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Chapter 1: The PENDant

"Sandy, get up! The house is burning!"


"There's a tornado outside! We have to leave!"

"Disregard me, Claire..."

"The yard is loaded with ruthless llamas that long for human substance!"

"Let me sleeeeep..."

"The end of the world is quickly drawing closer! We're required by law to head underground!"

I moaned and opened my eyes somewhat, making a tormented clamor when I was blinded by the daylight spilling through my window ornaments. "...Claire? For what reason would you say you are in my room? I let you know not to watch me rest any longer."

"To wake you up," my more established cousin answered, analyzing her dark fingernails that looked progressively like claws. "It's your birthday, recollect?"

I flickered for a minute and checked out my room as I attempted to recapture my faculties. Different blurbs and confined illustrations glanced back at me, which has dependably creeped me out, so I chose to glance back at Claire. She layered brilliantly hued features like typical individuals layered dress while going out in chilly climate, yet by one way or another pulled off the generally defiant hope to appear to be adorable. Under a dark Hollister hoodie was a trim cami, and her most loved dull thin pants flaunted what little bends she had, as she was annoyingly thin.

Laser blue eyes thought once again into my dull turquoise ones. "...did you daydream, or...?"

"I just woke up, offer me a reprieve," I groaned, rubbing at my eyes and pushing back my reddish hair. Claire constantly made me feel unsure. I prepared what she had said before. "Gracious no doubt, it's my birthday..."

"How old would you say you are once more? I generally overlook. Three?"

"I'm thirteen currently, savvy one," I glared. "Not amazing that you overlooked, however."

"Better believe it. Presumably why I get straight C's on my report card." Claire analyzed one of my racks containing jugs of nail clean that I once in a while utilized. "Could be more regrettable," she included, grabbing a container of hot pink varnish given to me from my mother. "Would i be able to have this?"

"Beyond any doubt," I yawned, getting up and pulling a purple sweatshirt over my night wear. "Take it. I simply strip that stuff off in three hours in any case."

"Sweet!" Claire took the jug and assessed my work area like the snoop she is. "How about we see... all your homework is done, you prepare... an anatomically erroneous illustration of Pikachu... your PC has an unadulterated history despite everything you don't have a Facebook yet. Stunning, you have excessively available time. Do you, as, have any companions?"

"Eh," I shrugged. "I couldn't care less in case I'm famous or not. I have a couple, I presume." I changed the subject. "Something smells lovely."

"Presumably breakfast," Claire, who ate like a steed, charged down the stairs as though she had quite recently reminded herself there was nourishment on the table. She ordinarily isn't this strange. Possibly she went to Starbucks before coming here, which she adores yet ought to never under any circumstance do.

I made my way downstairs a bit slower than Claire did, making sure I didn't trip on the wooden stairs and get my head stitched back together as I had in the past. Rubbing the faint scar on my jaw that was a memento of the incident, I opened the downstairs door that Claire had seemingly shut behind her and was greeted by the scent of Heaven itself.

"Good morning, sleepy head!" My mom greeted from behind the kitchen counter as she skillfully placed bacon onto a plate. After she retied her pink checkered apron I was immediately handed a large plate of waffles, which woke me up as soon as I saw it.

I sat down on a barstool next to Claire's brother and my other cousin Cameron, who was neatly cutting his waffles into small pieces. Unlike his sloppy but popular sister, he was neat but considered a nerd, similar to how I was. Although I felt I could relate to Claire a lot more, since, you know, she was a girl.

"What's up, Cameron?" I asked while shoveling waffles into my mouth.

"Well," my other cousin replied nonchalantly. "At the moment, the ceiling, second story of this house, the sky, and outer space."

I glared at him.

"Not much," he laughed as he realized he succeeded at his smart-aleck moment of the day. "I've been experimenting whether it's possible to be a nerd yet be super attractive at the same time."

"Impossible!" I scoffed jokingly. "Give up now, it's no use."

"Maybe for you," he slugged my arm. For a guy now two years older than me he was actually rather nice. "But once you get to high school, unfortunately, your physical appearance starts to matter more than it should."

"I'll remember than when I continue to have no friends," I shrugged.

"Ppsh," Cam waved his hand around in the air like he was shooing away a bothersome fly. "Who needs friends?"

By this time Claire had finished her breakfast about five minutes ago and was impatiently waiting by the front door with her purse, which was black to match the rest of her wardrobe. "Are we going somewhere?" I asked, putting my plate in the sink.

"Yeah, your mom said we can go into town and go shopping," Claire said, and my mom nodded from behind me. "Hurry up and get dressed, bro."

"Shopping, yuck," I joked as I ran upstairs. My dresser had about half as many clothes as other girls my age, but I still wondered which shirt to choose. I closed my eyes and blindly picked a long-sleeved turquoise shirt and plain blue jeans, along with my black Converse shoes. Looking in the mirror that hung over my dresser, I quickly ran my fingers through my hair and examined my face for any blemishes. Aside from a barely noticeable zit right on my forehead, my skin looked fine and I rushed out of my room before Claire yelled at me.

"Bye Mom!" I waved and Claire shooed me out of the front door as if the house were on fire like she had said about an hour ago.

"See you later, honey!" My mother waved. "Look both ways before you cross the street, don't talk to strangers, and don't follow any tall men in dark clothi-"

"Yeah, yeah, who'd kidnap us?" Claire sniffed as we walked down our street. Downtown wasn't too far away, since where I lived was small and in a tucked away place nobody except the residents had ever heard of. Claire and Cameron were from the city, where trends changed faster than you adapted to the first one and everything you did was held against you. Claire tried to convince me once to run away to where she lived when I was five and she was six, but we only made it to the grocery store to buy supplies before Mom found us. Now that I'm older and have more common sense, I don't even know why I thought it was a good idea to go there in the first place.

