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Lucky Days, 2019

A Numerologist’s Guide to the Luckiest Days of 2019

by Penny Numbers

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The 19 Luckiest Days of 2019 to Play the Lottery


Thank you to all of my teachers who guided me on this journey. I am blessed to have learned from each of you.

Numerology, in a very small nutshell, is a form of divination based on the study of numbers. One of the most commonly calculated numbers is derived from your birthdate. Numerology forecasts can be quite complex and this eBook isn’t about numerology. However, I have provided a brief introduction so you can use this eBook effectively for the coming year.

This book uses the most elementary number calculated in Numerology, your Ruling Number, which is based on your date of birth. It is very easy to calculate your Ruling Number.

Add all of the digits from your complete birthdate until you get either a single digit or 11, 22, or 33.

If your birthday is February 1, 2002, you add 2+1+2+0+0+2=7.

Your Ruling Number would be Seven.

11, 22, and 33 are considered Master Numbers and should not be reduced down to a single digit.

If your birthday is January 1, 1991, you would add, 1+1+1+9+9+1=22.

Here is a short synopsis of the key characteristics for each Ruling Number.

One is ruled by the Sun. One is arrogant, impatient, demanding, and ambitious. Ones are dynamic leaders, as they are born team managers that thrive on challenges. Ones are the pioneers of the world. They are innovators. Ones also can be impulsive. They can become easily bored in love and have no problem living as single. One will enjoy success this year with a new endeavor.

Two is ruled by the Moon. Two is modest, indecisive, diplomatic, perceptive, and peaceful. Two is an introverted deep thinker who does very well in the world of business. Two will do whatever it takes to keep their love life harmonious. Two should plan for unseen expenses this year.

Three is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Three is fun, flirty, and makes friends everywhere they go. Three is the one you invite to every party. Three is entertaining and makes everyone laugh. Three enjoys life to the fullest. Three needs room to manage their very busy social life. If you love a Three, don’t box them in. Three has a great sense of optimism, but is also prone to moody days. Three should prepare for success in love and money this year. 2019 is a good year for a Three, so they should be optimistic and expect extra incoming money.

Four is ruled by the planet Uranus. Four is a worker. Four is reliable, dependable, and stubborn as a mule. Four is detail oriented. Four is a practical planner who thrives under pressure. Four is a rescuer and is often drawn to a lover that provides many delicious complications. Four should turn their planning skills to their own budget this year. Four will meet someone this year.

Five is ruled by the planet Mercury. Five is witty, gregarious, magnetic, and self-indulgent. Five is a curious explorer who you should invite on a trip. Five communicates well and can be a great motivator of people. Five is Happy Go Lucky and cannot tolerate stagnation. They require a lover who can provide mental stimulation. Five needs variety and is quickly bored by people and situations. Five should have no trouble staying adaptable this year, which will lead to financial payoffs.

Six is ruled by Venus. Six is generous, nurturing, and kind. Six is family oriented and makes an exceptional parent. Six often gives their time to other people and causes. They speak up and speak out for what they believe in. Six is also for lovers. Six can be a possessive and jealous lover, but they are loyal. Six may be thinking of settling down this year, but will experience relationship challenges that could end up changing their mind.

Seven is ruled by Neptune. Seven is odd and inflexible. Seven may not be listening to you, because Seven often lives inside their own daydreams. Seven can talk your ear off at breakfast and be quiet at dinner time. Seven would like to learn everything and they make exceptional students. Seven can live alone or in a loving relationship. It all depends on their mood. Give Seven the quiet time they require to keep their sanity. 2019 offers Seven a chance for success with a new project. Seven will need to have lots of alone time to work on it.

Eight is ruled by Saturn. Eight is a success story. Eight is decisive, profound, and organized. Eight is goal oriented. They are driven by accolades, money, and power and will work tirelessly to obtain them. Eight is a workaholic and needs to be in charge of a relationship. Eight will need to stay true to the course to slowly see any gains this year.

Nine is ruled by Mars. Nine is a bright teacher, wise, kind, and helpful. Nine can be pouty or moody. Nine is an adventurer who easily makes friends. They will be quick to rally to their friend’s aid. Nine likes to solve their Lover’s problems for them. Nine should rein in their impulsive side this year, to avoid losses.

Eleven is considered a Master Number. Eleven is considerate, kind, and loyal. A romantic idealist at heart, Eleven can easily have their feelings hurt. Eleven makes for an exceptional mate, as they always put others’ needs ahead of their own.

Twenty Two is also a Master Number. Twenty Two is a dramatic visionary. They are the sort of leader you would follow into battle. They are inspirational. Twenty Two is loyal in love.

Thirty Three is also considered a Master Number by some. The Ruling Number of Thirty Three doesn’t have any Lucky Days this year. That’s not a problem. Thirty Three is more of a Lucky Day maker. Thirty Three brings good fortune everywhere they go. Should you encounter them, consider it your Very Lucky Day.

January 2019

January is not the start of The Year of the Female Brown Earth Pig. That doesn’t occur until February. However, we can set our intentions for the coming year with the Brown Earth Pig on our minds. Good News! The Year of the Pig brings money. But the Pig reminds us not to become too greedy. The Pig’s lucky numbers are 4, 6, and 8. Chinese philosophy recognizes five elements, Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal, and Water. The Brown Earth Pig lacks two of these elements, Fire and Metal. So make yellow, red, orange, and pink your colors for the year, to compensate for the missing Fire element; choose white or gold for the missing Water element. The Year of The Brown Earth Pig is a good year to choose a new job or to change career paths. Keep a representation of the Pig close to you for good luck all year.

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