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The Sea by KL Hughes The Sea by Oct. 17, 2018 Free! 5,030 words Read a sample
Literature professor Louise Richards has a secret. She isn't human. Her evergreen body harbors a weathered soul, jaded and no longer thriving. That is, until student Nicole Stark walks into her classroom and awakens her. Something about Nicole is different, alluring, but Louise can’t quite put her finger on it. A supernatural lesbian romance about embracing secrets and being true to ourselves.
The Blacksmith by Sean Cashman The Blacksmith by Oct. 17, 2018 Free! 4,290 words Read a sample
A short tale of loss, centered around the memories of a man who lost everything, and now clings to what he once was. A string of events, born from the mistakes of his past, converge in a single point that will change his life forever. Be it for better or worse, the man he once was is shattered, and from the pieces he must struggle to forge a new life.
The Heartbreak Cowboy: Book 1 in the Coldiron Cowboys Series by Mina Beckett The Heartbreak Cowboy: Book 1 in the Coldiron Cowboys Series by Oct. 17, 2018 $2.99 80,370 words Sample 20%
Old flames burn hotter the second time around... It’s been four long years since McCrea Coldiron watched Eleanor Mackenna walk out of his life. He wasn’t ready for the marriage noose then and never thought he would be. Single, free to do as he pleases, and running the Promise Point Horse Rescue Ranch are the things
So Be It! by John Dell So Be It! by Oct. 17, 2018 Free! 37,770 words Read a sample
From dodging attacks by Stuka dive-bombers, digging up unexploded bombs, dragging bodies from burning aircraft, running the gauntlet of the Portsmouth Blitz; Don Sutherland's true story of service in the wartime RAF brings to life the terror and tedium of the life of groundcrew in those desperate days.
The Mage and The Boffin by Cliff Pratt The Mage and The Boffin by Oct. 17, 2018 $2.99 127,420 words Sample 15%
The Mage and the Boffin. The most powerful couple in many worlds. She is the ultimate scientist. He is the most powerful practitioner of Magic. But they are wary about using those powers to the maximum because they have discovered that direct intervention seldom results in a favourable outcome. Instead they apply them subtly, indirectly, behind the scenes, when they can.
Rhuna, The Snow Dreamer - Book 5 of A Quest for Ancient Wisdom by Barbara Underwood Rhuna, The Snow Dreamer - Book 5 of A Quest for Ancient Wisdom by Oct. 17, 2018 $0.99 77,740 words Sample 10%
Rhuna travels to the Land at the Top of the World, but her journey to seek help from Masters living on a higher plane is fraught with peril. A frightening entity called a tulpa, created from concentrated imagination, is determined to kill her before she reaches her goal. Did the Dark Master survive Rhuna's attempt to destroy him, and is he after revenge by controlling this murderous tulpa?
The Silver Queen by Josie Jaffrey The Silver Queen by Oct. 17, 2018 $3.99 100,770 words Sample 20%
The Silver Queen is the second book in Josie Jaffrey’s Sovereign trilogy, set in a dystopian Europe where vampiric Nobles control the last remnants of the human race.
One Way or Another by A.L. Brooks One Way or Another by Oct. 17, 2018 $6.99 63,290 words Sample 20%
Corporate lawyer Sarah is living a simple life: No ties, no hassles, no love. Demure teacher Bethany just wants to be swept off her feet. A chance meeting outside a London sex shop draws the unlikely pair together. But how can two people so different even connect, let alone fall in love? Can Ms. Wrong ever be right? A fun, sexy, lesbian romance about finding not what we want, but what we need.
Irregular Heartbeat by Chris Zett Irregular Heartbeat by Oct. 17, 2018 $9.99 94,250 words Sample 20%
When drummer Diana Petrell leaves her rock-star life to return to ER medicine, she won’t let anything stop her—not even falling for aloof mentor, Dr. Emily Barnes. Emily isn’t happy having to babysit an intriguing resident with a ten-year gap in her résumé. But then the lines blur. What happens to their careers when Diana’s secret comes out? A lesbian romance that asks how much we’d risk for love.