Even though our town was microscopic, we did have a lot of good stuff in it. For example, Another One Bites the Crust has the best pizza I've ever tasted. And we have a book store. That's also a coffee shop.

Pretty much it for the awesome things, actually. Who am I kidding, my town is boring as hell.

"Let's see..." Claire said as she walked down the brick path, scanning through the strip mall. "I need to get you a birthday present. I'm not getting you makeup, because you'll become obsessive like I am... I'm not going to get you clothes, because I know you don't like having too many clothes..."

"Wait, what?" I interrupted, looking at her. "What are you talking about? I've been talking to you for the past month about how I need new clothes."

"Oh. Right," Claire said, making an odd face. "I was just messing with you. Hmm... hey, when in doubt, jewelry."

"You're such a weirdo, Claire..." I rolled my eyes at her as I watched orange leaves fall onto the road. "Which jewelry store? Aviskye's?"

"If that was the one we went to that one time and got kicked out of, then yes," Claire said proudly, making me laugh. "Hopefully they won't recognize us."

"Nah, Avi's friends with my mom," I replied. "I'm on good terms with her. You, on the other hand..."

"Shut up," Claire snorted as we entered the door of Aviskye's, hearing a small bell chime behind us. Avi, the owner, happened to be behind the counter, and she gave me a polite wave before giving Claire a suspicious look.

"Alright, I'm going to find something for you," Claire said while giving Avi a charming smile. "Don't follow me. I want it to be a surprise."

"Fine..." I pretended to walk away sadly, and she gave me a playful shove which almost sent me careening into a glass case full of diamond engagement rings. That would have ended badly. Standing up and pretending nothing had happened, I walked to the other side of the store and browsed a display of expensive-looking earrings. Even though I didn't even have pierced ears, I needed to distract myself so I didn't spoil my birthday present.

I felt a like I was being stared at, so I turned around and was surprised to see a boy my age standing there. His shaggy dirty-blond hair, seafoam green eyes and band shirt weren't familiar to me, and I was confused even further when he made a noise similar to a blind man seeing a sunrise for the first time and pulled me into a rib-cracking hug.

"Uh... please don't touch me...?" I pushed the guy away from me and recoiled against the glass display case, trying to make myself look intimidating. The glass around me told me I looked about as threatening as a baby penguin rolled in sprinkles. "I have no idea who you are." Although the longer I looked at him, the more my brain itched, as if I had seen him at the store or something and very faintly recognized him.

"But..." he protested, his smoky voice provoking yet another small spark of familiarity in the back of my mind. "Sandy? How do you not...?"

I squinted, attempting to place his appearance in the many people I see walking down the street. "Do... you... go to my school? I feel like I know you, but I can't seem to remember."

He sighed and scratched the back of his neck almost sadly. "I was told this would happen. You don't remember me? Chris?"

When he said his name suddenly I felt memory begin to emerge, but before I could define anything significant other than a rowboat something was fastened around my neck by Claire. I examined it, and it happened to be a small dark teal ball about the size of my thumbnail hanging from a thin silver chain.

"Oh my gosh, thank you Claire! It's so pretty!" I exclaimed, giving my cousin a hug. She flinched for a second before hugging back, knowing I wasn't one to show affection.

"No problem. Do you know this guy?" Claire asked, looking at the guy named Chris, who was shuffling awkwardly.

"No. I guess not," Chris replied. "I'll be going now. See you later, maybe?"

And with that, he exited Aviskye's without buying anything, making me wonder what he was even doing here in the first place. "I think I recognize him from somewhere," I answered. "But I can't put my finger on it." After Claire distracted me, any memories of that boy had completely vanished from my mind.

"You probably saw him at the store or something," Claire concluded, giving Avi a friendly wave. "Thanks again, Avi!" she called before running headlong into a glass case with a cringe-worthy DONK!. Claire was a chronic klutz, and her impulsive joints have broken many an expensive object at our house.

I heard Avi sigh under her breath, and I rushed Claire out while giving the woman an apologetic grin that felt more like a guilty smirk. "Control your limbs, Claire," I mumbled as we walked out of the door. "Otherwise Avi's not gonna let us in there anymore."

"I consider it my goal to be kicked out of every store in this town," my cousin declared. "Without the use of stealing. Stealing is bad."

"Unless you see someone stealing something... and you steal it from them to return it," I argued. "I think that evens it out."

"But then it looks like you're the one stealing the thing, and then you get in trouble," Claire wondered out loud. "Darn. Life isn't fair."

"Lesson of the day," I agreed, and we window-shopped in silence for a few minutes before we exited downtown and started down the road for my house.

"Hey," Claire said after a while. "I just remembered, there's this videogame I need to show you. I think you'll really like it."

"Yeah? What's it called?"

"It's called... Minecraft." She sighed and clutched her purse as if talking about a boy she had a crush on. "It's the best game ever. And don't worry, this won't be like Amnesia."

Just saying the title of that game made me flinch. A couple of months ago Claire had showed me that game in the middle of the night, without telling me about it first. Let's just say I still don't sleep right.

"I hope not," I shuddered. "If this is scary I'll hurt you."

"No you won't," Claire laughed.

"Try me."

"I can beat you up easy!"

"You wanna go?"

"Now now, children, stop your squabbling," someone said in front of us, and I turned away from Claire to see Cameron approaching with a basket of food in one hand and his cherished Gameboy in the other. "I was thinking we could have a little picnic? Mom and Aunt Mary are talking about childbirth and home improvement magazines, I don't think you want to come in the house anytime soon."

