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Some Untold Chapters

Programmed Buggy but Tested & Validated Story of Two Engineers

Dedicated to all the Engineers – Nothing is Impossible for us,

Dedicated to all my Readers!!!

There is a famous Quote from Bhagavad Gita

Man is made by his belief, as he believes, so he is”

Sometimes the only thing which can make you win is your courage, your belief in you, your Self – Consciousness.

This amazing story of Kavya and Ravi, Two Engineers from small town is all about their belief, hard work and never die attitude definitely going to teach you few lessons which you always cherish in your entire life.


Abhinandan Asthana asserts the moral rights to be identified as the author of this work. This Novel is work of fiction and somewhere inspired by true events, the names, characters and incidents in it are the products of author’s imagination.

Any resemblance to the actual person living or dead or localities is entirely coincidental, due care has been taken while editing and printing the book.

Wherever the song line is used the reference is given, due care has been taken for this if anything left will be corrected in next version.

Neither Author nor publisher of the book holds any responsibility for any mistake that may have crept inadvertently.

Table of Contents


Present Day


Kick - Off

Music of My Life

All First Time

Power of Hope




About the Author


IGI Airport T3, New Delhi – Late Night 12:45 AM

Layover Time at the airport is never fancy, it’s really late night and the connecting flight was in the morning, I thought of taking the nap. T3 at IGI Airport is really good with all the facilities.

I just have started the nap that a voice struck me…

Hi Abhi!!

Hi! I greeted.

A young man in 20’s

“I read your book on Interview Questions it really helped me getting a good job in Pune”

I started thinking and few days back someone given 5 stars to my book mentioning that it helped him in getting job in Pune, I thought this is the same person.

“Oh… you are the guy, thanks for giving positive comments on Amazon” I replied.

“It’s my luck I purchased your book and able to switch the job which I was looking for long time”

“Again Thanks, but it’s enough praising, can I ask your name?” I asked.

“Hi its Ravi, I was going to Pune to join my new job, I have a flight at 3:15 AM.”

“Oh… gr8!” I said.

“Abhi, a question why you don’t write fiction novels or may be inspired by some real incidents” Ravi said.

I really don’t have answer as I was trying the same for long time but did not get any such story to write.

“Actually, well I think I can write the Technical Books best, so never tried” I said.

“Can you write about me? I have a really tough life full of adventures I think you definitely like my story” Ravi said.

I thought of laughing as if the guy thinks he is celebrity and if I am here to write his biography, I was thinking to say him no directly. But, anyways I have to pass my time.

“I have only 1-2 hours before my flight, I won’t take your much time” Ravi said.

I don’t know why I was not able to deny him directly.

“After listening you definitely write about me” Ravi said.

“Ok but not more than 1 hour, I am planning to have a quick nap before my flight” I said.

He felt little disheartened but started his story.

I don’t know when it becomes 2:30 AM and there was announcement of his flight boarding started.

“Ok Abhi time to leave, I hope you will definitely write about me” Ravi said while picking his bag pack.

“I have my old diaries I will courier you, if you give me your address and if you are interested in writing about my story.” He said while leaving.

I want to stop him, but I couldn’t he given me his mobile number and left, I was waving my hand while thinking about what he just shared with me.

I forwarded my address to him, he replied to send the diaries in 1 week.

I took deep breathe, drank some water, and lie down on the recliner at the airport, before meeting him my eyes definitely want to take rest but now the sleep is gone.

I have got the hero of my first fiction book, I don’t know when I felt asleep, announcement of my name awakens me it was final call for me to board the flight to Mumbai.

I took my bag and ran towards the boarding gate.

Reaching Mumbai, I started searching about the incidents he described on internet and to my shock most of them were true.

So, this is the story of two young engineers it may be anyone, for me it’s Ravi and Kavya…

This Page Intentionally Left Blank

Snippets from the Book

Kick - Off

All four of you just attack and try for another goal at some situation the biggest defense is to attack without any fear of losing” Kavya replied pointing towards Varun, Me, Hemant and Santosh.

