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I walked gently in to the reception hall at COXA oil and gas limited, the largest oil and gas conglomerate in the country. COXA is known as the giant in the oil and gas field, this is evident in its upstream, midstream and downstream activities. COXA partners, invests in smaller oil firms to help these firms boost their productions, and also acquire some level of relevance in the oil and gas sector of the nation’s economy. I work with ASUS oil, one of its subsidiaries and I had been chosen by my chairman to represent our firm at the annual board of directors meeting, and also make a presentation at the meeting to attract more investments from COXA.

‘What a rare privilege indeed’, I had adorned a Ralph Lauren Tuxedo, black shoes, and the hall just could not accommodate my Calvin Klein fragrance. My hands held firmly my briefcase containing my personal computer and documents for the presentation I had painstakingly prepared for. The company's reception, which included a huge waiting area with the company’s logo covering a large portion of the room, was nothing short of neat and perfect.

'Good morning sir, welcome to COXA oil and gas limited, how may we be of service to you? 'The receptionist, A lady, possibly in her mid-twenties; blonde hair, blue eyes and very light make up, smiled as she said in a very melodious tone:

'Hi, Good morning Mary (taking a glance at her name tag), I'm Mark Cooke from Asus oil and I am here for the board of directors meeting. Here's my ID card: I flashed her my ID and also returned her very lovely smile.

'Sir, participants would be allowed into the board room in 30minutes. You can take a seat and wait with the others over there', She pointed to the waiting area with people seated and my eyes just couldn't resist the damsel that it beheld. I felt a rush of adrenaline gushing through my adrenal cortex to my heart and I think my heart must have skipped a beat or two.

She was simply a goddess dressed in human clothing, with strawberry sweet lips looking lilac soft and midnight black hair flowing over her shoulders, with glossy skin, brown cat eyes and lenses. She wore vibrant clothes, a cream colored suit and skirt to match, simple but chic. Her enticing brown eyes looked briefly away from the newspaper she held and gazed at me. I moved closer and took a seat next to her;

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