The Ace and the Bear by Caitlin Ricci The Ace and the Bear by Oct. 17, 2018 $2.99 17,600 words Sample 20%
When Jonah's family moves from San Francisco to a small town in Missouri, they hope it will give Jonah a simpler life—but simple isn't so easily obtained. Jonah becomes friends with Ansel and quickly develops a crush on him. When Ansel comes out to him, life seems even better, but as they finish high school and move on to college, life becomes even more complicated...
Upon the River Shore by Leona Bentley Upon the River Shore by Oct. 17, 2018 $4.99 60,830 words Sample 10%
Brett Garder is a rarity, an inverted mage, which makes him a liability in the world into which he was born. On the run from his violent and controlling boyfriend, he moves to the rural town of Landings. Having been raised by his grandfather to believe that only family can be trusted, meeting Lane Hunter is a shock.
A Silent Game of Spies by Brittanny Davis A Silent Game of Spies by Oct. 17, 2018 $4.99 276,320 words Sample 20%
Out of old comes a tale of royalty, assassins, and spies. War is brewing again throughout the Land. Centuries-old alliances are renewed, kingdoms fight for their realms, treachery emerges to overthrow rulers, all while murder and chaos run rampant….
Rogue Derelict by Joseph R. Lallo Rogue Derelict by Oct. 17, 2018 $2.99 66,680 words Sample 20%
After the fall of the empire, all Benita Castor wants is a quiet life as an accountant. Somehow, she finds herself auditing an old Kirian space station for a crime boss instead. When an ancient ship arrives and its crew assumes Benita was their commander, the echoes of the past could have grave consequences for her future. Rogue Derelict is set in Lindsay Buroker’s Fallen Empire Series.
Defiance Of The Heart (Book 2) by Monica James Defiance Of The Heart (Book 2) by Oct. 17, 2018 $2.99 105,100 words
For never was there a story of more woe than that of Holland Brooks and her Romeo... For as long as I can remember, London Sinclair was the boy who was forbidden. It didn’t matter that he made my heart skip a beat. Our surnames fated us to be sworn enemies. But when the truth was finally revealed, my life changed forever.
The Collective: Book of Poems III by Khali Raymond The Collective: Book of Poems III by Oct. 17, 2018 $3.99 4,920 words
The Collective: Book of Poems III encompasses the story of Stella, a woman who is forced to make a choice in her volatile relationship.
Two Psychos and A Ghost Girl by J.E. Madav Two Psychos and A Ghost Girl by Oct. 17, 2018 $0.99 3,100 words Sample 15%
TWO PSYCHOS AND A GHOST GIRL by Jose Madrigal is a collection of short stories that include revenge obsession thrills and a ghost girl. Sit back and enjoy these psychological and supernatural thrillers that will have you wondering what happens next.
No More Mistakes by Chelsea Oakwood No More Mistakes by Oct. 17, 2018 $7.97 2,970 words Sample 20%
NO MORE MISTAKES is a collection of four short drama stories. The subjects range from best friends, to colleagues competing at work, to meeting an estranged parent after years and another day, another problem on a spaceship.
Bound by Love by Roxie Brandon Bound by Love by Oct. 16, 2018 $0.99 20,490 words Sample 20%
...I would avenge Jeff and all of my own that had died at the hands of the werewolves. They would all be sorry, the last lot of them. I’d hold my blade to the werewolf Dylan’s neck and afford him the right to plead for his life before I sliced his head from his body. Our clans must be avenged...
Hallelujah Book 1 by Jamie Brown Hallelujah Book 1 by Oct. 16, 2018 $1.99 22,710 words Sample 10%
This is the first book in a trilogy. Set in the near future, the story tells of the journey of survivors of war and plague to a promised land where they can build a new society, one that avoids the mistakes of the past.
Describe by Lucus Anthony Ren Describe by Oct. 16, 2018 Free! 4,560 words Read a sample
Here I represent or give an account of through words, figure, model, or mental picture what happened, in this stint with madness.