Whatever she said she has given the most Important lesson of life, when nothing works rather than losing hope or fear just attack to the extent you can.

Definitely either you win or lose but you never regret that you have not tried that option when you can.

The game started again, Harsh took the ball but this time Varun and Santosh doesn’t let him take to the goal.

Varun passed the ball to Hemant, Hemant back to Santosh.

Santosh took the ball till the goal post and before Dev think of anything, Santosh passed it to Varun and Varun did the goal.

Music of my Life


Everyone left the room, only me and Shipra in the room and I was singing really bad.

You know Ravi, Music is all about emotions please develop emotions you will definitely sing better, feel the music in you” Shipra said.

I wanted to say, I cannot do it but can’t say it.

I started singing back again, this time Shipra came near to me and I don’t know what happened to her, suddenly she holds my hand into her.

Can you sing now with a little emotion” Shipra said.

Shipra was looking really beautiful, in fact she was beautiful she was wearing blue color knee length skirt and was really looking gorgeous.

I was seeing her for few minutes, her eyes were the most beautiful I have ever seen.

Where you went suddenly I asked you to feel and you started thinking I don’t know what” Shipra said.

No, I just was thinking the song” I said.

It’s Ok you start I will catch up and definitely don’t do any mistake just keep holding my hand like this” I said.

Shipra given a naughty smile.

If you sing this time well I have a surprise for you” Shipra said.

Shipra started,

Yeh Baarish Ki Boondein, Ye Panchiyon Ki Boli”

Keh Rahi Hai Baatein Hamari Tumhari”

My lines,

Kuch Tum Kaho, Kuch Hum Kahein”

Yun hi Shuru Hongi Baatein Hamari Tumhari”

Shipra lines,

Zindagi ka safar adhoora na reh jaaye”

Aao karein baatein shuru hamari tumhari”

We don’t know when while singing we hold each other in arms and actually we both were singing seeing in our eyes.


I was knowing the results and actually we both were happy, as our performance has made other’s a chance to laugh in fact a lot.

Ravi and Prerna has also been awarded with Director Special award for their extra-ordinary performance” Saumya Mam announced.

We both jumped with joy, we were on cloud nine that time.

I learnt one thing from this incident and its written in Bhagavad Gita too, “Karm Karo Fal Ki Chinta Mat Karo” means do your work without worrying much about results. God will definitely award you one day.

Though the events results were fixed, we got a special award which definitely worth more than the one we can achieve max.

Awesome, phenomenal, Extra-ordinary I don’t have word to say for your and Prerna’s performance” Preeti Mam our HOD said.

We were not the winners but definitely stole the limelight from the winners.

Everyone was congratulating us and it was really a nice thing to cheer throughout our college days.

All First Time

Anyways on weekdays there used to be very less people in coffee shop and luckily no one from college.

Sorry, I am late” She said.

It’s Ok” I replied.

Have you ordered something?” She asked.

No, actually I don’t know what to order I came here for first time, even in any coffee shop for first time” I replied.

You know Ravi you are really a clear hearted person, and that’s why I like you” She said.

Anyways what you will take?” She asked.

A coffee that’s it” I replied.

Before she came I already seen the prices and its 200/- for a coffee. I have only thousand rupees in my pocket. I don’t want to be embarrassed while paying the bill.

She called the waiter and ordered two coffees and a sandwich.

Waiter bought the coffee; the cup was so big as it was looking like a ceramic frying pan. I was thinking if he will bring some cup too and we have to take coffee from that pan and drink in cup.

I asked Aparna “Are they going to bring the cup too?”

Aparna bursts into laughter.

This is the Cup Ravi Ha Ha Ha” Aparna said.

Oh, actually we have frying pan of this size in home so I got confused” I answered.

Aparna continue to laugh, and I was seeing her she looks really beautiful when she laughs. Her smile is adorable.

Ravi, you are crazy ….” Aparna said smiling.

Do, you want to be my friend well I don’t have many so just asking you, I want someone like you to share my thoughts my feelings” Aparna said.