Claire and I collectively dry heaved as we walked off the road and down a small hill, into a ravine full of autumn leaves. Cameron set up a blanket next to the creek and Claire immediately took out three of the sandwiches as if she hadn't eaten in days.

"So what are we doing once we get back to the house?" Cameron asked after downing a can of Vault. He was addicted to energy drinks, sometimes inhaling three in one go if he was planning on surviving an all-night Call of Duty or Halo session with his weird Internet friends.

"I told Sandy I would show her Minecraft," Claire said through a mouthful of peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. "I mean, how have you not heard of this game?"

"I feel like I have," I answered. "From somewhere. Maybe a gameplay video on Youtube or something. Is it fun?"

"Fun?" Claire folded her arms, shaking her head in disappointment. "It's the most addicting game alive! In my opinion, of course."

"Not as addicting as Call of Duty," Cam debated. "Nobody has died from loss of circulation playing Minecraft, how about that?"

"True, true," Claire agreed. "At least nobody's died period playing Minecraft!"

Cam hung his head in mock-defeat. "You win," he said sadly. "But I still believe Call of Duty is more addicting, seeing as how it compels its mostly male audience to play for days straight and die of sleep deprivation."

As I was not as avid a gamer as Cam or Claire, usually playing an average of half an hour or so playing Pokémon after school, this shocked me. People could and have died playing videogames. My faith in humanity has dropped considerably.

"Anyway," Claire continued, skillfully pushing a stack of three Oreos into her mouth at once. "I think we're done eating..."

"More like you've eaten everything," I mumbled, finishing the single sandwich I had been able to salvage before Claire had grabbed everything. "You and your hyper-metabolism."

She shrugged. "Can't help it. I'm the human broomstick. Continuing, we should get back into the house so we can play Minecraft. C'mon."

Cam shoved the blanket back into his basket and we waded through the knee-high weeds toward our yard. My house was next to a creek, which used to be a swimming haven for children when I was about six, but after a rumor of ghosts it was now perfect to sit under a tree and relax.

I wanted to do that now, but apparently showing me Minecraft was an emergency. Claire almost dragged me through the front door, and after a moment of listening, it seemed Mom and Aunt Becca (Claire's and Cam's mother) had finished their discussion on how we were born and it was safe to get the laptop.

If laptops were smaller, Claire would have it strapped to a utility belt at all times, as it was her prized possession and she would probably risk her life for it. The thing has cost three years of saving birthday and report card money, as well as stealthily selling some of her mom's old things on eBay. So far, she hasn't noticed.

Claire took her computer out of her bag and gave it a welcoming kiss on its front before opening it and pressing the on button. The desktop was filled to the brim with icons, some for shady-looking games I had never heard of, and even a few notepad documents titled "hacking experiment lulz", which scared me. I feared for my computer's safety as my cousin clicked on a three-dimensional brown cube with a green top.

After an orange logo appeared on the screen it opened up to a panoramic view of what I assumed was the game scenery, with simple rectangles as the buttons. "Let's see... let's start you off with a single-player survival game," Claire said, clicking on a few buttons and typed "Sandy has no friends(:" into what I assumed was a title box.

"Hey!" I laughed, punching her in the shoulder. "Even though it's pretty true..."

"What about that guy who flipped out on you at Aviskye's?" Claire asked, and Cam turned around from the couch, which he had instantly retreated to when we stepped through the door. Laser guns of some sort rang from the television.

"Oh, that," I replied. "I feel like I recognize him but I don't know where from. He probably goes to my school and he tripped me on accident or something."

"Maybe he's your soul mate," Cam said seriously. "You feel like they're familiar but you can't really remember how?"

"Since when do you know about soul mates, Mr. I'm-forever-alone-and-okay-with-it?" I snapped. "Besides, I'm too young for that crap."

"I don't know, I see a lot of lovestruck twelve year olds at your school," Claire said. "Like that one time you smuggled me into the school dance and we went people watching?"

"Pretty sad people younger than me have more successful love lives," I snorted. "Anyway, let's get this over with."

Claire clicked on the "Create World" button, and I felt an odd sense of excitement build up in my chest as the loading bar filled up. "Okay," Claire began. "Right hand on the mouse, left hand on the WASD keys."

I did as told. "W is forward, S is backward, I think you get it. Left mouse button is to punch, right button is to place."

"Place what?" I asked, but she ignored me.

"Scroller thingy is to select an item in your hotbar," she continued, and I was confused until the game finished loading and my character was dropped into a 3D world made of terrain-colored blocks. I had expected some stunning scenery like Skyrim from the amount of praise she had given this game, although the graphics had a nostalgic sort of beauty.

I wiggled the mouse and figured out that made the character look around. Combining it with the W key made you move. "This is pretty interesting..." I observed, tilting my head. "So... what do you do?"

"Okay. I'm going to be very specific, seeing as how this will probably change your life forever," Claire said dramatically. "You only have a limited amount of daylight, which is precious when you first start. The first thing you want to do is collect wood. Walk over to a tree and punch it."

Seeing as how I was dropped in the middle of a forest along what looked like a beach, I strolled over to a tree and held the left mouse button over the trunk. A tan, rectangular thing that I assumed was my arm started swinging at it. Moments later, the tree was missing a torso and a small floating block of log zoomed at the screen, showing up in the bottom line of squares.

I rolled the scroller, and different squares were highlighted. When I returned to the log it showed up in my hand.

"Good," Claire praised. "Collect a few more, maybe around ten or so."