Esencia Minimalista by Lucia Terol Esencia Minimalista by Oct. 16, 2018 $7.50 28,980 words
¿Te faltan horas en el día y a veces te vas a dormir con la sensación de que no has hecho nada de valor? ¿Tienes bastante ropa pero no sabes qué ponerte por las mañanas? Te encuentras ante un curso intensivo para de 21 rutas para identificar qué te aporta valor, priorizarlo y, por supuesto, dejar ir lo que no te lo aporte. Este libro de forma práctica y sencilla.
Bobby Sterling vs Truth: A young adult science fiction thriller - Book 1 by Alex Mueller Bobby Sterling vs Truth: A young adult science fiction thriller - Book 1 by Oct. 16, 2018 $2.99 79,820 words Sample 15%
Bobby Sterling was an ordinary teenager who was whisked away into adventure at an space academy he never knew existed. Bobby will have to overcome his fears, push himself like never before and cope with his emotions as he gains new abilities and explores new worlds.But something happened there that no one will talk about. Can Bobby uncover the truth? Or will the truth discover him first...
Esencia Minimalista by Lucia Terol Esencia Minimalista by Oct. 16, 2018 $7.50 28,980 words
¿Te faltan horas en el día y a veces te vas a dormir con la sensación de que no has hecho nada de valor? ¿Tienes bastante ropa pero no sabes qué ponerte por las mañanas? Te encuentras ante un curso intensivo para de 21 rutas para identificar qué te aporta valor, priorizarlo y, por supuesto, dejar ir lo que no te lo aporte. Este libro de forma práctica y sencilla.
Henrietta Lacks by Naven Johnson Henrietta Lacks by Oct. 16, 2018 $3.99 4,880 words Sample 10%
On a bright day of August 1st, in the year of 1920, Eliza and Johnny Pleasant brought forth a girl Loretta Pleasant, who’s name was later on changed to Henrietta Lacks for reasons unknown to the family. As she grew up, she was given the nickname Hennie.
Kings of Society....A Brooklyn Story by Michael Angus Kings of Society....A Brooklyn Story by Oct. 16, 2018 $15.99 20,400 words Sample 15%
This a euphoric feel of young teens adventure in Brooklyn, a coming of age for the kids of the city beating the odds of street life to a life of luxury.
I'm Writing My Wrongs, I'm Not Righting My Wrongs by I. Callaway I'm Writing My Wrongs, I'm Not Righting My Wrongs by Oct. 16, 2018 $9.99 43,620 words Sample 10%
From the beginning to the completion of this book, the reader will be inserted in the life of the author with the intention to evoke empathy. The stories will take you on a range of emotions that will consciously stir up encouragement, strength, wisdom, love, heartbreak, pain, fear and most importantly FAITH. Class is in session!
Between the Firmaments by JY Yang Between the Firmaments by Oct. 16, 2018 $4.99 20,930 words Sample 20%
JY Yang’s Between the Firmaments is a secondary-world fantasy about a romance between two gods, set in an occupied city where being a god is illegal. It is beautiful, challenging, queer, slightly experimental, and 100% awesome.
The Man Who Killed Ned Taylor by Joseph Bergstrom The Man Who Killed Ned Taylor by Oct. 16, 2018 Free! 1,420 words Read a sample
A man doesn’t leave much behind when he’s breathed his last. Just a name, some memories in folks’ minds, and, hopefully, something that truly matters. The man who killed Ned Taylor didn’t leave his name, or something that truly mattered, behind. Just some memories...
Husk by Delia Strange Husk by Oct. 16, 2018 $5.99 72,460 words Sample 20%
Heroes sacrifice themselves. Villains sacrifice others. Can one man live to be both? Daeson awakens in a car wreck with a dying woman. Forced to deal with the consequences of Synjan’s actions, Daeson’s resentment grows. No longer supported by her companion and friend, Synjan invites a dangerous foe to join them—the Hunter himself. Husk is the fifth book in this gritty contemporary fantasy.