Sure, I will” I moved my hand towards her.

We hold each other’s hand for some time and then started drinking coffee.

Power of Hope


I had handshake with her before leaving, I don’t know but it made me really happy talking to her.

I want to take this opportunity not only because it’s giving me role and opportunity I was looking for long time, but I want to work with her looking at her calmness and success she has with her in short span.

Truly saying I was attracted to her and anyone can, I was always looking to have a mentor like her in my career and looks like I am going to get one.

Someone has said correctly “People leave their bosses not Company”.


I opened the laptop logged into the University Website for the results and it was another setback for me looks like Anurag already checked my results, it was 57% only there was no backlog.

I did not get any backlog till date but marks were concern for me.

I took the calculator and calculated my 5-semester average, it was 60.5% took a bit sigh of relief.

But it’s not over and as per the clause if my marks go below 60% in 6th Sem if I will be selected anywhere still the company can revoke the offer.

In the current recession situation where, every day layoff news is in newspaper, very few companies are coming this year and if any such thing happens to me it will be all over.

The criticism by my friends have done a strong impact on me.


Everyone congratulated me, and it was like a dream come true for me.

I was awakening the whole night just to inform this good news to my parents who did a lot for me.

My parents used to sleep early and awake early, I was talking to Kavya whole night google talk.

She was happy for me more than her, I cleared all the tasks now.

You did the perfect come back Ravi” Kavya said.

First time in my life I was feeling proud on myself.

I called my parents at 4 am I informed them this news and they were the happiest person at the moment.

They went to various temples in Varanasi next day.

I finally slept in morning, someone has said true that success is something that can take your sleep.

The placement season went absolutely stunning for me, as I cleared all 4 companies and accepted offer from three.

The only thing which I had was my power of hope, and I cleared all the obstacles easily.


So, long story short he rejected my VISA application.

I pleaded him to re- consider the decision.

But he opened the flap inside the glass wall to cover the opening which is for passing the documents.

I felt bad for some time, then I came out of the consulate office.

The phrase from Bhagavad Gita came into my mind,

Whatever happens, happens for good”


We both were standing in front of mirror.

We look good together Ravi, isn’t it?” She said.

Yes, The Best Miss Kavya” I replied.

Can you please close your eyes Kavya, Please…” I said.

Ok” She said.

I have read somewhere no moment is special we can make it special for us.

While coming from Consulate office at a signal one poor girl was selling bunch of roses. I just bought it simply and put in my bag.

I took those flowers from my bag, they were little presses a bit but still good, I know Kavya she can be happy with anything.

I bend on my knees with those flowers in my hand.

Now you can open your eyes” I said.

There was beautiful smile on her face,

Will you marry me Kavya”

I know I am not perfect but life is not about finding perfection but to create perfection from all the imperfect things around us” I said.

I want to clap on your speech Ravi”

But Ok, let’s get married Ravi” She said.

Kavya won’t leave her jolly nature, we hugged each other, the day started as bad but turning out to be best day of my life.

************Snippets End – Book Start *******************


Present Day, - Bangalore

Kick – Off suddenly this word seen in my boring mailbox obviously of Lotus Notes Mail Title was “Kick – Off Meeting with Michael for Tools Project”. I don’t know what they do in the Kick Off Meeting and what does it really means. Let’s see the mail has triggered the full game as a reply in front of me.

“So, how we are going to start with the module”, Chris asked.

“Well we have so much expertise that you can’t believe, the guys are so confident with the tool that the module can be delivered in less that the time estimated.” Bharat replied.

The clock was clocking 7:30 PM and Bharat was continuously dragging the meeting, by putting false promises.

I just want to break his head, Kavya is really punctual about the time and this guy is dragging the meeting like anything.

I don’t know what Kick – off they are doing and that so when I have 2 weeks left in the company.

“Bharat, Can I leave for the day” I asked.

“Ravi, we are creating opportunity for you which you can’t resist and definitely think on your decision of leaving us” Bharat said.

I just want to say why when everything is over but can’t said anything and sit down.