I did so, and by the time I had collected about twenty of the log blocks I noticed the sun, which was square, had risen in the sky by a few inches. "Excellent," Claire said. "Now, open up your inventory by pressing the E button."

After pressing the letter, a small window showed up, with my character in one corner, a small 2x2 box in the other, and a large array of squares at the bottom, which I assumed was for items that you didn't need in your hotbar. "Take those logs and place them in that crafting square, the 2x2 one," Claire instructed. Once I did a single box next to it generated some lighter wooden planks. "Sweet. Not take those planks and fill up the crafting square with them."

I obediently filled up all four boxes and it created a darker box with a 3x3 grid on it. "That's a workbench, or a crafting table," Claire said. "Those are used to craft more things than the small inventory one can. Take it and place it on the ground, I'll help you get some tools."

It took me a second to close out of my inventory, and I got confused trying to place it, accidentally destroying a few innocent blocks of dirt in the process. "Oh my god, you're killing me," Claire huffed. "Give me the laptop."

I did so, a little frustrated, and Claire swiftly created a wooden pickaxe, sword, and axe by crafting sticks and placing them in different formations. "The pickaxe helps you mine stone," Claire explained. "The axe helps you cut down trees and the sword helps you kill monsters. You can use them for the wrong things, but they break twice as fast.

"The sun's beginning to go down, so we should start building a shelter," Claire continued. "The easiest way to do that is to mine a hole in a wall and place a door there. Let's mine a tunnel into this mountain..." she selected her wooden pickaxe and dug a short hole into a stone wall, placing her workbench inside. "Then let's make a door, and craft a furnace with the stone we got." She placed a door at the front of the tunnel, then surrounded the workbench grid with stone, save for the center space. A grey oven-thing popped up, and she placed it next to the crafting table.

"Since we didn't get coal, which creates torches, we need to make charcoal," Claire said, putting some logs and wooden planks in the furnace. They began to burn, generating black lumps. She used those to craft sticks with orange tips.

The sunsets in Minecraft were actually rather lovely, and I watched it as Claire began to light up her tunnel, hollowing it out and making it suitable to live it. "Now's around the time monsters come out," Claire instructed. "There are zombies, which use melee attacks on you; skeletons, which shoot you with arrows; spiders, which can climb walls; and creepers, nasty little things that blow up in your face."

"You forgot Endermen," Cameron reminded her without looking away from the television.

"Oh, right," Claire said. "Those things are terrifying. They're tall, black things that attack you when you look directly at them. I think there's one over there... yup! That's an Enderman."

I squinted, and saw a thin, black creature pick up a red flower from the ground and carry it a few feet, making strange otherworldly noises. "That's pretty creepy," I mumbled. "For this kind of game."

"Here, I'm gonna open the door and show you what they do," Claire said, and she turned the volume up on her laptop then clicked on the door.

As soon as the tiny pointer in the middle of the screen rested upon the Enderman, it turned and froze, its jaws unhinging as it started to shake. Ominous noise came from the speakers, giving me a really uneasy feeling.

"Pretty scary, right?" Claire said deviously. "Now let me show you what happens when I look away from him..." She took the pointer off of the Enderman, which then vanished in a puff of purple pixels.

It appeared right in front of her moments later, making me yelp in shock. The monster stood there for a moment, dropped the rose at the character's feet, then teleported away.

We were both silent. "Does... does that normally happen?" I said. "You made it sound like it would attack you..."

"Uh, yeah," Claire gulped. "Yeah, no, usually they brutally murder you. I have no idea what that was. Some kind of glitch?"

"What was?" Cam asked, pausing his violent first person shooter.

"I looked at an Enderman and it dropped a rose at my feet and walked away," Claire replied. "I'm freaking out right now."

"Yeah, weird," Cameron mumbled, unpausing his game. "... NO! Stop knifing me, bro! Not even cool!"

"Fine, don't listen to me then..." Claire pouted. "Well, it didn't hurt us or anything, so I'm gonna calm down and not worry about it."

"Good idea," I answered. "Can I try now? You kinda stole the computer from me."

"Oh, right, sure," Claire laughed, sliding the laptop back onto my lap. "Just wait until daytime, then go back outside and start getting more stuff."

"Will do," I said, pacing around the small cave Claire had hollowed out for me. Through the small windows in the door I could see what I assumed were skeletons and a rectangular green thing with four legs that I couldn't make out.

As I slouched over the laptop, the necklace Claire had given me swung down and constantly distracted me from the game, its polished surface reflecting my face. Although the stone wasn't as mystifying as a diamond or rubies, it had its own beauty, like the simpleness of a pearl.

Claire watched me walk in circles and jump at every noise the monsters outside made until the sun came back up. Sunrises were just as pretty as sunsets, and I studied it while the monsters caught on fire and burned to death.

"I think it's safe now," my cousin said. "Walk out and gather some more logs. I'm going to go... get your other present. Cam should come with."

"You can do it yourself," Cam argued, his thumbs dancing upon the joysticks.

"No I can't, I'm too weak to carry the sheer amount of presents we bought for our favorite cousin," Claire rolled her eyes. "I'm kidding, there are only, like, three. Help me anyway." She tugged on the sleeve of his Batman shirt and he mumbled what was probably a rude name under his breath before following her. Before Claire left, she added, "If you screw up, or you die, just call me and I'll help you with it."

My character wandered around for a bit before I settled next to the trees by the beach. As I punched them, I began to get a weird feeling, like I was unsafe. Tingles began to shoot down my spine, as if my entire body were falling asleep, and the last thing I saw before my face was dragged into the screen and everything disappeared into gold light was my necklace glowing like the sun.

Hey Claire, I think I need some of that help now.