Made of Steel: The Complete Series by Ivy Smoak Made of Steel: The Complete Series by Oct. 16, 2018 $29.99 237,100 words Sample 10%
The witness protection program has given me the fresh start I've always dreamed of. A new home. A new name. A new life. For the first time in ten years it feels like I can breathe again.
Spiritual Transplant, Spiritual Transfusion: The Flesh and Blood of the Savior by Eric Chun Spiritual Transplant, Spiritual Transfusion: The Flesh and Blood of the Savior by Oct. 16, 2018 Free! 16,790 words Read a sample
The ordinance commonly referred to as "the sacrament" is one of the ordinances of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that has a fixed wording. This book is mainly written to suggest that much can be learned by prayerfully pondering the ordinance.
Auctor - Vengeful Intent by Steven Sterup, Jr Auctor - Vengeful Intent by Oct. 16, 2018 Free! 37,900 words Read a sample
Disclaimer: This book contains a considerable amount of violence and dark emotions. When Kaya Nichols' step-sister, Trish, turns up dead Kaya leaves behind her job as a foreign journalist to find out what really happened to her step-sister. At least that is the job everyone thinks she has. The men who killed Trish think they've handled the problem until Kaya returns for her sister's funeral.
Apocalipse O enigma do fim by Eliel Roshveder Apocalipse O enigma do fim by Oct. 16, 2018 $1.00 10,350 words Sample 20%
Muitas igrejas já não pregam o Apocalipse alegando que ele assusta os fiéis e isso também pode prejudicar as ofertas. Estas igrejas preferem pregar mensagens positivas que enaltecem o homem e a família, mas esquecem que quando o Anticristo vier estas famílias serão aniquiladas.
Hell & the Devil by Colin Thomson Hell & the Devil by Oct. 16, 2018 Free! 4,080 words Read a sample
Hell & The Devil discusses whether the devil, or call him what you like, actually exists. It gives a detailed discussion on the pesky lost souls that cause troubles and illnesses for many people. There is also a brief discussion on the present residents of hell.
The Gallows Stone by Leg Iron Books The Gallows Stone by Oct. 16, 2018 $2.99 31,440 words Sample 20%
This, the sixth Underdog Anthology, contains ten Halloween stories by seven authors. A variety of themes and styles means there is something for everyone. Do you want to be entertained, a little bit spooked or actually terrified? You will find something to suit your Halloween tastes in these pages. Go on, take a look inside.
The Smallest Mystery In The World by Michel Bovino The Smallest Mystery In The World by Oct. 16, 2018 $5.00 28,970 words Sample 25%
In real life, what is a mystery? And will there be a small one? Discover it by accompanying a poor marriage that is very common and ends up being abnormal. The daily life of man in society is full of small details, but who says they are small? This typical and poor marriage is instinctively guided, to discover the magnanimity in the smallness of human life, that is to find the whole from nothing.
Quick Read Series Box Set Vol. (1) by Marsell Morris Quick Read Series Box Set Vol. (1) by Oct. 16, 2018 $3.99 80,740 words Sample 20%
Stories for those who don't want to spend many hours reading a novel. All can be read in less than two hours. Or, if inclined, read all three in one sitting and be surprised at the end of each.
Merging Dimensions by Candice James Merging Dimensions by Oct. 16, 2018 $5.99 11,520 words Sample 20%
a surrealistic offering of poetry crossing boundaries invisible and visible with brilliant and vivid imagery flowing throughout. It is a subliminial mix of raw bones and sparkling diamonds reflecting the many facets of mind, matter and spirit. In this, Candice James’ 9th poetry book, the reader is taken on an ethereal ride through sliding and merging dimensions
Eight of Swords: The Eye of Khalisa by Chrystalla Bloomfield Eight of Swords: The Eye of Khalisa by Oct. 16, 2018 $1.99 60,290 words Sample 20%
Sometimes you need Loyalty and Love. . . Eight of Swords, The Eye of Khalisa is the pulse-pounding first book in the Eight of Swords trilogy. A fast-paced YA paranormal thriller packed with intrigue, danger, and romance.
