouth.

“Very nice,” he praised, caressing the side of Blake’s head.

He walked to the phone.

“Now, whom shall we order from room service?”

“Greta? We haven’t shared her, yet.”

Quin waved his hand, as though wiping the name out of the air.

“No redheads, Blake. And definitely no succubi.”

“Ava then.”

“Good choice,” he agreed. Ava was one of the more adventurous females. He was in a mood today and she would do nicely.


“Are you close, Ava?” Quin asked, knowing she was.

“Yes!” she cried.

“Would like permission to come?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Not yet.”

Quin needed another minute.

After several hours of play time with Quin’s wide range of toys, he’d decided he’d allow Blake to pleasure Ava with his talented tongue.

All three of them were on the giant bed. Ava on her back, tied to posts, unable to move. Blake was face down in her pussy, teasing her mercilessly. Neither of them was allowed to come without permission.

Blake was propped on his knees with his fine-looking ass in the air. A fine-looking ass that was currently full of Quin’s cock.

He’d probably tortured the duo for long enough and was already growing tired of the scene. Time for things to be moved along.

Quin spoke, allowing his power to crawl over their skin, overwhelming their senses.

“As soon as I release inside Blake, you both have permission to let go.”

Ava whimpered as Blake thumbed her clit and licked up and down her cleft. Quin lowered his torso to meet Blake’s back. He reached around and got a hand on the male’s phallus.

He started a tempo sure to satisfy them both.

Quin hammered in and out, chasing down completion. When he felt the stirring at the base of his spine, he quickened his hand’s movement.

“Ah, yes. Take it, Blake,” he bit out, erupting inside the nymph.

Blake, who’d barely been holding back, came all over the bed. Caught up in his own pleasure, he’d paused his ministrations on Ava.

Quin withdrew and went to the shower, leaving Blake to finish his job with Ava.

As he stood under the water, he felt better, but the restlessness wasn’t completely gone. Shit.

He could hear Blake and Ava, who sounded like she was getting pounded hard and he didn’t want to hang around for the happy ending. He washed, rinsed, and dried fast.

Quin glanced at the bed when he walked to the closet. Blake had apparently untied her and now had her bent over the bed.

It was hot, and the sex hormones smelled great, but Quin no longer wanted to participate.

After dressing and returning to the main room, the two were still going at it. He must have overdone it with his power.

“I’ll be back in an hour,” he said on his way out. “You know what to do with clean-up.”

Blake gave a nod, not once breaking his rhythm. The nymph was talented and could go on forever. But Quin wanted his room to himself when he returned.

Quin went down to the bar and was surprised at how busy it was for a Wednesday night. He ordered a scotch, determined to dull his senses one way or another.

Drink in hand, he went to the small table in the corner. He didn’t feel like socializing quite yet, but he did enjoy people-watching.

Looking around the room, he saw the back of a familiar head in a booth. His brother, Eriq, was back in town.

Choosing to not be a total asshole by ignoring family, Quin grabbed his drink and strode to the booth. He was not at all surprised to see a female with raven hair bobbing her head up and down in Eriq’s lap. Fucker was getting head in the bar.

While acceptable, Quin wasn’t inclined to watch Eriq train the new girl, which was his specialty and one of his main roles at Shadow, Inc.

Quin shook his head after Eriq finally noticed him standing there.

“Q!” he blurted in surprise. “Hey. Have a seat,” he motioned across from him.

“I think I’ll wait until you’re finished.”

“No, no. Sit.”

Eriq grabbed the female’s hair and pulled her head back.

“Thank you, Lucy. I am pleased with your work, but I’d like to have a minute with my brother. Why don’t you go find Amelia and ask her if you can finish with Adam?”

“Yes, Sir,” she purred.

Quin rolled his eyes. Eriq loved his job as House Dom. It was the one thing he was really good at. Every girl he trained came out submissive as shit.

However, Club Shadow catered to all types, so they needed some of the employees to be dominate. The applicants with such tendencies were never given to Eriq for training.

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