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Chapter 2: A HorrENDous Discovery


A faint breeze blew on my face, and I heard the sound of waves somewhere in the distance. Where was I? I opened my eyes, and realized I was laying in sand, because my face was right in it. Knees wobbling, I stood up, brushed the grains out of my eyes, and looked around. There were hills in the distance, and there was a forest behind me. The trees were made out of... cubes?

Was I inside Minecraft?

"Mooooooooo!" I turned around and saw a rectangular cow turn its rectangular snout toward me.

"Moo?" It mooed, tilting its rectangular head.

...I guess I was.

I sat down, trying to get this through my head. If I was in Minecraft, then I would have to learn how to live in the world and survive in it. I would have to learn how to gather food and water, and get supplies to build a shelter. Not to mention hunting animals to eat, and cooking them long enough to not get poisoned.

Now that I thought about it, I didn't feel thirsty. I was definitely hungry, but I really didn't feel thirsty at all. Odd.

So... what was it that you needed to do first? Claire's tutorial of how to play Minecraft went through my head.

"Now, the first thing you want to do is collect wood. Wood is the base of all things in Minecraft."

But how would I do that? I didn't have an axe, or anything! I couldn't seem to remember how she got the wood! "Argh! Why me?" I yelled in frustration, punching a square tree out of anger.

The block I had punched popped off and shrunk, levitating a few inches above the ground. I looked at it, and it zoomed toward me.

"GAH!" I shrieked, jumping back and flailing my arms wildly so it wouldn't attack me. It flew over my head and... into my back? I turned around, and realized I was wearing a black backpack. Why didn't I see that before?

I opened one of the zippers and found the tiny wood cube sitting inside. Getting an idea, I set the backpack on the ground and began punching the tree as hard as I could. More blocks rained down, so I kept punching it until the entire trunk was in my backpack. It would've taken a lumberjack almost 15 minutes to do what I just did! I didn't know whether to feel proud or feel like a superhero.

I ran around in circles, punching every log in sight, and eventually, I had about 10 blocks in my bag. So how do you craft them into wooden planks? I opened up the front zipper of my bag, and there was an odd marking, like a 4x4 grid with a square to the right of it. Was that the little crafting window Claire showed me? I decided to test it by taking my block of wood and...

Huh? There was a little white "10" to the right of it. What did that mean; log to the 10th power? I thought for a moment, then I remembered. It meant I had 10 blocks of wood. But how would I split them? I took my hand and flicked it, making a log burst out of the cube and land on the grid. I did that twice more, so the number on the log became a 7. A picture popped up on the square next to the grid; it looked like wooden planks. Claire's tutorial coming back to me, I made sticks, and a bunch of tools: a sword, an axe, a pick, and a shovel. A hoe (ha ha.) wouldn't be much use to me now.

My stomach rumbled, and I swallowed, realizing how absolutely starving I was. Licking my lips, I looked around for something to eat.


My head whipped around, and I spotted a lone pig trotting around next to the water. I was never a really sensitive person; I would fry ants with a magnifying glass if I was bored, or squish a spider if it bothered me. So I took my wooden sword, and hid behind a tree, waiting for the pig to stop looking at me.

Eventually, the pink animal grew bored with watching me hide and began to bounce away, carefree and clueless. Before it could go far, I leaped out and stabbed it in the back. Back in my carefree days on Earth, I had never actually held a sword, let alone used one, so I didn't know how to kill things swiftly and painlessly.

Because of that, the pig screeched in pain, writhing around on the grass like a dying animal, because, well, it was one. I stared at it painfully, feeling bad that I had to cause it this much agony. I tried to finish the job by slashing my sword across its throat like the assassins I saw in movies. It worked; the pig's eyes glazed over, blood oozing out of the thin cut around its neck. It disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving behind a porkchop.

I didn't care that it wasn't cooked. I was so hungry I would've eaten the tree I cut down. I dug into it, ripping off every chunk of meat I could wrap my mouth around. Even though it was raw, it didn't taste half bad.

I finished eating the porkchop, then I looked at the sun, and realized I couldn't see it anymore. It was too late to make a shelter! I was going to get eaten if I didn't do something!

I grabbed my shovel and dug a hole three blocks down. I jumped into it, and grabbed my small block of dirt. I flicked it up, and a cube of dirt flew up and grew, filling in the hole. Just in time too; I could hear groans from the zombies, and spidery hisses.

I wrapped my arms around my legs, now too scared to go to sleep. I couldn't see worth beans, and the zombies only made it worse.

Suddenly, I felt footsteps on the block on top of me, then a frantic patter of feet. I immediately knew it was a creeper. I've never actually heard their hisses before, but I guess my brain had gotten tuned to this world.

Anyway, it sounded like the creeper was trying to dig through the block atop of me. I could feel dirt beginning to fall into my eyes as it got closer to me, closer to killing me...


Suddenly, I heard what sounded like a burst of energy and a loud crack. With a hiss, I heard the creeper die. Had something, or someone, killed it to save me? I broke the block above me and peeked out of the hole. The moonlight lit up the forest, and for a split second, I saw a flash of purple.

Then, it was gone.

I longed to chase after whatever it was, but I heard more zombies coming curiously to my hole, so I ducked back down, closed up my little hidey-hole, and fell into a nervous, jumpy sleep.


"Is she going to be okay, Auntie?"

Claire and Cameron stood above the limp body of their cousin, who was sitting in a hospital bed, unmoving.

Their aunt said nothing, her face still lined with tears. Her daughter, according to the bewildered doctors, was in a coma; how it had happened was unknown. When Claire explained that she collapsed while she was playing Minecraft, the doctors only said that was irrelevant and had nothing to do with her symptoms.