Sketching Heroes by Chrissy Wissler Sketching Heroes by Oct. 16, 2018 $0.99 7,220 words Sample 20%
When Cheryl, a quirky and fun video game artist, answers a summons from her boss she expects a pink slip. The intern and the exploding toilet, the stapler incident with fellow artist, Paul. Most of the pranks, her fault. Mostly. But instead of firing her, both Cheryl and Eric receive a new assignment: creating the hero concept art for the first ever romance video game.
Colliding Souls by LM Preston Colliding Souls by Oct. 16, 2018 $0.99 16,570 words Sample 10%
Argia was strange, and she admitted it. It didn’t mean she couldn’t love, or hope to enjoy the small moments in her life that collided with the most handsome athlete on the high school football team. She desired to be normal, and accepted that it would never be. Argia faked it pretty good, or pretended to. Until the day Micah uncovered her secrets and saved her soul.
Just Whisper My Name (When Love Means Forever) by Anne Wentworth Just Whisper My Name (When Love Means Forever) by Oct. 16, 2018 $2.99 75,040 words Sample 10%
Seventeen year old Rachel Owens learned early on that you don't get to have every person in your life forever. What she didn't know was that death wasn't the only way to be separated from someone.
Invisible Leash by M . H . B . Invisible Leash by Oct. 16, 2018 $2.99 83,980 words Sample 20%
Sage Cross, a recent law graduate, is trapped between her father’s trophy wife ideals and her own. She only pretends to go along with his plan for her to date Lincoln Black, a wealthy attorney running for senator of New York. But she didn’t see him coming: Jacob Storm, a gorgeous millionaire who doesn’t play by the rules of monogamy. He wants her. She wants him. But at what cost?
Summer Day Dreams by Felicity Nisbet Summer Day Dreams by Oct. 16, 2018 $2.99 84,720 words Sample 20%
The moment he sees her picture, Sean McCullough is smitten. She is dancing in a field of wildflowers with daisies in her hair. Only one thing stops her from being perfect. She is engaged to his cousin. Sophie Weldon dislikes him the moment he opens his mouth. When her fiancé brings her to Canden Valley to meet his family, Sean is the only McCullough who does not greet her with open arms.
Flashback to Fate by Ivy Carol Key Flashback to Fate by Oct. 16, 2018 $5.99 120,990 words Sample 20%
The only thing Chaney Kingston knows for sure after waking up in the hospital is that an FBI agent is there to question her. Complicating her memory loss and the agent’s presence are the dream snippets of a distractingly handsome stranger. When the mystery man arrives, glimpses of her past return along with her anger toward the impressive man she once loved.
لُکنَتِ آزادی - مجموعه شعر - امیر سارم by Amir Sarem لُکنَتِ آزادی - مجموعه شعر - امیر سارم by Oct. 16, 2018 Free! 10,590 words Read a sample
لُکنت آزادی مجموعه شعری از امیر سارم شاعر معاصرِ ایرانی
Real-Time Programmer by R. Richard Real-Time Programmer by Oct. 16, 2018 $3.50 31,980 words Sample 30%
The job of a computer programmer sounds dull. A programmer its in a computer lab and deals with machines. Well, from time to time, he has to deal with company politics, hackers, spies, computer manuals that are mostly fiction and maybe even advanced civilization aliens.. All of the work is without overtime pay.
Ghost of You by Alex Wilkes Ghost of You by Oct. 16, 2018 Free! 700 words Read a sample
Ghosts and death. What more can be said?
Margaret Atwood - Series Reading Order - with Summaries & Checklist by Albie Berk Margaret Atwood - Series Reading Order - with Summaries & Checklist by Oct. 16, 2018 $2.99 4,390 words Sample 12%
The Impossible by Alexandria Clarke The Impossible by Oct. 16, 2018 Free! 34,970 words Read a sample
Ophelia Holmes is content to pillage and plunder with the crew of The Impossible, a notorious pirate spaceship known for its ruthless captain, but when the captain raids Ophelia’s home planet and captures a hostage for intel, Ophelia finds herself in deep space trouble. The hostage is a girl she knew from school, and Ophelia must choose between her loyalty to the captain and her childhood friendsh