After some time, I don’t know what came in his mind.

“Ravi, you can leave for the day, thanks for attending meeting” Bharat said.

“Anyways you have to go far” Bharat said.

I don’t know how much people change their behaviour with you during Notice Period.

Anyways I get off the office, took Bus someone has told correct that in Bangalore the distance between one place to another can’t be measured in time as it can be anything.

Checked my google maps, it’s showing heavy traffic at Marathalli junction, anyways I know it will take minimum two hours to reach BTM Layout from ITPL.

The best part of living in Bangalore is the AC buses plying in city and that too in late night usually empty, I put my earphones to listen some music, just two weeks left for me here, I was thinking I will be near to my home soon.

I switched to 98.3 Radio Mirchi, the RJ was announcing the new song.

“Latest entry in our list, melodious song by Shipra Sharma” RJ announced.

Yeh Baarish Ki Boondein, Ye Panchiyon Ki Boli”

Keh Rahi Hai Baatein Hamari Tumhari”

Kuch Tum Kaho, Kuch Hum Kahein”

Yun hi Shuru Hongi Baatein Hamari Tumhari”

The familiar voice hit my ears,

I was like what is it the same Shipra Sharma?

I opened Google and started searching and to my shock it’s the same Shipra Sharma, she is the lead singer for the new upcoming movie.

Things have started running in my mind up and down, I seriously want to see her once.

I checked the movie promo pics she was looking gorgeous, same as when we were together.

Mumbai, looks like the city is calling me I definitely want to meet Shipra just once to clear all the confusions which has made us go that far.

I want to clarify what has happened in third year of our engineering.

My mind has started running down the memory lane, I was thinking about how it’s all started and there are so many chapters still left with me which I have not even shared with Kavya.

Got the notification in mobile about Outlook, looks like the meeting is over, Mail with the title – “MOM of Kick – Off Meeting”.

MOM – Minutes of Meetings, I think many of us aware about this term.

Kick – Off this word has lots of memory associated with it, I was thinking back when all this started.


Ravi, wake up it’s 8 ‘o’clock, you don’t have to study?” My Mother awakens me in the morning.

So, telling about my mother, she is housewife working day and night for home, Me my brother and my dad are the rest three of us in home, living in a middle-class nuclear family is like that only.

My younger brother as usual went to either gym or college, and my father might have went to either market to bring vegetables etc.

Anyways its my story not about my family, but without family even we don’t exist.

For past one year just after I passed Class XII, I am at home preparing for my Engineering Entrance Examination, many of us do it.

Some really have interest and some forced by their parents, as most of them think that Engineering and Medical are the only two secure careers which can give you respect and money in life, I am saying as this is what most of the Indian parents think.

You don’t have to go to coaching today?” She again called.

I am awake Mom, I have already given all Entrances next week the results are coming, let me sleep please” I replied.

You are done with your exams and still you are not doing a single thing for home, I was not giving a single work to you thinking about your exams and you are sleeping” I came out of the room before she completed her sentence, I know I cannot sleep anymore.

“What need to be done tell me?” I asked.

“Get freshen up, take shower you are looking like hippy”

After that take the list, at top of fridge and get the grocery from the market”

And tomorrow is Sunday get your hair-cut you are more looking like a bear than a boy” She continued scolding.

Indian moms don’t mean anything but they keep on scolding you, actually this is their way of caring about you.

“Ok, I will” I said.

Ok so my reason of choosing engineering is not that I like it, and neither my parents forced me to do it.

But I just want to move out of this place, I want to see the world.

I want to see how rest of India and the world looks like.

I born and brought up in Varanasi, people from all over the world to see this place, been termed as one of the ancient civilization in the world.

And the most holy place for the Hindu’s.

I like this place, but I want to see the other places too, I want to live in Metro’s.

All the big cities which I normally see in Weather Report in news, and usually ask why the temperature is different in those cities to my father.

I want to see those cities, I want to see and observe the diversity in India and also how we are related or different from each other.

I want to explore the world.