How very wrong they were.

Claire sat down and opened her laptop, not saying anything. She started up Minecraft and clicked on Sandy's world with shaking fingers. Would she go into a coma too? Or worse? The game began to load and...

...Nothing happened. In fact, a popup appeared, saying that the world was corrupted and could not be opened. It asked if she wanted to close the game or restart it. Losing all hope to save her cousin and be the hero, Claire gave a shaky sigh, closed Minecraft, and logged into her Facebook...

Like my little marking/break thingy? It's an Eye of Ender! :D

So...There! Ch 2 is done! I don't think it's as long as Ch 1, but again, it's just a filler. It's pretty obvious what the flash of purple is, but you won't see it again for a while. I might put it briefly in Ch 3, but other than that, it won't appear for a long time.

Give me some suggestions, faithful reviewers! (Or, currently, reviewer). What kind of stuff should I put in TMD? She WILL have pets, I already know that, and she's going to meet another person or two. I have a lot of plans already. I might make a sidestory or two about her doing a bunch of mods. Like the Aether and such. Because the Aether is awesome.

Chapter 3: FriENDship

I knew it was morning when sun began to shine through the dirt block above me and it began to fall on my face and shirt. When I woke up, I heard a strange inhuman noise that sounded like...screaming?

Grabbing my sword, I dug myself out of the hole and looked around fearfully.


Upon hearing that sound, I jumped, whipped around, and saw a zombie crawl out from a shadow under the trees, reaching for me. The skin on its face was peeling off, and there were missing patches of skin all over its ragged body, exposing rotting bone and muscle tissue. One of the eyes was missing, showing a gaping black hole leading to the skull.

When it went into the sunlight, it burst into flames and collapsed, moaning in agony. Its hand touched my shoe as it died, and I gagged at the stench of burning, rotting flesh. I guess all the monsters burn up in the sunlight. But... wasn't there one or two that didn't?

Hearing a scuffling behind me, I turned again and saw a humongous black hairy spider clinging to a tree trunk, peering at me with bright strange eyes. The two largest ones were different colors: one blue, and one green.

I shrieked, mostly because it startled me, not because I was scared of spiders. Because I wasn't. I swear. I wasn't scared of spiders. At all.

Okay, maybe a bit.

However, It didn't seem intent on causing me any bodily harm, so I started chopping down wood to make a shelter, which I forgot to do yesterday. The spider sat there, watching me and making sure I didn't do anything shady.

After collecting some wood and turning it into planks with the grid on my backpack, I discovered that wooden planks would only stack up to 64, then a new cube would start in my backpack. After I found that out, I stopped and began to make the frame of my house by flicking my hand across the top of the cube, which would make it grow and place itself in the direction I flicked it in. I didn't want to make my shelter too big, because it would probably take too long. I made it about 8 blocks long, 8 blocks wide, and 5 blocks tall. Then I sealed up the roof with plain logs.
Once I finished the structure, I made a door so I could see outside safely. But I didn't know how to make torches or windows. Claire never told me...

Claire... would I ever see her again? Or Cameron? Or Mom?

Tears stung my eyes, and through the blur I thought I saw what looked like a chest under one of the trees still standing. The only trees not cut down were the ones next to the spider, because I was still spooked and didn't want it to attack me. Not because I was scared. Because I wasn't.

I walked toward it, eyeing the spider nervously, and pushed the clasps on it open with my thumbs. It creaked open, and inside it was a book; no gold or jewels or anything, which was rather disappointing. The book looked rather old, and it was made of brown leather, probably from a cow, or multiple cows. The pages looked like they were made from scratch, like the person who wrote it made the paper as well.

There was no title on the front, so I opened it, and saw... a crafting guide? Flipping through the book, I found recipes for torches, furnaces, armor, everything I needed! I turned to the back cover, and found a strange note.

~If this book is lost, return it to Will Curtisimo.


I looked at the book. It said to make torches you need to find coal. If you can't, you can burn logs in a furnace to make charcoal. The recipe for a furnace was to fill in all the blocks on a crafting table with stone except the middle one. Looks like the crafting grid in my backpack wouldn't be much use to me now.

I took some wood and made a crafting table like the book described. It looked like a crate made of logs with a 3x3 grid on the top, with a square next to it. Luckily, there was a mountain behind my house, so I headed there with my pick to find some coal.

Once I got there, I looked around, and found some about 10 feet above me. I couldn't reach it, but maybe if I stacked blocks under me...

I grabbed a dirt block, and jumped, while flicking it under me at the same time. It worked! I almost lost my balance, but it could hold my weight.

I kept doing that until I was eye level with the coal. After mining it all, and making them into torches with the grid on my backpack, I jumped off of the 10 block all tower.


My ankle was on fire. I guess I wasn't invincible here after all. It felt broken, and I limped back to my house as the sky turned purple.

I lit up some torches, and made a furnace, which I lit up too. Warmth began to spread through the house. But it grew cold as I remembered the monsters. Could they go into my house?

I could see a creeper wandering around outside, and I heard moans and clacks from the skeletons. I was lucky that I didn't meet a creeper while I was working. Just the spider, which turned harmless in the daytime. I wonder if he's still there? Would he remember me? Or would he attack me nonetheless?

Suddenly, I heard a commotion outside. Bows were launched, and I heard moans and hisses and the shplunk sound of a sword going through a monster's head, killing it instantly. Was there something out there? Maybe... the flash of purple I saw last night?

Why was I so desperate to see it anyway? It was almost like I was drawn to it, like I had to be near it to feel safe.
I heard an explosion, probably from a creeper, then a yell, but it didn't sound monstrous.

