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How to Make Money during a Government Shutdown
Simple Ways to Get Paid

By Jon Shenk

I watched the news last night for the first time this year. What I saw and heard caused me to take up writing again. I hear the government is grinding to a halt. I hear kids aren’t going to get Christmas presents. Around 800,000 people no longer have jobs and aren’t receiving money from their government jobs. I don’t believe in getting political, so I won’t start now. What I believe in is economic opportunity and helping people live and make bank.

So I said to myself… JS, over 800,000 people without pay. Over 800,000 kids without a Christmas.. What can you do JS, what SHOULD you do. And the answer was simple, I should create an easy to follow step by step guide of how to make money during this awful, terrible, no good, shut down. Again, not getting political. I don’t care who is wrong or right, I just care that good people should have access to money making opportunities.

And I know what you’re thinking reading this, why don’t I just give this away. If I gave it away, nobody would take it seriously… Nobody would have earned it. I believe in people having to help themselves at least a little. This book isn’t priced at $100, it’s priced less than $2.00 and will always be. No price hikes no matter what. NEVER more than $2.00 is my motto.

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