I was having a bright picture of the world outside this place, being studied in government boy’s school and being in middle class family, I never even went outside Uttar Pradesh in my life till then.

I knew my parents won’t send me outside the state for my engineering, but I can go wherever I want after passing and maybe I can work in any state or any country.

This is the only thing which attracted me to choose engineering as my career.

If I have chosen the path my father wants, I will definitely be giving Bank PO.

Anyways, thinking all those in mind I went to take the grocery, I want to stop at my friend’s place but then I realized that he might be in college.

It’s really hard when you choose something on your own, and that too if your family is not financially at that level to support you.

I did all my preparation on my own, but after getting selected the major hurdle is to get the finances for the education, If I get selected for either Government or Private Colleges in both the cases I have to take education loan.

Anyways, as I made my mind I was not in mood of backing off.

I reached home, my dad was there I some how wants to avoid his questions but he always catches me.

“When is your results coming Ravi?” He asked.

“Tuesday” I replied.

Have you applied for the B.Sc. Entrance also in U.P. College?” He asked again.

“Yes, I already given the exams too last week itself” I replied.

See, if you get good rank then only, we can go for bank loan otherwise you have to start your graduation, as you have already wasted one year” He said.

“I will get” I replied.

I took my cycle and went outside as I know if I will be in home I have to answer so many questions which I don’t want to.

I don’t have friends to meet as this one year has made me isolated or maybe you can say I have made myself isolated.

All of them are busy some went to do courses in different cities and some are doing their regular graduation.

I went to Sarnath, the famous tourist place because of Gautam Buddha and Ashoka.

It’s very near to my home, I usually go there and sit when below the trees when I feel alone, may be this place is also part of my nirvana.

Three Days Later – 7th June 2005,

What time your result is about to come Ravi?” My mom asked as I have awakened at 6 only in morning.

“10 ‘o’ clock” I replied.

Get ready and do worship to God, I am going to temple will pray for you that you get the best stream and college of your choice.” She said.

I got ready at 9 am only took the breakfast and started counting minutes, the time was not at all passing with every second my heartbeat was increasing.

It was looking like my future is going to be decided at 10 am.

I logged into my computer, it was BSNL Dial -up connection at my home which used to take atleast an hour to finally connect.

I hope someone able to recall if they also faced the same.

It was 9:45 am and finally the Internet is connected.

I opened the link at UPSEE website, waiting for the link to activate for the results.

My Mom came from temple and my dad also was sitting next to me.

Take the prasad, Ravi don’t worry everything will be alright” She said.

It’s 10:10 still the link not activated.

If they forget to announce the results?” Dad asked.

“I don’t know might be server is down” I replied.

And suddenly the link is activated, I started entering the enrolment number.

Internet was slow and my heart cannot beat at much faster rate than this.

The screen flashed, the result was neither good nor bad, I was among the top thousand hundred candidates given exam.

Nine Hundred… is the rank good to get electronics in government college in General Category in UPSEE?” My Dad asked.

I don’t have any answer to this as it reservations all around and its really a sin to be an open category candidate.

I was seeing my dreams to be shattered.

We can go for counselling and see if I can get” I said.

Yes, but the counselling fee is 5k right, and if you don’t get it will be wasted” My Dad did all the research.

“Let’s talk in evening” My Dad left for the office.

My Mom did not understand much what that rank meant.

I closed myself in room for entire day, got the call from many of my friends, and none of them have even got rank within 5k.

But our scenarios were different.

I don’t know when I slept, I awoke when my mom knocked the door.

Ravi, come out Dad has bought Samosa, let’s have Samosa and Tea together” Mom said.

I was thinking what has been going on.

I came out just to see my whole family sitting, my brother, mom, dad there were Samosa and Tea on Dining Table.

I was not aware that my brother and dad has went for shopping and they bought a Trolley Bag too for me.

“Congrats Bro” My brother said.

I was confused as I was in depression the whole day.

Ravi, please take your marksheet and all, tomorrow we are going to our bank for your education loan, I already discussed about clauses and documents required for it”

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