In fact, it sounded almost human.

I looked up, and heard a frantic knocking on my door. "Help! Help, please! Let me in!"

So it was a human! It sounded like a guy, too. I was the luckiest girl alive! Hopefully he was cute.

I limped to the door, opened it, and found him laying there on my doorstep pitifully. He seemed to be about my age, maybe a bit older, and he was bleeding from cuts all over his body. His black hair was tusseled and covered in dirt from his fight with the monsters. There was a burn on his left arm, probably from that creeper explosion.

"Ugh... thank you..." he moaned. "Thank you so-" He looked up and stopped for a second when he saw me. Suddenly I became super self-conscious. "Y-you're a girl?"

"Yeah," I said, one eyebrow raised. "What's your point?" I tried not to be too flirty, because that would probably make him leave.

"Nothing..." he mumbled, embarrassed. He stood up and frantically brushed his hair back like he wanted to impress me, but all it did was tint his black hair red with blood from his hands. It did give it a cute slick look though.

"So... are you planning on staying here?" I asked, my eyebrow still raised.

"Umm..." the guy said nervously. "Umm... if you don't mind. Can I?"

"Alright." I shrugged "I'm not going to give you anything, though. Don't mean to be rude, but stuff is scarce." It was true. I wasn't going to make him dependant on me for survival. Because that would be weird.

"That's fine," he said, reaching for a utility belt under his dark grey t-shirt. He pulled a miniature bed out of one of the loops and flicked it; it grew larger and placed itself next to the wall. Then, he took some glass and made windows, me watching all the while.

He turned and looked at me. "Sorry. Just wanted to make sure we could see."

I shrugged. "I don't care what you do, as long as it doesn't destroy anything."

"Then I'm going to sleep. I need my energy." He hopped into his bed, and curled up under the red wool blanket. "Good night."

It took him about 10 seconds to fall asleep. I wasn't tired, though. I took my leather book and flipped through it under the light of my torches. I was feeling very warm and cozy with the furnace burning logs, and as I drifted off, I flipped to a page describing something called... an Eye of Ender?

It had pictures of a strange-looking thing, like a green cat's eye with a flaming orange stick being pushed into the pupil. The writing began to look frantic, like the person who wrote this was hurrying.

"The Eye of Ender is created when a blaze rod is mixed with an Ender pearl. Blazes are found in the depths of the Nether, and Endermen are found in the overworld. Eyes of Ender are used to find strongholds, or mysterious and dangerous dungeons found underground. When you find twelve, put them in the portal before it finds you- Oh no, it's here! Help me! Someone, help me ple

It stopped there, the word "ple" drifting off the page. How curious.

The moans of zombies felt like a lullaby to me now. My ankle searing with pain, I drifted off to sleep, secretly watching the guy in his bed out of the corner of my eye.

Then I realized I forgot to ask him his name.


Claire and Cameron watched Sandy sleep, the heartbeat meter beeping steadily. Claire had not tried to enter Sandy's Minecraft game since yesterday, and she was scared to try to do it again. Cam shoved his hands in the pockets of his grey sweatshirt and walked out of the room, probably to get something out of the snack bar, the pig.

Sandy's face began to twitch, was she waking up? Hope filling Claire, she watched her, waiting for her blue eyes to open.


Claire jumped back, seeing Sandy's foot suddenly twist at an odd angle. Had her ankle just mysteriously broken?

As the doctors rushed into the room and shooed Claire out, she winced, that sound committing to her memory.

There! Ch. 3 done! A bit more action in it now.

Chapter Four: No Longer IndepENDent

Strange whitish rock surrounded me.

I was on top of a giant pillar made of dark purple crystalline blocks, and the sky was black and fizzled like static. Tiny stars dotted the sky, giving the place a hopeless feel, like you could never return back home, like you would be forever trapped in your own despair. There was nothing living around me, except for two long black figures in the distance.

Were those... Endermen?

I looked at them, but they didn't turn around. Bright purple particles billowed around them like mist.

Wait, purple? Was that purple flash I saw the other day an Enderman?

The two Endermen turned and began to talk to each other. When they spoke, I could hear them in my mind, their voice echoey and distant sounding.

"Is this the young woman you speak of?" One of them said. They seemed to have noticed my presence.

"Yes," the other one replied. "Sandy."

They know my name? Stalkers.

"How is she still alive? The attack from the diseased should have killed her. Now that the distortion disease is spreading to mobs all over the world, they are very dangerous and aggressive."

"One of our kind saved her. He is a traitor and a fool."

So... Endermen have genders. Would that make a female Enderman an Enderwoman?

"Shall we kill him?" The first Enderman said excitedly, like he couldn't wait to commit murder. Wait, they didn't want that Enderman to save me? They wanted me to die? Or did they just want to see how I could fight them on my own?

...No." The second replied. "He can protect her while we wait. I am not saying she should have died. On the contrary, I am glad she is alive. We need her for the-"

"Hush!" the first Enderman cried. "She is here! She cannot know! But... may I see her?"

"Okay," the other one replied, after a moment of hesitation. "You are of a higher level than most Endermen. You can control yourself. Unless..."

But the Enderman didn't wait. He spun around, and looked me directly in the eye.

His purple eyes widened, and as his body began to shake uncontrollably, his jaw seemed to unhinge, becoming unnaturally wide.

"N-No!" The Enderman not shaking cried, grabbing the shaking one's arm to hold him back. "Curse it to the Aether and back! You should have waited, you impatient scrub! I was going to check for the distortion disease! You are infected! You're unsta- AAARRGHHH!"

The Enderman going out of control ripped himself out of his friend's grip, and charged toward me at an extremely fast speed. I tried to run, but my feet were glued to the top of the pillar, forcing me to watch him speed forward to kill me. I could see every speck of violet mist trailing behind him, and as the inside of his mouth began to wrap around my head...


I woke up to the sound of that boy I met last night's yells of pain. He had his elbows on the crafting table, was clutching his eye with both hands, and teaching me some pretty nasty-sounding Minecraftian swear words.

It seemed that I had fallen asleep on the floor, so I stood up, my ankle still burning from when I jumped off of the pillar I made yesterday, and looked at him. "What happened?" I said sleepily. The sun had already risen, and I could see objects littered on the ground from when the monsters burned up. Bones, arrows, and pieces of shredded oozing meat with a greenish tinge.

There were shards of glass all over the crafting table, along with some strange brown lumps. I wasn't going to ask what those were.

Still clutching his eye, the boy replied, "Nothing. Just cut myself."

After a very awkward silence, I rotated the foot that wasn't sprained and mumbled, "Er... I never did get your name."

The boy thought for a moment. "...Shadow. I'm Shadow."

Shadow... what a cute- ahem. I said nothing. "I'm Sandy. Sandy Jones," I said. "You don't have a last name?"

"No," he said simply. "I'm just Shadow. It doesn't really matter if you have a last name, does it?"

"I guess not," I sighed, trying to smooth down my frizzy brown hair. I wish I had some sort of hair tie or ribbon or something. And what would I cut it with? There weren't any recipes for scissors in my book. There were things called "shears" used to cut wool off of sheep, but they didn't seem capable of neatly trimming human hair.

His hand still over his eye, Shadow asked, "Why don't you go hunting? We need more food."

I was rather hungry, but my ankle burned. It was difficult to stand on it. "I don't know, I think I sprained my-"

"Excuses excuses," he replied, and without making eye contact, he took a pork chop out from his belt and tossed it at me. I caught it and took a large bite. It was room temperature, but it still tasted really good. Once I finished it, I instantly felt full and a warm feeling began to spread through my ankle, and then it felt as if I had plunged it in ice water. I twisted my foot. It didn't hurt any more!

"Thanks," I said, grinning. I grabbed my backpack and took out my beat up wooden sword. He still didn't look at me, but he hinted, "You might want to make a new sword. That hunk of log won't hurt a thing after a few more uses. Try making one out of cobblestone."

I nodded, and walked over to my crafting table; the one Shadow was working on was his. I took some stone and sticks out of my backpack, placed one stick on the bottom square of the grid, and two blocks of stone on top of it. A tiny grey sword appeared inside the box next to it. I pinched the handle between my thumb and index finger and picked it up.

Suddenly, it grew to the size of a normal sword in my hand, and it was a lot heavier than my last one, because it was made of stone, not wood. The handle looked like it was made out of a shiny wood, like the stick had been polished. The blade didn't shine like the nice iron sword in my crafting book, but it sure looked sharp.

I swung it over my shoulder and waved at him. He didn't look up, but I thought I saw what little I could see of his face redden. I wonder why he wouldn't make eye contact. Did he think I was squeamish and didn't want to see that cut that he had? I didn't see any blood...

I walked out of the house and picked up all the items littered around from the dead monsters. Then, I looked around for any edible animals. After about 10 seconds, I heard a loud cluck so I turned and spotted a lone white hen pecking around. It seemed that there were wild farm animals in Minecraft, instead of birds and bugs and stuff on Earth.

In fact, I didn't hear any birds chirping. Did birds not exist here except for chickens? And when I dug that hole to hide from the monsters, there weren't any worms or bugs in the soil. The only bug that I saw was a spider.

The chicken was uninterested in me, and it kept pecking around without a care in the world. I snuck around behind it, then lunged forward, stabbing it in the neck.

Even though that was my second time attacking something, it was a pretty good shot. Beginner's luck, I suppose. When I killed it, I realized I hadn't attacked a monster yet. Would they be harder to kill?

The chicken squawked once and fell over, disappearing in a puff of scentless white smoke and leaving behind a whole, miniature floating chicken ready for cooking.

I almost drooled at the sight of the chicken, but when I heard a moo on my other side, the taste of a well-cooked steak flew into my brain. I had to have it.

The chicken flying into my backpack, I walked up to the cow (which was smaller than Earth cows, its head was about up to my chin) when its back was facing me, and stabbed it in the small of the back, which was effective on pigs and chickens.

It didn't work. The cow stumbled, but it was still alive. "MOOOOOOOO!" It bellowed, turning around and snorting. It began to charge towards me, and I panicked. It didn't have any horns, it was a female cow, but I bet it could stomp my face in if it wanted to. Holding my breath, I held out my sword, and the cow impaled itself right through the chest.

"MOOOOOOOOoooo..." It moaned, and its cry of pain faded into nothing as blood dripped from its mouth and it disappeared in a puff of smoke. I was used to it now, I didn't even blink as the smoke blew over me and drifted away with the wind.

After picking up the red, tasty-looking beef left behind, I walked back to the house. It seemed that Shadow had made a few improvements; the house was a bit bigger, and there were windows placed strategically around it to make it look nice and tidy. Red and yellow flowers grew under the glass panes, and I wondered how it took such a short time to grow them. Maybe you just place them, and it's that simple.

Anyway, I walked in and was greeted by Shadow, who actually looked at me, unlike before I left. His eyes were a warm, chocolatey brown, almost exactly like the brown lumps he was working with before I went to hunt. I almost melted when he smiled at me, but enough with the cheesiness.

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